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  1. I recommend a honda xr 250 newer model supermorard bike. It's economical as well as easy to maintain.
  2. I saw tow hooks, ropes and winches at motor*rade opposite Hil*on residencies.
  3. Hey guys thank you for your valuable inputs. I'm planning to change my oil soon. I will update the thread when I do so. @hoonigan some people have experienced engine over heating issues because of fully synthetic in this particular engine.
  4. Hey members! My motorcycle manual says (1999 honda hornet 250fx) it need 10w40 motor oil. I was searching all over colombo to find it. The only motorcycle specific oil that I found was motoul fully synthetic oil. Since I'm not running my bike that much, I feel like it's over kill for my purpose. Also I'm a little worried about running fully synthetic in my old and small engine.Could you please tell me if you have seen 10w40 mineral or semi synthetic oil around in sl? If it's not there can I import it?
  5. Hey friends! I found this article on Rawaya news paper. Wanna know what you think about it. Sorry I couldn't find the english version though.
  6. That's the only car reasonably priced between belta and allion in 20011 now those cars are over priced. Lot of people bought it during 2011.
  7. Since I'm also a huge fan of sports motorcycles like honda cbr1000 and yamaha r1 (I don't own any and don't have money to buy either ) I am keeping an eye on gazettes and legal stuff. I have not come across any of this above mentioned information. The current law is bikes under 450cc can be registered. I have posted a copy of the gazette in here for proof.
  8. Allion is not that bad and it's not super economical either. We also have one and it's a good family sedan. It has a good market value even in japan. But I must say it's not a racing car it's good for a small family. It's not good for European long highways either. But for our beautiful island it's enough I think. We can't change our local market too and 4M means a lot to a Sri Lankan so when spending on a car they go according to the trend. That's why Allion is that popular in Sri Lanka. Other jap cars in the same range are slightly low in price because our people prefer Allion as it has toyota badges. I also agree to that. But I don't agree to insulting any kind of car owner since our country is a developing country and people have a very limited budget to buy a car. I also personally think that honda civic sedan is better than toyota allion in many ways but when me and my had had to decide i said civic dad said allion he thinks about the resale value because he is not a rich person and money is very hard. I think that's why most of the people here in Sri Lanka are going for the same trend although they know that its not the best car ever. (I'm expecting a lot of negative comments to this but I'm being honest) Please correct me if I'm wrong! Thank you!
  9. According to the above posted gazette now we can bring down 450cc bikes from 18rh may 2012 onwards. But I have no real life examples for this. This is a good news for all bikers in SL. Because of this new law we can finally bring down a cb400 super four brand new bike since it's still manufactured and it's the only 4 cylinder 400cc bike available. Also we can bring down DRZ400SMs too.http://www.honda.co.jp/CB400SF/price/
  10. Somebody please shed some light on this topic.
  11. Somebody please shed some light on this topic.
  12. hey guys is this true? http://documents.gov...G 16044 (E).pdf So can we legally register a 400cc bike in sri lanka?
  13. I found these in a local forum though! The original poster says that it's a R1 too
  14. I whis this will be gazetted soon! Buying a super bike is one of my dreams!
  15. Hey dude I don't know about the local shops but i found this online hope this will help ya http://www.wemoto.com/parts/valve_shim they seems to have all kinds of oem parts for honda hornet 250
  16. kevin1462

    Looking For A 4Dr5

    You are welcome. Please try week end papers and web sites you will find one for sure.
  17. I've heard that if you are a registered cab service company and if you want to import a fleet of vehicles under the company name, you are eligible to apply for a duty free permit. I'm not sure about this though. I think I've seen this on a news paper sometimes back.
  18. kevin1462

    Looking For A 4Dr5

    hey member, you can buy a Willys CJ3B for around 600,000.
  19. If you cover the silencer from hand and listen to the engine when it's idling,if you hear a chain slipping noise that means your timing chain is busted right?
  20. Those lines are there to warn the drivers to slow down their vehicles.
  21. guys I've heard people telling that 400cc bikes can be registered now is it true? I also would like to go for a cb400 super four since it's still available in Honda japan web site.
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