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    Some Concerns?

    Not really. There have been at least three recalls on vehicles equipped with the Honda DCT around 2014. So the reliability issues are not purely due to the driving style. True, driving in Sri Lanka's stop and go traffic puts a unnecessary strain on the transmission so people have suggested driving on the first or second gear instead of D to prevent the transmission from shifting back and forth all the time. This apparently is a workaround.
  2. That's the Yaris GRMN with a factory strut brace (you have to look closely to see it - especially since it's black). It's just not out in the open. The strut towers are under those plastic weather shields and will have to be taken out to install the brace. But I'm pretty sure it's just a regular one-piece, non-adjustable brace under there that mounts onto the strut bolts.
  3. Davy

    Side Mirror Theft Toyota Premio,Ward Place

    Police being lazy is not an issue with the dashcam. The type of dashcam I suggested is one that has parking more where you get a notification to your phone. So there's a chance you can get to your car before the thief snatches something off the car or even breaks in.
  4. Davy

    Side Mirror Theft Toyota Premio,Ward Place

    Sorry to hear about the incident. This might be a long shot when compared to installing a more sensitive alarm system, but have you considered installing a dashcam with parking mode and motion/impact triggered notifications to your phone? Something like the Blackvue DR750S-2CH costs in excess of about 50,000 LKR for just the cameras without the auxiliary power supply equipment, so I understand it might not be realistic.
  5. You can just get a strut brace which is the one installed in the engine bay between the shock absorber towers. The bottom flexes a lot less than thr top of the car because the existing suspension already provides more rigidity. And no, you don't have to drill anything. You can fbolt on to your suspension mount (same top bolts on the shock absorber) .
  6. Does your car have alloy wheels? If not, I say get a good set of lightweight alloy wheels. Although switching to alloys will not give you significantly noticeable better handling, steel wheels are heavier and cause more strain on the suspension system whereas alloys have far less unsprung weight that contribute to lower inertia on the suspension. You might want to look into upsizing and going for wider rims as the stock skinny tyres on the stock rims aren't that great for handling. If you have alloys already, I say go with coilovers next. It's one of the mods that transforms the look/stance and handling of your car completely and you'll notice it every time you drive the car and even look at it! The downside to coilovers is that you might find it a bit inconvenient to be driving on rough roads, onto your driveway etc. The trick is to get adjustable ones so that you can find best height.
  7. Davy

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    lol That is a Lancer TREDIA with a Corolla 110 face. The name is apparently derived from "Three Diamonds".
  8. Davy

    Corolla 121 - Engine Oil Issue

    Agree with others that it might be engine wear. Get a compression test done first. That will tell you if the engine is worn out (under compression). Depending on the result, you will have to do an full or partial engine overhaul.
  9. Davy

    Toyota aqua 2014

    Hi Priyantha, Please search the forum. The Aqua has been discussed in great detail. Search Results HERE
  10. Davy

    Lancer Evo X final edition

    Just seeing this thread! 😮 Thanks for tagging me @Crosswind! Isn't that a beauty! In white too! 😍 The only thing I'm seeing that's not original is the stereo and the bezel around it. That is aftermarket. You can see by how bad the edges are lined up with the rest of the dashboard. But hey, who's going to be listening to music when you're driving one of these. 😀 I agree with iRage about the price. It's a one of a kind car, there were only a limited number of cars made with that trim, so it has it's own uniqueness. If I had the money, I wouldn't think twice about getting one to be honest. ☺️ I recently saw the very last Final Edition Evo for the Australian market advertised on one of the classifieds sites and it was up for 90,000 AUD. That's like twice the price for just getting the very last Evo X to roll of the line. The regular Evo X 2014 Evo X goes for around 40,000 AUD and the Final Edition (except the aforementioned one) goes for around 50,000. SO a bit of a gap there. The Final Edition Evo never came with Enkei wheels. Came only with the BBS wheels with the gold BBS logo on the centre cap. The regular Evo with BBS has a silver BBS logo on the centre cap. The rims are also of a darker "shadow chrome" colour whereas the regular Evo has the brushed aluminium sort of finish. I personally love love love the BBS wheels over the Enkeis. Edit: Also, The Final Edition never came with the SST according to my knowledge. It was only offered as manual in all markets.
  11. Davy

    :::: Autolanka Stickers ::::

    Best person to ask would be @MADZ.
  12. Davy

    What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    Threads merged. Thanks for pointing out @kusumsiri! Also, I'm not sure who the @Admin user is, but I don't think an active member or even a moderator. So you can tag either MADZ, Crosswind, iRage, Rumesh88, Pericles, Supra_Natural or myself to let us know. 🙂Not sure if there's anyone else in the moderator group, but probably not active even if they were.
  13. Davy

