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  1. That some CIA shit man, I mean the redaction of personal data 😜...
  2. I’m sure your intentions are good as your track record here proves. But the thing is that if this is continued, it’ll be leaving room for someone with ill intentions to do the same thing and mislead the public as we’ve seen happened here before. Those incidents did not ended well for those who tried to do that. Having two profiles and concurrently commenting using both of them makes an illusion to the reader that two people share the same sentiment over something whereas in actual it is not. If I were you I’d compromise a bit and let one go. Just my humble opinion. Cheers!!!
  3. Just that its confusing... Man of many faces has no real identity You could've just asked @MADZ change the profile name.. or @Davy can you do something about it?
  4. Genuine ones plus shipping and tax?? That's a fair price.
  5. Exactly!! (Magna has a AWD version but Verada doesn’t And there are no Magna’s here in SL AFAIK)
  6. Exactly my thoughts.. it just doesn’t make any sense to swap the engine of a perfect car just because the it comes cheap. Best to leave it to someone who will buy it as it is and settle for a Mark II or a Crown. Ive seen a blue Verada for sale few months back which looked to be in great condition. If that is the car OP is referring, it’s just blasphemous to mess it up like that..
  7. Yeh get it done as soon as possible... I’ve had this experience since my CS days . Quicker you do this you can avoid replacing the entire cylinders which is much expensive..
  8. 5.Rear Brake Cylinder Washer Replacement After almost 9 years the washers of the rear brake cylinders had busted. I noticed a small reduction of brake oil level and asked the agent to check it while doing the wheel alignment as i know that the issue would be this. And I was right. Yesterday got the repair done at Unit#d Mot#rs - Orugodawatte. Not going to post much details as all info is available in this post made by Hyundai . However I was charged Rs.8,358/- for the job> Will check the bill when I get back home and update here. Edit with the price details Labor Cost - 3,450/- Cup+Boot Kit * 2 - 2,677/78 Mitsubishi Genuine Brake Fluid - 1,611/30 Vat - 619/12 Total - 8,358/20 So in comparison to what @Hyaenidae paid, the labor cost is slightly higher but the parts are slightly cheaper. They've done a full brake oil flush as well. Wonder why it wasn't done when yours were replaced @Hyaenidae. The price difference is the brake fluid and the vat.
  9. We don’t have the P100D here are we?
  10. And the Tesla’s ... 😊
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