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  1. Hi Friends, Last week I sold my car to a buyer and he was planning to buy my car via a leasing of CDB. According to the CDB process I had to submit car book and other transfer documents to the Bank so that they can transfer the vehicle to them. Then only they release money to the seller. Still I am waiting until they transfer money to me. Is this the standard process of buying a car via a lease??? Can we trust this process because now I don't have a car and money both.. Thanks
  2. Try Mitsubishi CS1 -2003. Good family car.
  3. I had a same issue in my Chevy which I used few years ago. there are two fans for the radiator. if one is not functioning this issue might occur. I went to lal alawatte's place. there was a person for electronic and these types of work, he is a calm person. even if this place is not recommended by many, he did a good job by solving the issue on the fan. as I remember it was a problem in the electronic circuit. Im not an expert to explain the whole thing. He also said that this issue might come due to some problems in the thermostat.
  4. Thanks NRX. I checked. this is a problem in the door lock.
  5. Hi Friends, I need your valuable support to find out some information regarding following queries. Before that, please bear with me if I'm asking the same set of questions, you have answered sometime back. I tried to search those information in this forum but couldn't find anything related to my requirement. Im using a Mitsubishi CS 1 2008 model. Areas to be repaired, 1. Rear doors cannot be opened from inside 2. Out of four speakers only 2 is working (rear) 3. Power Mirrors are not functioning 4. Mudguards should be replaced Can this be done in a single place? Is there any reliable place around Battaramulla, Pita Kotte and Rajagiriya area..? New mudguards are available to buy? or should I find it in the second hand market? Could you guys help me on this. Highly appreciate your support Thanks
  6. @Rumesh88 yes bro.. he is the guy. He is a talented guy, but as you said he is a very irresponsible person. Now I'm trying my best to get this work done.
  7. Best option is 3rd party. Better to repair you car by a personal loan rather that begging clams. Best insurance company was AVIVA.
  8. Hi Guys, I just thought of sharing a very bad experience I had during last few days. I think this information may help you in future. My car was damaged due to an road accident and taken it to a painter at Sri Subuthipura road, Battaramulla . Few people told me that this guy is a good painter. Since the place is very close to my house, I decided to go. My requirement was to patch the rear buffer and paint it again. For this work he took almost one week but did nothing. whenever I go there he is not available. his wife is there and every time she says he will come soon. But for these few days I didn't see this bugger is working except only one day. So I took my car back, and now searching a good painter near Athul Kotte , Rajagiriya and Battaramulla area to finish the work. Most annoying thing was, he never think of the worry that we have. He is a very lazy and irresponsible person. Though he agrees to finish the work on time when we go there he hasn't even start it. Other most important thing is, keeping the vehicle in this place at night. Last Wednesday I went to see my car around 9 pm on my way home. No body was there but the car was unlocked. I took my car and went home. then I tried to contact this person to inform him that I took the car. He didn't answer the phone. Next morning I went back to the place, but he didn't have a clue that the car is missing. Please avoid this place.
  9. Hi Guys, This is something you might know already, but i though it's better to discuss here. Some people say that there is a method to convert a duplicate car book to original by spending 2.5 laks (Not sure wheather it's possible). If that perticular book is tranferred to another one then, that copy comes again as Duplicate. Is that true?????? Is there any way to identiify this earlier???? Recently i checked a car book. It's maked as an original book, but there were few more lines under the word "Original". as i remember it was like this.. (X= letters that i cant remember) Original 31 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Deleted - 212 Have anyone one seen this before??? any ideas???? Open for your comments.
  10. @SREE I bought this car in 2013 January. I wanted to buy this car since it is elegant in appearance and suited for my budget. I agree with your comment. Actually it's a nice car to drive and easy to handle. Superb engine, even if its 1.3 still it can preform like a 1.5 sedan. But recently it gave some problems in the axle and it's needed to be replaced. but couldn't find it. went to almost all the places at delkanda but no result.
  11. Hi Guys, I just wanted to discuss your thoughts about how the cost of spare parts affects to the price of a vehicle?. I just found that price of Mazda Axela 2004 is 22-23, but the price of Mitsubishi CS1 of the same year is 18-19. Few people told me that the reason for this could the price and the availability of spares. Is this true? can this affect that much? As I know, both these cars have a same popularity among the community. Many car owners say, Toyota and Nissan are easy to maintain, because of the availability of spares and the price of them. Im using a Chevy Cruze, and practically I know finding some spares of my car is difficult. but I feel prices of spares are low compare to Mitsubishi, Honda and Mazda. I have used a mazda BJ5P and some of the parts were rare. What is the actual reason behind this??
  12. Thanks Don and APS, Im getting this ignition sound even of the AC is turned off. I think i may have to replace the CV. no other option it seems. But the biggest issue is finding a relisble mechanic. I used to go to Macro auto tech (raththanapitiya) earlier, bur now even they do not have skilled people as those days. Is there any good place where i can take this car??? Please add your comments.
  13. Thanks you all.. dear APS i have answer your questions below Year of the car ? 2004 when was last oil change ? only 1200+ km after the oil change is oil pressure indicator goes off properly? No idea about how to test this engine light status ? Nothing indicate. Work Normally Total ### Km done ? ~102450 any recent engine repair ? NO coolant level ok ? Yes any recent over heating issue or recent cooling system repair ? Yes radiator was replaced, but the noice was there before the replacement radiator,fans etc is Kara kara ..sound from ignition or some where else of the engine. (Water pump may be) - I believe its from ignition. Just imagin the sound we experience when the engin is overheated.
  14. Cost to refill is about 2500 but to replace it will cost about 10000 Oil level is not dropping significantly but there is a reduction and ignition gives that sound I explained.
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