    Project Moggie - Mechanical Work

    Very clean! This is how it should be done! Great stuff @kusumsiri.
  14. Davy

    1979 Lancer A72 Restoration

    Thanks! Appreciate it. I guess the RalliArt craze was always there. I remember buying sticker rolls off Daley road and cutting the stickers off myself. Teenage times. 😆
  15. Hi Guys, I wanted to post this for quite some time now but didn’t actually have a chance. Bought this car in 1997 and my dad and I worked on restoring it since 2003. The best car I’ve owned to this day. I had to give her away a few months ago with great regret (a story for some other time). THE CAR: 1979 Mitsubishi Lancer A72 V (station wagon) ENGINE: 4G33 (Saturn 1400cc carburetor) TRANSMISSION: 4 speed manual BRAKES: Front and Rear drum and liner RESTORATION PHASE 1 | 2003 – 2004 | BODYWORK+ - Restored all body panels and chassis to its original condition - Replaced all door moldings, windshield beadings - Replaced tail lights - Changed color from silver to metallic black - Replaced stock 12' rims with 13' Alloys - Installed brake booster (servo) Sorry for the low photo quality, I didn’t have a good digital camera back then. AFTER More to come... stay tuned...
  16. Davy

    Project A72V

    Yep, deepening the grooves also works, but I found that the mechanism sometimes slips and disconnects. This happens especially if you have the brake pedal depressed while pulling the parking brake. As for your question, the adjuster mechanism on the Box doesn't fit the A72. It's a totally different (and better) design. So you will have to swap the entire assembly out with the brake dial plate.
  17. Davy

    Maruti Zen 2006 Exhaust Smoke

    You could be referring to condensation (steam), which is normal. When the environment is cold, and engine is heating up, moisture inside the engine and tailpipe turns into vapour near the exhaust tip. You should be able to tell if it's condensation easily. It should be similar to a steaming kettle.
  18. Davy

    Project A72V

    Yeah this is a common issue. The easiest solution would be to fill up the self adjusting mechanism and cut the grooves on it so that it doesn't slip. But this is a lot of work and won't be a permanent solution as the metal used to fill the groove will not be as strong as the cast metal of the part. The more expensive, but reliable thing to do would be to find rear brakes from a Lancer Box. It will fit perfectly and the handbrake adjuster mechanism on the Box is different and doesn't wear out like the one on the A72. Finding one however will be difficult.
  19. Davy

    Auto Gear Shifting

    The shock felt is not when shifting into D. It's when shifting out of P. This is common especially if the car is parked in an incline and it's because the weight of the car is held by the transmission. This happens if you stop the car by shifting to P before engaging the parking brake. So engage the parking brake always before shifting to P. The steps given by @Hyaenidae is spot on. If you are familiar with the car and the place where you park, you can eliminate step 4 safely, but always good to make sure.
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      The Lance Evo on the other hand has always been a halo car that showcased all that Mitsubishi can do.

      Well, unfortunately, MMC is all about SUVs these days, they might as well choose an SUV as their "halo car" and leave the legendary evolution name as it is, a remnant of the glory days of MMC

    3. □AVANTE□


      Well be optimistic everyone, in a time of ever increasing EVs, bland econoboxes, crossovers & so on, the Evo & supra have returned! I don't care about sacrilege because as long as there are beautiful, fun to drive cars (especially with iconic JDM nameplates) I'm happy. Now let's wait for a revived MR2, RX car & S2000

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      I'll reserve my comments for when it's actually here. 🤐


  20. I've sort of been off the grid for a few weeks because of so many personal matters including moving house and what not. Finally found the time to post this. Meet the newest addition to our family. A 2003 Mazda 323 Astina SP20 BJ-II J48. Wait what?? Let me break down each part of that... It's a 2003 Mazda 323 (JDM version is known as "Familia"). I guess that's pretty clear. "Astina" is the name used for the hatch. The sedan is called the "Protege" (Remember the Mazdaspeed Protege anyone? 😍) SP20 is the top of the range model with a 2.0L FS engine (131 horses), sports suspension, different body styling, white gauge cluster, automatic AC etc. BJ is the series. BJ-II (BJ2) is the facelift version. J48 is the very last revision of the BJ series. I was on the lookout for a car to be used as a point A to B car and to be driven on a daily basis to the train station etc. I didn't want it to be boring, hence the SP20. I wanted it to be a small hatch so that my wife can easily drive it (she finds the RalliArt a bit too intimidating due to the power). It was between The 323 and Lancer CS VR-X. Gave up on the Lancer after seeing the options on the Mazda and how popular and rare the SP20 is (sounds like blasphemy I know). After about a month of hunting down one, finally found this beautiful example in Titanium Grey, just 139,000km (remember, we are talking about Australia here and that is a really low mileage). The icing on the cake is that I even got it with 1 year dealer warranty (car had been a trade-in). Of course there's signs of age - a few scratches here and there, wheel paint flaking off, front rotors need to be replaced etc. But it certainly is a zippy little car that's fun to drive. Nardi Torino steering! White gauge cluster The different front end with large fog lights. The FS engine. Note the factory fitted strut bar. I've not seen bonnet and headlight protectors in Sri Lanka, but the car has them installed from the dealership. So the headlights are like brand new -no yellowing. A couple of the SP20 stickers are faded. I've ordered a new set already.
  21. Davy

