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  1. SAB

    Hi @Davy

    I think you would not mind if I share an advert and expect your advice.

    I test drove this   https://######.lk/en/ad/mazda-demio-2010-for-sale-gampaha-17 . 

    Exterior Body and  Interior were ok according to my basic knowledge. But as per your instructions, I drove it on a rough road. I'm not confident enough regarding the rack sounds. I'm not sure  weather it's a minor repair or not. 

    Is it possible to check this in a normal garage? I hope to check this by a technician in kandy (which I usually do my repairs). As we come from Kandy, we hope to check this issue (by raising and checking underside )from a garage around kelaniya.

    what's your idea? Can we check this by Carmart or any specialised location around Kelaniya.

    Your advice is highly appreciated.

    1. Davy


      Sorry for the late response. Was away from the forum for a few days as I was attending to some personal matters. 

      The car looks good on paper. If you don't mind spending a couple of thousand bucks, take it to CarCheks and get a full inspection done. Their reports are pretty thorough and they even check for evidence of mileage tampering as well. 70K on a car of this age is a bit suspicious. 

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