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  1. Davy

    Project Moggie - Bodywork

    Making good progress @kusumsiri! Keep it up! One thing I can advise you on is to keep the wiring well away from the welding torch. While your tinkerer is cutting out external panels, there might be wires that go through small cavities that'll get torched in the process if not moved away or properly shielded.
  2. Davy

    Project A72V

    Persistence does pay off. Well done @varotone!
  3. Davy

    Steering multifunction suddenly not working

    Check for a blown fuse first. If that's fine, take it to a good electrician. If you are up for it, you can do a continuity check by using a multimeter. This will tell you if the clockspring inside the steering column is faulty. To do this, you will have to remove the steering column trims near the pedals, locate the wire harness coming down from the steering, use the multimeter terminals on the common pin and each remaining pin while pressing each button momentarily on the steering wheel.
  4. Davy

    Prius 3rd gen (30 ) 2012 ABS

    Usually refers to the modulator, but you never know what our local johnnies mean. 😄
  5. Davy

    Prius 3rd gen (30 ) 2012 ABS

    I'd like to know the reason for opting to replace the ABS unit in the first place. What's the issue? Was a scan done and error codes revealed?
  6. In addition to lubricating, you might also want to check if you can adjust the striker on the door jamb and look all round the door for a twisted rubber moulding/weather strip, or a rubber door cushion that's come off partially.
  7. Davy

    Any idea about migration agent charges?

    Sorry for the delay in responding. The past couple of weeks have been a bit hectic. The relevant assessing authority checks your certificates and stuff with the relevant institutions from which you obtained them. As for work experience, you will be required to talk to your employer and get a letter (letter of experience) from them (you'll have to do this for all your previous employers for up to 5 years I think). The assessing authority usually call up HR or the manager who issued the letter. So yes, there are checks being done.
  8. Should have told them that it's the factory position and Googled images of Evo Xs to prove your point. 😋
  9. Davy

    Perodua Axia is it a good car to Buy ?

    Noises are hard to diagnose by description. It needs to be inspected in person to give an accurate answer. However, where does the noise come from? Inside or outside? Engine bay or wheels? Maybe share a video clip?
  10. After a cold start (i.e in the morning), does the engine rev upto about 1500 RPM and slowly settle down to normal as the engine warms up? If the rest of the throttle body is good, and if it is actually the IACV that is faulty, just replace the IACV. There's no benefit in replacing the entire throttle body unless the one on the car has a crack or irreparable damage.
  11. Davy

    Bump of rear wheels

    First check the condition of the tyres. Check for previous puncture repairs that have the repair cord sticking out. Check for pebbles stuck in between treads. Check for bulges in the sidewall. Next, get the rear wheels balanced. Maybe a balancing weight has fallen off causing vibration. If none of them solve the issue, get the rear suspension checked out from a good garage.
  12. Davy

    rpm problem

    Agree. If this started happening immediately after battery replacement, it's probably because the ECU was reset. Driving a few kms in mixed conditions (with AC on) should allow time for the ECU to re learn.
  13. Can you please explain the current law and how its different from what's explained in that discussion? Would be interesting to know.
  14. Hi, welcome to the forum. The "current scenario" is exactly what the OP of the quoted thread has asked. Old discussion or not, the law is the law. The advice given in that thread still applies. @Crosswind, since you are one of the first to respond in the thread, can you please confirm this is correct?
  15. Davy

    Order Brand New Car

  16. The Potenza is a performance tyre. So softer compound = better grip + relatively faster wear. But like I've said in my RalliArt thread, they're the best tyres I've ever used. Then again my car is mostly a weekender and I prefer the handling and grip over service life. If your car is daily driven, you might want to settle for something for comfort and economy. However, it's your personal preference. The Potenzas will be significantly expensive. Especially if you're talking about RE003.
  17. Davy

    WHICH octane for VITZ?

    Threads merged. Thanks @matroska for pointing out.
  18. Davy

    Temperature indicator (blue)

    Your engine has a Coolant Temperature Sensor. It's basically a resistor that changes it's value based on the temperature of the coolant. The sensor is mounted somewhere on the engine in such a way that it's tip touches the actual coolant that's flowing around in the engine. So as the coolant becomes warm as a result of the engine running, the resistance changes. This signal is interpreted by the ECU. When it reaches a certain value (the operating temperature), the blue light turns off. It depends on the car, if it's petrol or diesel, type of engine and so on. Coolant is under pressure, so it can take more heat than when the liquid is under atmospheric pressure. A general range under normal operating temperature would be something between 90C and just above 100C.
  19. Davy

    Riding With Learners Permit

    Scroll up and read the post by CJ5.
  20. Davy

    Requires a higher rpm to shift gears

    Hi @Jitha000, welcome to the forum! If the cold start RPM isn't stable, it could be due to carbon deposits in your throttle body and idle control mechanism. This explains why the car lacks power as well. When did you last do a fuel system clean up (tune up)? If you haven't got one done, suggest you do that first. Clean the throttle body, spark plugs, injectors and replace the air filter if you haven't done so in a while. Also get a diagnostic scan done while you are at it.
  21. Davy

    Riding With Learners Permit

    @Arzath, welcome to the forum. Your question has been discussed before. Read this thread. I have merged it with your question. For more information, search the forum.
  22. What he meant was that the car turned into a bad old one quickly. Not that the car was fast. 🙄
  23. Davy

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    Three threads merged. Thanks @matroska for pointing out. @Praveen_Auto, please stop opening a new thread for each new question you have about a car.
  24. Davy

    Suzuki StingRay Seat Heaters

    Why do you have to switch them on in the first place? Seat warmers are meant to be used during winter or very cold weather when the seats are uncomfortably cold to sit on or if you feel really cold. Your Suzuki Stingray is a car made for the Japanese Domestic Market. A country where it gets extremely cold in winter. In Sri Lanka, seat warmers are useless.
  25. I understand what you mean. The blogs section feels like it lacks engagement between the original poster and responses as it's a separate section from the forums. Thanks for the feedback. @MADZ what can we do about this? Maybe the Forums home page can have a blogs section alongside "General Automotive", "DIY" etc?