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  1. Yako you bought tears to my eyes!! Ha ha ha it’s been almost 10 years and you have not missed a single detail of what happened on that day.
  2. Surprised to hear that agent worked with parts bought from outside. How did you manage that with them?
  3. Maybe cuz these were bought on order.
  4. I think what Davy mentioned below could be the culprit. Busted clutch release bearing could prevent you from changing gears. How does the clutch pedal feel? does it feels like its not attached to anything and moves even with a slightest touch? I've faced a situation where I could not change the gears and clutch pedal started to feel very loose. This happened during a drive to Nuwara Eliya. I suspected a busted clutch cylinder (release bearing) but found out that its due to loosen clutch pedal itself which was causing the issue. If i'm correct there's a tightening nut at the base of the clutch pedal which helps to adjust the pedal. In my case, it has got loosen and everything worked fined after tightening it.
  5. Ha ha on the plus side, you have few additional horses 🐎 than me at your disposal...
  6. Man that looks like an engine bay of a barn fine. At least use compressed air to remove that dirt.
  7. Yup. That would be more than enough I think.
  8. True to a certain extent, but we don’t need a shiny car with an engine bay completely covered with layers of dust now do we? Besides, with dust there’s a chance of moisture accumulation which could lead to unwanted issues in the long run. Especially for a car like mine, as it’s run on the coastal line every day. So what I do is use a foam engine degreasing agent every other service to clean the engine compartment. My service intervals are very short (like 2 to 2.5 months max). What i discontinued doing is high pressure washing of undercarriage during the service. That’s a useless thing.
  9. This is a good idea. Lets meet when your car is in colombo (if time permits)
  10. Ok gents, lest assume for a second that I'm going in the lowering direction. Here are my thoughts and I would love to hear your ideas as well. As I said before, the main reason I want the car lowered is because of those hideous gaps in wheel wells, plus to me the car looks shorter due to this unusual height. What I gathered about lowering is this, 1. Need to find a lowering kit.(Do I need to change the shocks as well or can everything be raised?) 2. Have to change the wheels to 18. I'd love something stock came to this model or Evo X. 3. New set of tires. If I get the above 3 right the car would somewhat look like a Lancer Ex GT. However, going further the ultimate mission would be to change the numbers (Front and rear) to RalliArt ones and fix side skirts plus spoiler. Unlike CS, these parts are super rare to find here (Not that CS parts came easy). But its virtually impossible to find those RalliArt bumpers SL. If there are any, they are exorbitantly priced. So if I'm going to all these things, its gonna be a very very expensive affair. What I wanna know, especially from @K.o.N.o.S can you really drive the car in SL roads and places without having to worry about loosing the lower parts of the car. I mean yesterday I saw that a Lancer EX almost scrape front bumper at the Nawaloka Car part while moving between floors. It has somewhat steep slope though. The other one I wanna know is the Ride comfort. Do you feel every grain of san on the road and even going over a small pot hole gives you a feeling that the car went over the Mariana Trench ?? If im gonna do this, I should do it now as my tires are all worn out. They should be changed in at least another 5,ooo kms. So I need to make up my mind soon. On the other hand would a lowered are with the same stock wheels and tires look good??
  11. Now only I also noticed it. Maybe its just me, I kinda like your car without it.
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