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    Mazda Bj5p spark plug Brand

    Take one spark plug out and take it to the shops. NGK should be a good brand for your car. A wild guess here but I think the model number of the NGK plug is BKR5E. As for engine oil, SAE 40 is the correct viscosity, but if you're using Lanka Super Plus, make sure you carry out your oil and filter change every 3000km. A better semi synthetic oil (say 10W40) like Castrol would be better IMO.
  2. The squealing noise progressively gets worse in most cases. It's heard initially only when you step on the brakes and then if you drive like that continuously, it's heard all the time. So if your squealing is heard only when you step on the brakes, it's probably okay to complete your journey and carry out the repair later. Agree with @tiv on this. The metal shims that cause this "warning noise" doesn't easily cause the rotors to wear out just like that. Certainly not within a 100km. Having said that, driving with worn out brakes is never a good idea. Get the brake pads replaced as soon as you possible.
  3. Davy

    Shifting to N while the engine is running

    The parking brake is applied only on the rear wheels. On a front wheel drive car like your EX, shifting to N and releasing the service brake (while parking brake is engaged) takes the tension off the front wheels before shifting into P and allows them to "settle". This helps prevent strain on the transmission to a degree. It must be said that the gearbox will not be wrecked or anything if you don't follow this. On my RalliArt for example, it makes no sense to do this as the car is an AWD, and the P position is activated electronically through hydraulic actuators within about half a second of shifting to P. But on the Mazda 323 (front wheel drive), there's a thud when I shift out of park the next time I start the car - if I forget to do this (or if my wife is the one who stopped the car 😜). Especially when parked on a slope.
  4. Davy

    Battery problem on cold mornings!

    Why it fails to start in the mornings is because it's easier to start an engine when it's warm than cold. Batteries have a CCA rating which is "Cold Cranking Amperage". It's the ability of a battery to crank an engine when it's cold. The higher the amount, the easier it is for the battery to start the engine as it allows the starter motor to draw more amps out of it. As batteries age, the CCA drops. This results in difficult cold starts. As others have said, it's most likely a bad battery. So take it to a battery shop, get a battery and charging system test done first. You need to make sure the charging system is in good order before swapping in a new battery, to make sure it lasts as long as it should. A good battery shop will give you a report of the condition of the battery as well as how the charging system performed under load, when starting and high RPMs.
  5. Davy

    Shifting to N while the engine is running

    Depends on what sort of incline the car is parked on. If it's perfectly level ground, it's not going to put any strain on the gearbox because the car will not try to move anywhere. This is not the case in reality because even the slightest dip or imperfection on the ground would cause the car to want to "settle in". So a slight amount it strain can be on the gearbox even on level ground. On an incline, this become significantly more as the gearbox is holding the car from moving. If the parking brake is weak, this becomes even worse. So as a practice, it's good to follow the steps suggested. Before you know it, this will become a routine that you will do involuntarily within a couple of seconds.
  6. Davy

    Shifting to N while the engine is running

    Yes, this makes sense and aligns well with what's mentioned in the manual. I've seen some of my friends shift to Neutral every other time the vehicle comes to a halt in a traffic jam which is quite excessive and this is what needs to be avoided. When you shift from D to P, you have to go through several positions D > N > R > P, which is not that great IMO. The Neutral position is right next to D, so it makes more sense to just move the shifter one notch between D and N.
  7. Davy

    Daihatsu move

    @sakeel Please stick to one thread to ask related questions about the car you're interested in buying. Threads merged.
  8. Davy

    DFSK 580

    Blind spot monitoring is a system that lets the driver know if there is a vehicle or object within blind spots of a vehicle. This is commonly done by an indicator installed within the exterior rear view mirrors. When an object is detected within a blind spot, the respective indicator lights up (typically with an audio alert) informing the driver of the object. There are aftermarket blind spot monitoring kits available that you can install to any vehicle. The kit includes sensors and indicator lights to be installed close to the A pillar of the car. Not sure how accurate they are though, or if calibration can be done after installation to improve accuracy.
  9. If the car is behaving abnormally and the Check Engine light is on, then that's a good thing! Because the car knows what is wrong. As @hrm said, take it to a good garage and get it scanned. I recommend the agent for a diagnostic scan as they will be able to perform a better diagnosis using their propitiatory scanning equipment. If the engine stalls as soon as it starts, it can be the crank sensor as @vag2 mentioned.
  10. Davy

