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  1. Davy

    Corrosion and repaint

    Try Auto Force on Sri Saranankara Road. My former workplace was close by and and many of my colleagues got their cars repaired and painted from there. I have heard good things about them. Take your car there and get them to give you a quote first. Their prices are a bit on the high side from memory.
  2. @agent47, I've merged your two threads as they are related. Please stick to one thread to discuss this issue. You may also want to search the forum as Honda repair places and spare parts shops has been discussed before. Those prices look alright to me.
  3. Davy

    Lancer EX Running Repairs and Maintenance

    The manufacturer says strictly 98+ Octane for the 4B11T. My car's warranty booklet specifies that if anything lower than 98 is used, it will void the warranty. The owner's manual warns of potential engine damage as well. And then there's this on the fuel filler lid: If you read on pre-ignition, you will understand how destructive it can be. Basically, since the low octane fuel cannot withstand pressure as much as the intended fuel, it ignites before the piston reaches the end of the compression stroke. This creates massive pressure inside the combustion chamber and can cause damage (not instantly obviously). The most obvious side effect is that the engine can overheat due to the excessive pressure in the combustion chamber and the list goes on. So yeah, 98 for sure on most forced induction engines like the 4B11T.
  4. Davy

    Lancer EX Running Repairs and Maintenance

    Wasn't the CVT offered on the EX? Even on later model ones? As for compatibility, it depends on the ECU that's available with the engine for sale. If the ECU is for a manual transmission, then you have to go manual or swap the ECU as well to do CVT. I do wonder if any model with a 4B11 engine came with a conventional auto transmission instead of CVT. The EX GT came with this engine by the way. GT conversion? 🙂
  5. 1. Yes, the red dot takes precedence over the yellow dot. 2. If you did a wheel balance, it doesn't matter now. The dots are there so that you have a good starting balance. This helps because the number of wheel weights that need to be added to balance the wheel is less. 3. If the valve stem isn't damaged and doesn't leak, keep it.
  6. 1. They're mostly suspension repairs which are quite simple. 2. Yes, very likely to be the spark plugs or an issue in the ignition system.
  7. Davy

    Misfires and loss of power

    If the fuel rail is loose, that's the first thing you have to get addressed. Given the error codes, it does look like one cylinder is behaving erratically.
  8. Davy

    P0420 Hyundai Sonata H-matic

    Half a litre of oil being burnt per month is not normal. What's the mileage of the car? My advise would be to fix the oil burning problem because in your case, I believe it is contributing to the P0420. From what you have described, it could be oil clogging up your catalytic converter (explains the exhaust smell) , or a gasket leak. Even after the engine is fixed, you might continue to get the error code depending on the condition of the catalytic converter and downstream Oxygen sensor.
  9. Davy

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Best tyres I've ever used. Talking specifically of the RE003. They've been on my car for a couple of years now and they hold the road like crazy! Not sure if they're a bit overkill for a point A to B car that's mainly driven within city limits, because it's a performance tyre. But if you track the car or drive a car that's got decent power, then absolutely.
  10. 1. Manufacturers don't generally specify a replacement interval for timing chains. They are supposed to last as long as the engine. However, periodic inspections (say every 100K km) are advised to determine if the chain has wear or slack. Some modern cars even have wear/stretch indicators that cause a light to be illuminated on the dashboard. 2. As mentioned above, it should be lifetime with periodic inspections. Checking the vehicle workshop manual would confirm this. 3. Pretty much all modern petrol engines are interference because manufacturers try to achieve high compression ratios from smaller engines. As a user, it is important to understand that if the car has a timing belt, and if the engine is an interference type, the damage that can be caused if the belt snaps is far greater than on a non-interference type engine. Other than that, it doesn't really matter to a driver. 4. Interference
  11. Davy

    Error Joining the Forum

    @MADZ Can you please look into this? Thanks! @Klord, please send MADZ a PM with your friend's email address and/or username.
  12. Davy

    Better DVD player + navigator

    While appreciating you sharing this information, please note that this thread is about car audio and GPS navigation, not GPS tracking. Also, 12,000 is expensive for a GPS tracker, unless you're tracking a fleet or something. There are so many cheap trackers on eBay for less than 3000. You can buy one of them and install a free app which gives all functionality.
  13. Davy

    4A-Ge Vs 7A-Ge - Toyota Ae86

    What a way to end the year! Looks great machan! Those Watanabes look great on the car and they're the perfect wheels for it. The stance is just amazing!!
  14. Davy

    ######## 2020 Loading .... ########

    Wishing all AutoLankans a very happy new year 2020! Kudos to all the members who have been keeping the forum alive and kicking - sharing knowledge, blogging and providing support. Here's to another year of growing as a community of individuals sharing the same passion. Cheers!
  15. Davy

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Yeah, that's just weird. As Crosswind said, maybe the papers are dodgy. Found this following a quick Google search. It has a 4B11T with an SST transmission. So it's an Evo X MR.
  16. Davy

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    That used to be Lasith Malinga's car if I'm not mistaken. And that's a legit Evo X. I'm not sure why the RMV information shows details of a CS1 though. I'm sure it has a 4B11T because I've seen pictures of the engine bay. Can see the air intake of the 4B engine even in the first photo.
  17. @Zinger please refrain from creating copies of the same thread in different sections of the forum. There threads merged and duplicate posts removed.
  18. Davy

    Lancer EX Running Repairs and Maintenance

    Pretty sure the CVT still has the mesh filter at the bottom of the oil pan which is on the underside of the car and not vertical like the conventional auto.
  19. Davy


    Hi @AdamHar1, You should rephrase your question because it's not clear what you mean. Also use a more meaningful topic title.
  20. Davy

    Hole in the seat cover

    That looks like a pinhole, is it not? Diameter or about 1mm? If I were you, I'd not bother with seat covers. If you can't live with it or think that it might get bigger, take it to an upholsterer and maybe they'll patch it up. There are also repair kits out there (try eBay) which you can buy and DIY. They're basically a glue and small specks of fabric (like a powder) which you cover the hole with.
  21. Davy

    Toyota corolla Axio 2007 Crankshaft sensor issue

    Any competent mechanic should be able to replace the crank position sensor. Shouldn't take more than half an hour. If you had error codes that resulted in a Check Engine light, you'll have to get the errors cleared as well.
  22. Davy

    Lancer EX Running Repairs and Maintenance

    That's for two drains. Drain a total of 5.5L (2L + 3.5L). Then fill 5.5L. Do another drain of 3.5L and fill 3.5L. Also, although the capacity of the transmission is 7.7L, the required amount of oil for a manual drain and refill is less than that, because not all oil is drained from the transmission. Some of it is left inside. That's why the instructions in the workshop manual takes you through multiple drains and fills. The only transmission that has an external oil filter on the CY is probably the twin clutch SST that comes on the RalliArt and Evolution.
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  25. Pretty sure 4th position A is for Sedan and W for Wagon. Second position S is replaced with T for Evolution models. (Example CT9A for Evo Sedan) The below info is based on what I remember from my CS3 (CS3ASNJER1UXXXXXX), and what I remember reading in a workshop manual. 10th position is the YOM. For example, 1 for 2001, 2 for 2002 and so on. I'm not sure if they changed it to a 0 for 2010 and started over since the model ran for more than a decade. I believe the 11th position is an alphabetic character. I had a "U" and from memory, it was to indicate the manufacturing plant.