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  1. Davy

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    Three threads merged. Thanks @matroska for pointing out. @Praveen_Auto, please stop opening a new thread for each new question you have about a car.
  2. Davy

    Suzuki StingRay Seat Heaters

    Why do you have to switch them on in the first place? Seat warmers are meant to be used during winter or very cold weather when the seats are uncomfortably cold to sit on or if you feel really cold. Your Suzuki Stingray is a car made for the Japanese Domestic Market. A country where it gets extremely cold in winter. In Sri Lanka, seat warmers are useless.
  3. I understand what you mean. The blogs section feels like it lacks engagement between the original poster and responses as it's a separate section from the forums. Thanks for the feedback. @MADZ what can we do about this? Maybe the Forums home page can have a blogs section alongside "General Automotive", "DIY" etc?
  4. @[email protected], Please stop spamming the forum by creating duplicate threads. You have three threads with "what is the best option???" as the title and members have been kind enough to respond to you each time you created a new thread. Ask your questions about your car purchase on this thread. Three threads merged.
  5. Davy

    Experts Need your help

    @Deshanbro, you already have opened a thread asking for assistance with your car purchase. A new thread is not required to re-iterate about the same thing. Advise you stick to this thread and ask all your questions here. Thanks! Threads merged.
  6. So much energy here in Melbourne as the F1 2019 season kicks off! Botas you beauty. What a lead!

    1. MADZ


      Yeah Bottas had a good race and what a disappointing start for Ricciardo!

    2. Davy


      Yeah, his first race with the new team as well. Was disappointing indeed. :( Hope he picks himself up at Bahrain in two weeks. 

    3. pug306xsi


      and Hope ferrari picks up the pace... all that winter testing was a too much of a tease...

  7. The cars that you have asked questions about (Vezel, Allion etc.) have already been extensively discussed in multiple threads. Did you try searching the forum first? The "free knowledge" you're talking about is already available, you just need to search a bit. Vezel Search Results | Allion Search Results As for SEO, they work by looking mainly at tags and thread title. All search tags on this thread (defined by you) speak nothing of the actual model. It's "3 million car", "4 million suv" and so on, but your original post is about Honda Vezel. While I appreciate you making the effort to create search tags (some members don't even bother to do so), the tags you've created don't really help anyone searching for Vezel. Also, I'm not sure if you noticed, but I left your thread about Lexus RX 300 alone, because I searched and couldn't find sufficient information or an existing thread. Your threads have little to do with the actual models in question... it's about your inability to decide which one to buy for your 4 million budget. So the best course of action is to create one thread so that members can give their ideas about the cars that you are considering to help you make a decision. It's done to help you. Finally, there are new threads created every single day and if every member creates a new thread for each vehicle that comes into their minds, regular members here will have no other work than type the same thing over and over again. So you as a newbie should first try to search and try to find information on your own. So please continue your discussion here.
  8. @hustlehard, For the couple of weeks you've been a member of the forum, you have opened 5 (redundant) threads. Stop creating new topics for each new vehicle that pops up into your mind. If you keep doing this, the moderator team will be forced to add you to the moderated members list where you will not be able to post without approval. Consider this an informal warning. Three other similar threads merged into this. @Hyaenidae, thanks for pointing out. I really don't follow these "which vehicle can I buy for X amount of rupees" threads, so threads like this are missed.
  9. Davy

    Suzuki StingRay Seat Heaters

    Technically, all cars with seat warmers have seat cooling. It just starts working as soon as you turn the seat warmers off.
  10. Davy

    Electric water pump

    No, that's not right either. Water pumps last a really long time, especially if you have coolant in your system instead of tap water. What happens usually with water pumps is that the bearing gives way or the seal starts leaking. It doesn't need to be replaced so early unless there's an issue. Ask him to show you the original water pump that he took off the car. Snap a photo of it and share here. While you have it in your hand, try spinning the propeller to feel if it spins smoothly. Also check if the propeller has excessive free play (try to move it laterally). As for a good garage, I'm afraid another member will have to help you out as I'm out of the country and I've lost touch about good workshops. The only place I can recommend is the agent.
  11. I've scuffed up mine so bad that there's more black plastic visible than white under there. The area I live has a lot of speed bumps and I manage to catch at least one of them even after slowing down to a snail's pace. 😣 Been talking to a few others and everyone suggested a front splitter.
  12. http://www.motortraffic.gov.lk/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=111&Itemid=122&lang=en
  13. The front wheel gap on these cars are truly hideous. It was the same on mine. Yep, you just compromise on a bit of comfort to get more stability. If it's too stiff, you can try and play around with the damper setting knobs on the coilover to make the ride a bit softer on rough roads. I have mine set to about 60% hard after trying 50% and 75%. 50 is too soft for my liking (very close to stock shocks, so if you dial it down a bit, you can get the stock feel. But where's the fun in that? 😁 ).
  14. Davy

