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    catalytic converter in VIOS

    Threads merged. Thanks @kusumsiri.
  2. Davy

    Help: C# is killing me

    As I expected, you are trying to add a new LocalDB database file, but Visual Studio seems to be having trouble trying to connect to your MSSQLLocalDB. It sounds like it is an installation issue after all. Which Version of Visual Studio are you using? I know you said that you tried to repair the installation, but did you check if the "SQL Server Data Tools" option within the "Data Storage and processing" section of the installation options is checked? Screenshot below: Keep us posted on how it goes.
  3. Davy

    Mitsubishi Lancer RalliArt

    Hello Gents, After months of research and patience, I have finally found "The One". A car I have been waiting to own for as long as I can remember... a 10th Generation Lancer. What I managed to get is a Lancer RalliArt. Since this particular model isn't available in Sri Lanka (to my knowledge), let me give a brief introduction to the car. Mitsubishi introduced the 10th generation Lancer (Referred to as the Lancer EX in Sri Lanka) in 2008 and it was certainly a different Lancer when compared to previous models. From the hooded brow over the headlights that give it an aggressive look, to the matching rear end, it was a brand new look for the Lancer. Back in 2008 when Mitsubishi launched the 10th gen Lancer, they only really had two variants: The Lancer EX (GLX, GLS, GT) and then the mighty track monster Evolution X. While the Lancer EX comes with engines ranging from 1.5L (4A91) through 2.0L (4J10 and 4B10) to 2.4L (4B12), the power of all these engines were in the range of 109 - 170 horsepower while the Evolution X has a 2.0L Turbo (4B11T) engine that outputs 276 horsepower (The FQ400 in the UK has a massive 403 hp!). That's a pretty big gap right there and Mitsubishi introduced the Lancer RalliArt in 2009 to bridge the gap. The RalliArt also has a 4B11T 2.0L turbocharged engine - the same engine that comes in the Evo X, de-tuned. It outputs 237hp - that's 54 less than the Evo. It's basically ideal for day-to-day use as well as a drive along a twisty road or a track if you are keen. To put it into perspective, if the Evolution is compatible with the Subaru WRX STi, then the RalliArt is head to head with the WRX. Throughout this thread I will try my best to log detailed information about the RalliArt (strengths, weaknesses, comparisons etc.) and also share information about the journey with my car. Hope this will be helpful to someone some day. Before going into any more detail, here she is...
  4. Davy

    Project Moggie - Painting

    Impressive work there @kusumsiri!
  5. Davy

    Help: C# is killing me

    It's a generic error message when something is wrong with the connection. I'm not saying that it's SQLite. It's SQL Server Express LocalDB which is a lightweight version of SQL Express shipped with Visual Studio. It doesn't have complex instances running all the time like a full SQL Server instance. Instead, it spins up a new instance by looking at the connection string which points to an MDF file. You don't use ODBC with LocalDB, you use SqlConnection within System.Data.SqlClient. Anyway, let's wait for @□AVANTE□ to confirm.
  6. Davy

    Help: C# is killing me

    It's a Local DB file by the looks. Not a server instance. So Visual Studio can be used as it has native support for Local Database files.
  7. Davy

    Help: C# is killing me

    That means your C# application is unable to reach the machine running SQL server. Looks like you're using a local database file. This is not an issue with your Visual Studio installation. Your client application basically fails to connect to SQL server. If it were a physical database server, this error means that there's a network issue between the machine executing the C#, and the database server. But because your database is local, it is either because: 1. Your connection string is wrong 2. You're trying to use a wrong system library to connect to the database. Happy to help if you can zip your code and share it on Google Drive or something. I'm sure it's a very easy fix.
  8. Davy

    Toyota yaris 2006 vibrates while idle

    Is the idle RPM normal (i.e. around 700 - 800)? It could be a worn out engine mount as well, although I can't see how CarChecks would miss it.
  9. Looks clean! Congratulations! 👍
  10. Davy

    Toyota Corolla 121 - Wet Under Rear Seat

    Probably a leak under the rear windscreen? Just take the rear seat out and have a look. It should be held by clips. Pull firmly to pop the clips and take the seat out. Post what you find.
  11. Threads merged. Please search the forum. The N16 has been discussed before. There are also many threads about good cars for a budget of 2 million.
  12. Sounds like the parking brake is binding. Do this test: Next time you keep the car parked for the duration you're talking about, don't engage the parking brake. Keep the car on P and use wheel chocks or a bricks or something to ensure the car doesn't accidentally move. Park on flat ground. If you don't experience the binding after you park like this, then your parking brake is definitely what's binding. If you have drum brakes, it might be a broken spring. You'll have to take the drums out and inspect. In any case, get it checked out immediately as it's a safety concern. Good luck!
  13. This is probably OT but I actually blame the system. Any monkey can get a licence in Sri Lanka. The exam is useless and the trial doesn't give a good picture of how good you are as a driver. In other countries, the trial takes about one hour and the examiner takes the applicant through a series of various road conditions and traffic situations. Unless you are an attentive and disciplined driver, you won't pass the trial. My wife failed twice before she got her licence in Australia. And this is someone who has a full manual driver's licence in Sri Lanka. I have so many friends who failed because they were driving 5km/h over the speed limit got more than 10 seconds or because they didn't fully stop the car at a "stop" sign. My wife failed because she didn't "maintain a safe distance with the vehicle in front". So yeah, it has to start at the source and I think our roads will improve a lot if the bad drivers are eliminated at the source. 75% of the three wheeler drivers and the scooty akkas won't make it through the test if it's done properly. Just my two cents.
  14. Davy

