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  1. No ABS, No Air Bags, we die like heroes neda??
  2. trinity

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    Damn, you ruined it.. lol. @Hyaenidae & @Avante (tagging you is impossible) you guys keep it rollin..
  3. Call this number 0382 237 999 Auto Vision Panadura. I contacted them yesterday regarding this, and they asked me to call back in 15 minutes to check their stocks an confirm. I couldn't call them back cuz I was neck deep with work. Im in a meeting ATM. Refer my call yesterday and they will remember.
  4. I've checked. Partsouq, is also expensive. Around $160/-.
  5. 0714 762223 Mahinda
  6. I too believe this is the best option. You will have a hard time finding these parts outside. Anyways did you contact our preferred Mitsu Parts dealer Mahinda?
  7. trinity

    car wax

    I'm also using the Eagle 1. That's a very trouble free and easy to use product. Damn that Red color, I so badly wanted a car in this color but couldn't find a one. You lucky bastard!!! OT, looks like you dont have the remote trunk lid opening option. Being a GLS its I thought it came as standard.
  8. trinity

    E-Revenue Licence From Www.srilanka.lk

    He just fined for not having the emissions certificate. I was told that expired revenue license is an offence which the fine should be decided by the courts.
  9. trinity

    E-Revenue Licence From Www.srilanka.lk

    Aiyo, I’ve been enjoying this from the inception of e revenue license service. Anyways, just thought to share something I experienced when I was trying to get the revenue license for my EX this time. When I bought the car last year , it had the revenue license up to October this year. So when it was about to expire I tried to renew it through this service but cloud not proceed with it. So I contacted 1919 and reported my issue. They informed that since my car has changed provinces (it was in southern province previously) this instance I have to get the revenue license done the old fashioned way. i didn’t know this previously, as it was last moment I tried it, I didn’t have enough time to go a divisional secretariat office to get the license renewed. Couple of days later I got caught at the Athurugiriya (Or Thalawathugoda I can’t remember) expressway entrance without the revenue license plus an expired emissions certificate. After a spot fine and a surcharge for late renewal I got the license renewed later on. However I was not asked to pay the carbon tax. Hope this helps someone to avoid this hassle in future.. Cheers!!!
  10. trinity

    Toyota Premio 260 GearBox Repair

    Are you high or something??
  11. trinity

    Shifting to N while the engine is running

    Got it. Thanks guys. Will keep this in mind.
  12. trinity

    Shifting to N while the engine is running

    Pardon me for my ignorance, could you please clarify this, As I explained earlier what I would do is that Stop the car, while keeping my foot on the service brake, shift to 'P' position, engage the parking brake and release the service brake. Doing so, what I feel is that braking would shift from service to parking without causing any burden to the gear box. Whats the difference of 1 vs 2 in the below steps, 1.SB >> Shit to 'N' >> Release SB >> Engage PB >>Engage SB>>Shift to 'P' >> Release SB & 2.SB >> Shit to 'P'>> Engage PB>> Release SB If No 01 is the ideal way, what should be done when stopping the car after reversing? Because 'R' is between 'N' and 'P' Shift to 'N' and Engage PB thereafter shift to 'P'????
  13. trinity

    Shifting to N while the engine is running

    So my way would put strain on the GB??
  14. trinity

    Shifting to N while the engine is running

    Is there any particular reason for following 2,3,4&5? With me its, 1.Stop (Keeping the foot on the service brake) 2.Shift to "P" 3.Engage parking brake. 4.Release the the service brake.
  15. trinity

    Shifting to N while the engine is running

    I too had your question when I bought the car as I was driving a manual before. When driving a manual in city traffic, what I’m used to do at a red light is keep the gear in 1st position , press the clutch and engage the parking brake. I was easy as I just had to release the parking brake and the clutch to fly out of the light when it’s green. I don’t know why but holding the car with the brake while the gear position is in D in an auto car feels very uncomfortable to me. So when I bought the EX I too asked this question from @Davy. His suggestion was also not to shift from D to N regularly as it could cause a slight wear of the clutch. I read the parts in the manual where it says not to keep it on D while stationary for a longer period of time and it’s ok to keep in D for a shorter period of time like at a traffic signal. So, in a traffic light where it stays over 30 seconds I’m shifting to N, in other instances I’m keeping on D while engaging the brake. Here im attaching the two parts of the owners manual which I referred above for easy reference.