    Mazda 323 BJ-II Astina SP20 Hatch

    During the first weekend, I had to make sure the timing belt looked okay. The car does have a fairly regular service history, but unlike Sri Lanka, owners don't really handover actual repair invoices to the next one. The only thing that goes with the car is the service booklet that has the mileage and stamp by the dealer/garage that carried out the repair. So if you wanted to find out what they really did, you can call up and ask them. If they have it on record, they'll tell you. For things like the timing belt, they usually paste a sticker on the timing belt cover indicating the date and mileage of replacement. But no sticker found here. Given that 100,000km could have been several years ago, I didn't want to try my luck asking previous dealers, so I took out the valve cover and did a visual inspection myself. Cleaned out the spark plugs, ignition leads and coil packs a bit as they were covered in dust and grime. I was happy to find out that the valve body didn't have any sludge or dark oil residue or anything. It looked pretty clean and the oil was nice and gold. The timing belt looks brown in the photo. Must be due to the over-exposure from the flash or something. It looks black in person. The belt itself looks okay. There's a bit of wear and belt dust on the cam cogs, but no fraying, cracking or anything like that. Should be good for another 50,000 kms. I also got the SP20 stickers. Only one set was for sale on eBay Australia. So snatched it quickly. Will paste them once I have the time for a cut and polish. There are a few things I will attend to during the next couple of weeks. There are a few places that have the paint chipped off (on the bonnet, roof, A pillar). I will get a touch up paint kit and touch them up before doing the cut and polish. Last weekend I also replaced all wiper blades. The drive belts look brand new and it looks like one of them hasn't been tightened properly after installation. The loud drive belt noise comes about a minute after the car is started in cold weather. So I will be tightening that also during the weekend. I also discovered that the driver's side rear view mirror has an aftermarket mirror on it. I saw this during the test drive because that mirror looked like it was less convex than the other one. Objects in the mirror are further than they appear . So I will be replacing the mirror as well. Will probably source one from a salvage yard and transfer the housing from the current one to avoid having to paint. Maybe I'm too used to the RalliArt's whiplash-inducing brakes (they are really strong), I feel like the brakes could do with some TLC. So rotors and pads will go in soon. And finally, I am going to take it to a Mazda dealer to get the transmission oil replaced. There is no record of it being replaced during the past 40,000km and the 4th gear is a bit notchy when cold. Hopefully an oil change (maybe filter as well) will solve it.
  22. Davy

    Mazda 323 BJ-II Astina SP20 Hatch

    Thanks bro. Imagine if I had this in Sri Lanka! Would have been great! Do you still have your one? What made me fall in love with is actually the power of that 2.0L FS engine in such a small car. You get wheel spin on occasion when you take off from a stop if you are not graceful on the throttle. Like I said before, it is fun to drive. It requires 95 octane to run, so I guess the higher compression ratio contributes to it to a point. Thanks! It was honestly a very close battle between a CS Lancer VR-X and the 323. The only reasons the 323 won in this case is because A. Hatchback, and B. Found a good example of a 323 first and C. With one year warranty. There were only two Lancer VR-Xs for sale online in the whole of Victoria. One was a 2002 pre-facelift which looked weary. The second was a 2005 facelift with a bit of a high mileage (220K km) and the interior was totally wrecked. I honestly wanted a different experience from the CS as well, since I've owned one.
  23. Davy

    RPM meter not returning to zero - Allion 240

    You'd have to get your gauge cluster out to see what is wrong with it. There is a very fragile spring behind the needle that forces it to 0. My guess is that the spring has either lost it's tension, or stuck. Did you try giving it some high revs (5000 - 6000)? If the spring is stuck, that might loosen it up.
  24. Davy

    To the experts & enthusiasts..

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the appreciation. People generally come here to ask a question, get their answer and never to return. But it seems like you have been a reader long enough to realise that the information shared in the forums is invaluable. Every regular and long term member is responsible for keeping it that way, so kudos to all. My advice to you is that you are just 17. You have your entire life head of you. What you make of it is totally up to you. To quote one of my favourite movies...