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  1. trinity

    Montero Sport 2012

    Mahinda only does JDM body parts AFIK.
  2. trinity

    DFSK 580

    Was wondering why this thread keep hovering on top for the past few days.So I paid a visit, and man you guys did not disappoint. Keep it rollin boys... @Hyaenidae subtle but on point. You reminds me of @Sierra Charlie.
  3. trinity

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    Dropping in too much paranoia am I ?? Anyways I do agree with what you guys are saying. Hope OP is now having a clear idea of where he wants to head.
  4. trinity

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    CS1 auto will not perform like the manual. And it will not give fuel figures like manual. @Sampath Gunasekera Please pitch in on this. I usually changed gears at 3000 rpm . And driving it in traffic was not an issue for me , in fact I enjoyed it most of the time. Even now I prefer my EX was a manual. Manual is reliable and cheap to maintain. I had the original pressure plate on when I sold the car with after driving it 225000kms. Changed the clutch only once. Aftermarket clutch plate (Aisin) cost me around Rs.5,000/- I think . The only expensive part was the release bearing. Anyways the only thing that worries me about the gearbox in an Auto CS car that has a CVT box is that finding a replacement in case the existing one goes kaput. Please call our preferred Mitsu parts seller Mr Mahinda and inquire about this if possible. @Davy and @The Don what’s your take on this?
  5. trinity

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    Wow that’s 7 years ago, haven’t tried that stunt again since then.. 😇😇😇
  6. trinity

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    @Radar As Davy, I too am biased towards the Lancer. But it doesn’t mean that we insist on omitting every other option and going for a Lancer every time this kind of a thread pops up. But looking at the list of cars you have put up, it seems the best car for you would be the Lancer CS3. Since I've spoken about pros and cons of CS Lancers in many previous threads I believe listing them all again is pointless at the moment. However, I'd like to point out few facts that I observe in the car models stated in your list. 1.Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 manual 2011/2012 I've rarely seen CS3s with manual boxes that have been manufactured in these years. Most of the cars that were for sale had automatic CVT transmission. One of my friends had a manual one but bugger sold it to be cut for an Evo conversion. CS3s with manual transmission are one of the most fun cars I've driven in this segment. The best part with the manual Lancers is that the clutch is very soft and smooth. Anyhow finding a manual car made after 2010 would be very difficult IMO. The down side of the CVT is that if it’s not properly maintained, it would cause issues. And if that happens, you are in bit of a trouble cuz finding a recon CVT box will be difficult as JDM of CS came with a 4 speed auto box. By these years almost all of the cars were bought and used by companies rather than individuals. The car being a brand new import and being a 12 year old model made it pointless for an individual to buy it for that price at that time. So, if you are going for a car that were manufactured in the years you've stated, you have to consider this fact as well. Nothing wrong with company used cars as long as they've been used properly and carry all service records (this is a long shot though). Mine was a company used one and it was pristine when I bought it. Last year I saw several CS3s in the marked which had done over 150k kms, one car had 205k on the clock. So be mindful about the mileage. Also few months back, Unit#d Mot#rs too sold some units that were used by their staff. Other than these, the ride quality, handling, power, ground clearance, leg space in the cabin and durability of this car is best in its class IMHO. Lastly finding parts for a Lancer around Badulla area would be difficult when compared to a Toyota. 2.Toyota 121 Manual 1500CC 2003 This is fairly an old car. But a solid one. The most concerning part about this car is that finding well maintained genuine car. Since these are goon on fuel, most cars by now should have been to the moon and back. These cars were very popular with cab companies before Axio’s and Hybrids took over. So if you are going for this, you’d have to be very careful. 3.Toyota Yaris 1300CC 2008 No driving experience with this car, however I’ve been a passenger several times. It’s not specious. I don’t like how it looks. Whether this car is powerful enough to be used in hill country is a question you have to consider about. 4.Toyota Vios 2005 No experience at all. AFIK this is not a Japanese made car. Wonder what happened to these cars as I seldom see a one in Colombo nowadays. Back in the day these were very popular. This was the car for people who could not afford an Allion 240. Since this is not a JDM you might have to think about availability of spares. However I remember there was a regular member who spoke very fondly of Vios in general. 5.Mazda Axela 2003 If a car could compete with the Lancer CS3, this would be it. The only downside is that the car is now bit old. I remember some weird issue with these cars where flies get stuck inside the rear tail laps. There was a thread about it also if I remember right. Again Im unable to comment much as I haven’t used this car. One of the best cars which I believe might suits you that is not there in the list is the Honda Civic ES8. Please consider that one as well. One of my cousins had an ES8 RS manual, absolute fun to drive car. That’s a Ripper if you could find a one. Even an auto is superb. The car pulls like a train. Hope this (plus all the input given by the other members) helps to make you the correct decision. Best of Luck Cheers!!!
  7. trinity