    DFSK 580

    You guys are totally welcome to discuss about the vehicle. In fact, we encourage you to do it because first hand experience about a particular vehicle trumps everything including accusations made by others. If you guys have a problem with other members harassing you, please use the "Report post" link on the top right hand side corner of each post and moderators will handle it from there. It must also be said that you guys need to expect some level of scepticism from members here, given that the history of Chinese vehicles in the country has not been mostly positive. As @iRage said, moderators have been very lenient when members like Roshan321 was spamming this thread with useless YouTube videos and to top it all up, create a fake profile, claiming to be the owner of the vehicle and then log back in as Roshan321 and thank himself for posting. This kind of deceitful behaviour causes people to lose credibility in the forum and we'll have to step in. Still Roshan321/Saranga_S has not accepted or apologised for his actions and is commenting freely. If it were another forum, as soon as moderators observed his actions, he would have been banned - no questions asked. If you guys could see the number of posts we've had to delete on this thread because they were insults and out of topic, you'd be surprised. We are giving a fair chance to everyone here. But the line needs to be drawn somewhere. So go ahead and post about the car and your experiences with it. Share your honest opinion. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor this thread closely and moderators will decide what action we will take against the fake account. @MADZ, this one is over to you.
  11. Davy

    DFSK 580

  12. Davy

    DFSK 580

    I was typing a very long response but @iRage's post above says it all. So I'm not going to re-iterate. The administrators and moderators of the site have access to more information about members and their activity. That's basically all you need to know. I requested permission from @MADZ to post the evidence here and he gave me the all clear. The moderator team has seen this already so that's sufficient for now. We don't have to prove anything to you. You talk about democracy... didn't you ramble on for 7+ pages on this thread with YouTube videos from Peru and Russia while the moderators gave you a fair chance? Didn't moderators advise other members to stop insulting you? There are many posts by other members that I personally removed because they were offensive. There's "democracy" for you. There is always a place in the forum for genuine members. But you crossed the line here by being deceitful and misleading members. Also, you say that you don't have time to waste here, but you had time to create a fake profile, cook up a story and post from both accounts alternatively to get attention of the members here. Who is wasting time? I'd like to see you try and share photos of the car. Please do.
  13. Visit the DFSK 580 thread for your weekly dosage of comedy. :D 

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  14. Davy

    DFSK 580

    Dear @Roshan321, Before reading further, I suggest making a supermarket run quickly and getting yourself a large pack of diapers, because the excrement that's about to unfold for you won't be pleasant. But I'm sorry, I have to do this on behalf of all the members of the forum. AutoLanka forums has always been a place for sharing knowledge and personal experience about cars. A lot of senior members (including myself) joined over a decade ago and have slowly grown as members and gained so much knowledge. This is because most members are genuine, helpful gentlemen. On top of that, genuine members always try to learn from others without trying so hard to prove a point. My last two posts on this thread was saying exactly that. I was trying to get you to not try so hard (while getting members here also to give you a chance). Moderators including myself have been totally impartial. But you went ahead and made a mess of the situation. I'm sure you know what I am trying to bring up here so you better put on one of those diapers now. When I first read that post by @Saranga_S, I thought that it is too much of a coincidence for a new member to pop out of nowhere all of a sudden and say good about the vehicle in question. Then I read the full post and my suspicion was doubled. Then I read @iRage's response and I thought we maybe onto something here. So I had to dig in and everything started to make sense... I'm not going to tell you how I found out, but we know. In fact, we knew from the first post made by you using the @Saranga_Saccount, but I requested the moderator team (and other members who posted) to wait silently. As expected, you took the bait and responded as @Roshan321. So my question is... what do you have to say for yourself? How desperate are you to create fake profiles, post as a genuine owner, and to respond to your own fake profile thanking yourself for doing so. Maybe change that diaper before answering. Or pretend that you didn't see this - but rest assured we'll know when you read this. Finally, thanks to the moderator team (especially @iRage) for staying silent and helping me carry out this sting operation. Also special thanks to @Hyaenidae for the corporation and helping me hide one of his posts to keep things undercover until we were completely sure. --- Moderators, I'm not sure how we should proceed. We'll have a discussion separately I guess.
  15. Davy

    DFSK 580

    Like I mentioned once before on this thread, in order for this thread to remain on topic and civilised, we need to stop behaving like children. Name-calling and insults are not the way to having a good discussion. It's easy for people to be rude and obnoxious behind the anonymity of their keyboard, but remember, we are all adults and most of us are passionate about cars, So let's start with some respect to other members shall we? @Roshan321, I've said this to you once, but doesn't seem to have sunk in, so let me reiterate. Sharing YouTube videos that no one understands as a response to every comment you are up against is ridiculous. Share your original thoughts about the vehicle without spamming the thread with unnecessary posts. Other members, we are going overboard with the insults here, so please... keep it down. Moderators will not hesitate to remove posts that add no value to the discussion.
  16. Good job mate. Car looks great! Is the 10K quote for plasti dipping the rims including the plasti-dip or just labour? If it's just labour, don't. You can DIY quite easily. Check the threads below:
  17. Davy

