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  1. trinity

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Thats great.. I too should get it done cuz my car is parked near a treeline at the office and sometimes dead leaves get stuck inside the gaps between viper arms and the panel...
  2. trinity

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Wow, Thanks for the detailed info machang, is viper deck panel removing and cleaning a part of the service or you just had it done additionally?
  3. trinity

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Yes, i too have seen them wash the engine bay with pressure guns, was wondering why they are doing it like that especially when they being the agent. Anyways whats the cost of getting the EX serviced with them?
  4. trinity

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    hmmm, at least there's more tape on yours.. ha ha. your engine bay looks super clean..
  5. trinity

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Just took couple of photos, the upper most sound proofing is not there, but the black heat shied lining is available. I just observed, why are those wires kept exposed like that? is it the same with your car as well @Hyaenidae? Also appreciate if you guys could suggest a good and easy product to clean that engine bay..
  6. trinity

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    I too thought about it, engine looks like a skeleton without skin when there is no cover. Most common engine cover I've seen is the one shown below, But this cover cannot be used with my engine it seems. I believe the matching cover is the one shown below, Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. trinity

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    When I was searching for an EX I contacted one seller who had a 2014 EX for sale which was a 1.6 one. When I enquired about the fuel consumption, he told me the car does about 6-7 in Colombo. That's why I thought generally 1.6 cats consumes more fuel. Anyways I was bit surprised about his claim as previous generation CS3 with an equal capacity does very well one fuel. I just did my first service, used Valvoline 10W30 as recommended by the agent. Previous owner too had used the same oil throughout.
  8. trinity

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Hey that’s good for a 1.6. Thought it does about 6-7 in heavy traffic.
  9. trinity

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Car does about 12 in the morning, from home to office. That’s moderate traffic. In the evening, the return journey it’s about 10ish, that’s under heavy traffic. This is a 1.5L.
  10. trinity

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Nice observation, it was at low level when I took the photo. Did a full coolant flush and now it’s at the correct level 😊.
  11. trinity

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Sorry for the delay guys.. Here are couple of photos taken from the front and side of the engine bay. Boot and interior will follow.
  12. Happy new year everyone.Best wishes for 2019.May our Mitsubishi fraternity grow stronger and stronger in 2019!!
  13. trinity

    Mitsubishi Lancer RalliArt

    Great Stuff bro! She looks pretty damn stunning now. And kudos for the DYI man. And in just 2 hours?? are you effin kidding me?? Just wow!!! Im not a fan of pasting stickers, so its a no no from me. If you are going to do so, might as well find some Brembo, Recaro and BBS stickers and paste them too. About the rear, May i suggest you raise the rear a bit rather than rolling up the arches. That way car will have that looking down in anger stance (Which I like). Dont know how that will affect the improved handling though. Just a suggestion. Anyways, its super cool you did this. Really happy to see the end result. Do keep us posted of new improvements/changes. Cheers!
  14. trinity


    Actually, my user manual says to pump RON 95 or higher.
  15. trinity


    Lancer EX is one of the best bets you have in your budget. When I was looking to buy a one a 2014 EX went for 4 million. I’ve just started to use this car and I must say, it’s wonderful. Car is very spacious, has good ground clearance and has good power too. Mine having a 1500cc motor and it’s a pleasure to drive. I’m saying this after switching from a manual Lancer. Since you are in the market for a new car, just go and take a one of those cars that are for sale for a test drive. Then you can understand for yourself. As for petrol consumption, it does about 10 in Colombo and about 12 in areas like kalutara panadura. Heard that 1600cc one does about 6-7 in Colombo.