    Electric water pump

    It certainly sounds like your mechanic is taking you for a ride. First of all, I'm pretty sure that the cooling fan in the engine bay can be taken out without having to take out the radiator in the Axio. So your mechanic would have simply had to swap out the fan without touching the coolant or anything else. 1. Maybe he disassembled the radiator to get to the fan and reassembled everything, which would mean he drained the coolant. After refilling, the cooling system needs to be bled to remove air bubbles trapped in the system. He may have not done that, causing the excess coolant in the reservoir to be pulled into the radiator. This can cause the expansion tank to lose coolant. 2. Bullshit. Pardon my language, but I can't believe mechanics actually say all sorts of fairy tales like this to fool customers. 3. It sure looks like that to me. Take your car to a different, good, garage or the agent and get the coolant topped up, bled out and monitor for a few days.
  15. Good choice. As for the colour of the wire, you can still keep it red and run it through a black conduit. What TheFlyingFox has shared above looks pretty clean.
  16. Oh. I swear I saw another zero there before. 🤓 As I said before, wire it through a relay. The relay is connected to +12v (using high tension lead with inline fuse). The trigger for the relay can be any ACC signal (cig lighter, head unit) circuit. You should find the corresponding fuse in the fuse box and use a fuse tap to wire up the line to the relay. Here's an example: The circle marked "Lights" will be your amplifier. If your head unit already has an amplifier trigger line (corresponds to the switch in the diagram), you can use that. Otherwise you will have to go with the fuse tap on the fuse box. The example here uses a 5 pin relay with a 87a pin which is unused. The fuse ratings in the figure are indicative only.
  17. 1. For a regular amplifier, a regular 4 pin relay would do. You should be able to find them in any auto spare parts shop. They're called SPST relays (Single Pole, Single Throw). However, depending on how much power draw the amplifier has, you might want to install a better relay meant to be used with high powered audio systems. The relays mentioned above typically handle 30A to 40A. But since you said that your sub woofer is 1000w, you might want a better relay (assuming that 1000w is RMS and not peak power). If it's RMS, you can just do P = VI (Watt's law) which is 1000 = I x 12 = which is around 80A. So if you use a relay rated for 30A in the circuit, it will just fry before you can even make it through one song. So your relay needs to be able to handle it as well as the inline fuse. Best thing is to take the car to a good car audio place and get them to do the job if you are not sure. 2. Yes, it's possible. Usually accessories like the lighter and audio system are wired through the same fuse if not fuses that get power when the key is in ACC or ON positions. 3. No, you should not use the car's fuse box as the power source of your amplifier. That is a recipe for disaster. Running a line to the battery and switching it on through a relay is your best bet IMO because you want the subwoofer and amp to power up when the head unit gets power. Again, I think you should take the car to a reputed car audio place. They will have the correct fuses, relays and even the high tension leads to wire it up properly.
  18. 1. You need a regular 4 pin relay with 30, 85, 86 and 87 pins. 30 is directly wired to the battery (preferably through an in line fuse). 85 is ground, so you can connect it to a bolt that has a good connection to the chassis. 86 is the switched 12v pin. This needs to be connected to the fuse box (the same fuse that powers the head unit). And finally, 87 goes to the + terminal of the sub woofer/amplifier. 2. Don't. The load will fry the fuse when the volume is increased. 3. There's no need to pierce the firewall. You can pass the wire into the car through an existing rubber grommet in the firewall. Find one that's closest to the internal fuse box. 4. This will involve more work and not worth the effort IMO when you can neatly route the wire into the car from the engine bay like TheFlyingFox has shown above.
  19. If there's a third brake light or rear wiper, they would have had to take them out to install the new windscreen. Maybe they have not properly secured one of these or something inside the tailgate. Take the upholstery out and check.
  20. Sorry to hear about the accident. The first thing you did wrong is take your car to Mag C#ty. So many horror stories have been shared on the forum about that place and how they bad their work is and how they scam their customers. As for the noise, unless the windscreen was not properly bonded to the tailgate, I don't see how it can vibrate. Maybe your tailgate and/or bumper were damaged during the accident and causing a panel or two to rattle and vibrate. Take it to a different garage or inspect the car yourself by gently tapping that area of the car with your fist. Inspecting the undercarriage and the spare wheel compartment for loose or broken parts might be a good idea. There could be broken glass that's rattling around.
  21. Davy

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Under-inflated tyres? Maybe old batch (check expiry date of the tyre)?
  22. Davy

    Daihatsu Mira 2017 Gear Box Replacement

    Apart from the damage to the transmission housing, are you experiencing any mechanical issue (shifting issues, shuddering etc.)? If not, you shouldn't replace a 2 year old gearbox just because the housing is chipped off. What I would advise is: 1. Check if there's mechanical damage or fluid leaks. Also check if the wall of the housing is thin to a point where it can give way under pressure. 2. Look for the possibility of repairing it. There are places that do Aluminium/Alloy welding and fabrication. If you have the chipped off part with you, it'll be easier. This will require taking the transmission out and disassembling it partially. 3. Try to find just that half of the transmission housing. Probably easier said than done due to the car being new. Maybe the transmission came on other Daihatsus and Toyotas.
  23. Davy

    Allion 240 Slow picking-up

    With any used car, it's a good idea to replace all fluids and perform a fuel system clean-up (tune up). Especially if you don't know the history of the car.
  24. Holy smokes! Congratulations dude! This is epic! So happy to see this car go to a forum member! Have fun and welcome to the Lancer brotherhood! Yeah I know @E L N I N O personally. We used to work together and he used to have a CS1 when I had my CS3. I know he wouldn't have simply let go of that car to some random guy. Probably why the car was on the classifieds for that long. Can't say I have seen many EXs in Sri Lanka with OEM RalliArt/Galant Fortis rims. Also sits beautifully on those coilovers. 😍
  25. Davy

    Home Air Conditioners Help ....

    From personal experience a few years ago, LG (Abans) and Panasonic (SoftLogic) were the best. Have dealt with both and their after sales service is pretty good. SoftLogic was slightly better than Abans when it comes to carrying out services and maintenance. As for brands, there's no best brand per say, I'd recommend LG, Panasonic or Mitsubishi. With both above points, it was a few years ago and I'm not sure of the present situation. Dual inverter is an LG specific feature at the moment from my understanding and it means that there are two inverters in series instead of one. They're supposed to be more efficient than single inverter ACs.