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  1. Yeah. Not everyone knows about how to do it properly. Even some people don't know the correct fluid to use.
  2. As I understood, ATF in a normal automatic gearbox used as a medium to transfer the power. But in CVT, ATF is used as a lubricant where the power transfer happens through the CVT belt. We need to change ATF in a normal automatic box in 40K, I guess with CVT box we should be able to do more. Few years back I heard the same as what "Clark's son" mentioned. However we don't need to take any risk just to save Rs.13k though I am doing my regular services from TL. They didn't suggest me to do a ATF change so far even though car is 2+ years old now. But I got it done from some other place even at 15K on the clock as now car is 2years old and just to see whether noise goes off with that. Back to the original topic, I found another car manufactured in 2012/12 (same model) which has the same noise. So it looks like a common issue which I should not worry too much. Thanks a lot for all the responses.
  3. Hi Friend, Thanks a lot for the response. Good to hear that someone else has noted a similar issue TL says it's 40K km or 2years.
  4. Anyone having 2013,2014 Allion/Premio, please let me know whether you have experienced the same ?
  5. Thanks for the response. There is a difference. Even the CVT oil is different. For 2007 oil is CVT-TC and for 2013 it is CVT-FE
  6. Hi, Thanks for the response. I am pretty sure that it is coming from the gearbox. I got this when 7K on the clock. It was there even at that time. My friend's Premio also has the same millage as mine (15K) now. Noise is not coming when the engine is cold. Engine need to be heated. I posted this here as I couldn't find another car to check this. When you get some free time could you please do me a favour by doing the following test. 1. If the engine is cold, drive for 1-2km to get the heat into mid level. 2. Roll down the window, turn off AC and the audio setup 3. Put the gear into R 4. Hear is there any noise coming from the Engine bay left side which last for 5-6 seconds. Noise is like 3wheel beep horn sound (not that loud). Thanks.
  7. Hi All, I got an Allion NZT260 2013 G+ model and ODO is still 15K. There is a noise coming from the gearbox when I put into reverse and kept pressing the break paddle for few seconds. Noise last for 5-6 seconds. If I release the break paddle immediately and let the car to move, noise goes away immediately. I am pretty sure that it is coming from the Gearbox. It is there only if the CAR is heated. I showed this to two mechanics and both gave me the same answer. It's a sound of a opening of a valve in the gearbox and not worry too much about it. But I am really worried about this. I had an Allion 260 2007 model and that didn't had this noise. But I cannot compare with that as two cars got different gearbox types even though the model is NZT260. However I found the same issue in a Premio 2013 owned by a friend of mine which is manufactured in the same period. I know that in 2013 Toyota made some changes to 260 gearbox. I feel like this is a manufacture fault in early 2013 model. I checked with Agents but they said there are no known issues with 2013 Gearbox. I haven't got a chance to check this in any other car. So my question is, has anyone who owned a 2013 or later NZT260 (Allion/Premio) has experienced the same issue ? (you need to turn off your audio setup and AC to hear this)
  8. Thanks a lot for the responses.
  9. They quoted 14700 for 185/70R14. Will follow that practice next time.
  10. I am going to replace tire set (185/70R14) of my 260 Allion. Does anyone of you have an experience with Pirelli tyres which Toyota La*ka importing ? They are claiming that it is a far better tire compared to other brands like Indonesian Bridgestone/Dunlop, etc. (I searched the forum, but couldn't find any useful information)
  11. No it is. Xanavi is the company manufacturing audio systems for these cars. I have seen a description of the factory fitted navigation system in the service manual of a Nissan N16.
  12. Some FB15s came with a factory fitted navigation system. AFAIK it is not possible to put Sri Lankan maps to it.
  13. Try and see whether this works. program_key_N16.pdf
  14. it's a DIY kind of a job.I was explaining you the initial steps of programming the key to check whether receiver is working.I couldn't remember exactly the rest few steps. But you may able to find that doing a search.If not, go for a mechanic whose having a good experience with this car.
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