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  1. What petrol does outlander require to run? 92 or 95 and who recommend to change this all without proper diagnosis of the problem. You might’ve paid a hefty price for all of this by now.
  2. How’s the sound quality of the new unit? Does it do justice to the Rockford sound system? I’m also in two minds to upgrade to an android one or not. My main concern is sound quality. Its great that you shared the part details of the steering controls as well. Did you order that from the alibaba as well? How much the harness and the part cost? I think that part is the same for Lancer EX as well.
  3. Lol, the only person I got to personally know out of these bunch is Komi, so I'm bit up to date about him . Wonder why I didnt see Magnums posts. Or did I?? not sure... Enjoyed @VVTi's posts as he had a good sense of humor and knowledge on cars. I still remember one of his posts about st peters and lips lol.. let me find it out if possible for old times sake.
  4. Whoa it’s been over 5 years since Komi dropped out ?? Does anyone know what happened to jdnet, Ripper, vvti,tbt,shitarox & magnum?? Andrew is also not active. Saw few posts of MD recently and Sylvi is also back. Does anyone remember californican??? My god those days. Interesting times !!!
  5. Facts vs Personal preference. I think we can establish the following with regard to the matter in hand. 1. There's no harm in driving away after starting the car without putting much of a strain to the Engine. 2. If you can spare the time, you can opt to wait till the car warms up/lubricate the engine block etc...
  6. Not only SG bung, I've read many US, EU articles as well and seen you tube videos confirming that its pointless waiting for car to warm up before driving it in cold start. Anyways, Lets see what others have to say about this.
  7. Its not necessary for modern cars. Read the below article. https://www.torque.com.sg/advice/do-you-need-to-warm-up-your-car/
  8. Ha ha apparently... however not sure whether it’s unnecessary though. Maybe that’s a fail safe sort of design.
  9. Wow 😮, this is a good find. I never bothered to check in depth to this. Good that it’s confirmed. @Davy can you share the above post as well as the other post which explain the issue to the Lancer EX repair thread as well. Might be useful to some who’s referring that thread for repair details.
  10. Quick google search prompt me the below article which explains the process. https://gmtnation.com/forums/threads/air-conditioner-clutch-shim-removal.17403/
  11. Nope, apparently there are few rings. He just removed one. He said that in design it comes in this way to accommodate this fix.
  12. Nope, apparently there are few rings. He just removed one. He said that in design it comes in this way to accommodate this fix.
  13. Ha ha definitely, this cost me just 300 rupees..
  14. It’s not a modification per say, fairly a simple fix. As far as I can say, the AC system works as it intended to work. The ASX has auto climate control. Didn’t see much of a different between both vehicles in AC wise. However in comfort, power, handling and overall driving pleasure wise, the Lancer is way ahead of the ASX. Driving that vehicle made me question the value addition the ASX or any other mid range SUV could give over a Sedan like ours. I don’t see any good point over the sedan when compared those vehicles. Just pure waste of money. I would pick a Lancer EX or a Mazda 6 over any mid range SUV at this juncture.
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