    Lancer Evo X final edition

    I remember seeing a white color Evo FE was on for sale sometime back. That car didnt have the black color roof. Quick search and found the advertisement. Since posting the site is not possible, posting the photos. Dont know if this is the same car or not. Highly unlikely 2 FEs arrived in the country considering the exorbitant price. Then again, a Prius 4th gen costs over 10 mil AFIK. @varotone if you are going to inspect the car, believe you can get the chassis and engine numbers and have them verified through Unit#d Mot#rs to see if the car is legit. @Davy same head unit is available in one of the cars posted by @iRage above. https://www.carsensor.net/usedcar/detail/VU1040671155/index.html?TRCD=200002 May be its a dealer fixed one before shipping here. Too bad the car is not having MMCS with Rockford sound system like your Ralliart is having. My thought about this car is that if its a genuine car, and if tick all the right boxes, you should go for it. You can always negotiate the price. I remember sometime back an Evo 6.5 (Used) was advertised for Rs.6Mn.
  8. trinity

    Mitsubishi Lancer

    Mine had them. And most GLs I’ve seen had the fabric trim inside the boot. But you are right it’s being an option. Even hub caps and mud flaps are optional additions.
  9. Then you better hurry machang. And be prepared for worst!
  10. How much did it cost for the cooler + labor? Cooler (Taiwanese) 15k labor 13k. Heard the cooler is about 50k at the agents. However it would last much longer than the Tai one.
  11. There were two early symptoms in my car, 1. As soon as the AC is switched on Driver side vents blew cooler air than the passenger side. It took a while to passenger side to cool up. At first it was not that noticeable but gradually the difference started to show. 2.The other thing was when the AC is switched off, I could hear a faint hissing sound for about few seconds. Good that you are planning to get it checked at Unit#d Mot#rs. My car is a daily runner, a refill lasted about 3 months, that's about 6000kms.
  12. I too had this problem, refilled once and ran about 3 months before it started to blow hot air again. I wanted to get it inspected from Unit#d Mot#rs itself but recently they did not accept any service requests quoting a system upgrade issue they were having. However my regular AC shop advised against running like that anymore (even after a refill) since if there's a leak, the AC compressor oil too get drawn out which could result a busted compressor eventually. So I opted to get it checked with them and found out that the cooler is leaking. I was able to see how oil had sprayed through the spot where the gas was leaking confirmed the advise received from the AC mechanic. I replaced the cooler. The whole process took about 7 hours. Now all ok. I would like to suggest that you get your AC system checked before the issue spreads further.
  13. trinity

    TV repair place

    https://goo.gl/maps/q1dY4yXSjAkwLpRSA Talk to Nihal (077) 767 1944 Ive given the location of the place in the above link. He is a genuine person, he’ll tell whether the tv can be repaired and if so the cost. I’ve got 2 Sony LCD tvs fixed from him. And few of my friends got their LCD/LED TVs fixed by him no complaints so far.
  14. trinity

    TV repair place

    Where are you located?
  15. I too managed to scrape few curbs when parking the EX. Though the car sits high, its front is relatively lower than the CS i had before. I've never had this issue with the CS, even when I had the body kit installed.