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    I think he's saying that we're talking about a car when there's a (beautiful?) woman in the picture. To be fair... the person is blurred out. How sure are you that's a woman @Crosswind? 😁 Ah right. So it's a replica Evo bumper.
  15. Davy

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Is this an Evo or a Lancer with an Evo front end? Asking because I don't see the vents on the bonnet and the car looks narrow. Maybe it's the angle of the photo. I can see this happening on the Evo, because the bonnet is Aluminium, and weighs like a feather. The downside is that it bends quite easily.
  16. R1234yf from my understanding was introduced to promote better efficiency and thereby reduce harm to the atmosphere further. Systems designed for R1234yf are backward compatible with R134a, so no physical damage to the AC system or compressor. This however needs to be checked against each manufacturer's advice because the two behave slightly differently when under pressure. In many countries, putting R134a into a system that has R1234yf is against the law.
  17. I desperately am. 😞 My car being a 2011 RalliArt, doesn't have the factory wiring for the automatic headlight levelling system (projector headlamps were not offered on the Australian RalliArt after 2010. Neither was the sunroof). So I can't install the OEM projectors unless I do some serious wiring mods which I am not too keen on doing. I've had a look into replica "OEM" projector headlamps as well, but didn't bite the bullet yet. My advice for you would be to keep the original projector headlights and take care of them as if though they're your own eyes. 🙂 True, there are pretty cool looking aftermarket headlights with daytime running LEDs built in and so on, but from what I gather from local communities, the OEM projectors are damn good. So what most people end up doing is custom mods on the OEM lights where they open up the housing, black out the inside and install angel eyes, DRLs and so on. There are even aftermarket inserts that go in the OEM housing (see video below). Lights from companies like MARS are apparently very weak at night with poor light output. There are good ones out there though. Ones with sequential turn signals which really makes the car look unique. Talking about sequential turn signals, this is the one of the nicest aftermarket tail light I've seen for the car. 😍
  18. Just seeing this. 32K for an ABS sensor is ridiculous. I too think eBay (or Amayama or Partsouq) would be your best bet. As for Mahinda, specifically ask him if he has brand new ones. He imports used parts, so the one you get might have the inherent issue. But then again, if you get the sensor for a good price, then just go for it and pray that it isn't a lemon.
  19. Davy

    How do you remove tar spots?

    I use ArmourAll Bug and Tar Remover. Works pretty well. Not sure if it's available in Sri Lanka. https://www.armorall.com.au/products/bug-tar-remover/
  20. Davy

    Mazda Demio 2008

    Go through the thread below: Good luck!
  21. Davy

    [URGENT] Coolant hose leak

    Yeah that's gone by the looks. You can get one fabricated quite easily for cheap. Back when I was restoring my Lancer A72, I had all my hard coolant lines fabricated in Chrome. Never rusted after that and looked awesome!
  22. Davy

    Mazda Demio 2008

    Depends on how the car was used and what sort of roads it was frequently driven on. It's true that the DE series Demio can develop power steering rack issues quite easily compared to other cars. The rack on my father's Demio was repaired twice, and it has been holding up quite well for a few years since it was properly repaired by Mazna. The trick is to repair it as soon as there is the slightest rattle or vibration in the steering. While the wear is minor, the rack can be repaired, which is not an expensive job. But if left unattended, the rack will need replacement, which is a bit of an expensive repair. So... pay close attention to rattles and vibrations in the steering wheel while you are test driving the car. Take it on a rough road, and that will cause the rattle if the rack is worn. You will feel it through the steering if the wear is bad. Depending on how bad it is, work out a price with the seller and have it repaired. Maintain proper tyre pressure, drive on properly paved roads as much as possible and you should be fine. The Demio is a great car in my experience. It has good power comparing to a 1000cc Vitz, and the fully loaded one comes with CVT, automatic AC (climate control), projector HIDs and so on. Good luck!
  23. Davy

    [URGENT] Coolant hose leak

    These clamps are the best in my experience. To me it looks like the hose is deteriorated, or the metal coolant line has rusted at the end, causing a small gap between the rubber and metal hoses. Take the hose off the metal coolant line and inspect the end. There should be a small lip on the metal line which may have rusted. Post a pic if you can. Do you have water in the system and not coolant? If yes, that explains the rust.
  24. Davy

    Project Moggie - Painting

    The air compressor could be a separate DIY project on it's own! Well done! Do you think it will hold consistent pressure as you are painting? Or do you think you will have to take it in batches? I'm sure it will be able to handle all the prep work like primer and maybe even the initial base/guide coat.