    Sludge in Suzuki Swift ZC71S

    Apologies for the confusion. I guess when the term "engine flush" is used, you assumed using one of those chemical cans and running the engine to clean it up. What I meant was to clean the engine manually (oil pan and the filter/screen inside it, crankshaft area under the engine, engine cover/valve cover and valve body) after draining the existing oil. Then fill with new oil and use new filter and drain that oil within 1000 - 2000km or so. Repeat if necessary depending on the condition of the oil. The purpose of this is to use engine oil to flush the engine instead of a chemical. You can do as many iterations as you want depending on the amount of sludge. This is a safer alternative to using a chemical. What you have read about engine flushing chemicals is true. Especially on cars with VVT as sludge can get into the solenoids and block them, resulting in issues in the VVT system (from your photo, your car has VVT as well). Sludge can also get lodged in oil lines and cause oil starvation and wear. I helped flush a friend's car once and it clogged up the oil pressure switch with sludge and it had to be replaced. The thing is, oil changes have to be done based on mileage or time - whichever comes first. If the car only does 5000km per year, the previous owner should have done at least two oil changes within those 5000km (6 month intervals). The reason is that engine oil breaks down over time. Doing short distance trips and rarely using the car still requires oil to be changed when the time is up although the mileage is not up yet.
  18. Davy

    Sludge in Suzuki Swift ZC71S

    Increasing the oil change frequency is not going to remove the sludge that's already deposited throughout the engine. Get an engine flush done to remove (most of) the sludge. The engine cover and sump needs to be removed and manually cleaned before using new oil and filter. With the new oil, drive for a couple of thousand kilometres and change oil and filter again to remove any remaining sludge. After this you can go back to your regular oil changes. Keep an eye on the level and condition of engine oil. Oh and by the way, YOM 2008 car with 78,000km? Mileage is surely tampered.
  19. Davy

    Help With My New Cs3

    ECU in the CS is in the cabin. Behind the glove box, so it's pretty safe. I heard from one of the guys at Un!t3d M0tors that an early batch (2001 - 2002 I assume) had ECU issues that cause pinging under deceleration. They were apparently replaced under warranty. He told me this when he was diagnosing a similar issue on my CS3 which turned out to be a faulty TPS. Apart from this, I am unaware of any inherent ECU issues on the CS. Especially on the facelift and later models. Having said that, they're all electronic components after all, and they can wear and give out. The ECU itself is within a metal housing, so a rodent attack is unlikely to cause damage to the actual ECU. Wiring yes. Some mechanics blindly suggest replacing the ECU without even performing a proper diagnosis. So it might be one of those cases. @vidura, you might want to check with your friend what is wrong with the car and ask if a diagnosis was done and what the actual issue is. The mech might be taking him for a ride.
  20. Davy

    Help With My New Cs3

    Try Mahinda
  21. Davy

    Wading depth?

    It's exactly like this on Teslas. Apparently they do it this way so that it's easy to service or replace the battery if the need arises without having to strip out the entire interior of the car. The downside is that they are susceptible to water damage although they are in a sealed and water tight chamber. From what I have seen so far on YouTube, most water damage happens at the back of the car where the circuitry is.
  22. Davy

    Wading depth?

    Pretty sure the Civic EG8 has the air intake behind the front bumper on the right hand side. Maybe EG8 owners can confirm. The Subaru Impreza also has the airbox just behind the right hand side headlight and the snorkel might be routed in front of the wheel well, but I'm not sure. I guess it's not just the air intake nowadays. Hybrids and electric cars usually have the battery at the lowest point of the car. While batteries are supposed to be waterproof, there's a higher chance of messing it up if you wade through even the shallowest water.
  23. Davy

    Car for a Budget of 3 Million LKR

    @dhanushkaw I have merged your new thread with the original one since this is basically a continuation of the same topic. Please keep your discussion here. Thanks!
  24. Davy

    DFSK 580

    Name calling will not be tolerated. You might want to watch what you say. Most of your posts of YouTube videos are spam because no one here speaks Spanish or Indonesian or Russian. If you have something to say about the car, just leave your original comments here and that's it. No need to spam the forum with useless YouTube videos that no one understands. In fact, it members wanted to see YouTube videos, they would gladly search in YouTube themselves. Also, if you believe that the vehicle is good, go ahead and buy it. If you've already bought it and like it, then good for you. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. The vehicle will prove itself over time. Also members, shall we please just give these guys a chance. You've all shared your opinion about the vehicle, and if they still want to buy it then let them. If they have bought it already, then let's just see what they have to say. We've seen worse cars haven't we? 🙂
  25. Hi and welcome to the forum. This question has been asked quite a few times, so I've merged your thread with one of the existing ones. Check the response quoted below: You may find more search results here. Please search before opening new threads to ask questions. Thanks and good luck finding the CV joint.