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  1. Davy

    Any experience with colonial motors

    As others have already said, I'd pick Mazna over Colonial any time based on experience with both of them.
  2. Hi Dinushka, welcome to the forum! The forum is not a place where automotive repair services are carried out. Members can only recommend you garages and workshops based on their past experience. Also, I'd highly advise against sharing your phone number on a public forum.
  3. Davy

    Good dash cam for the Car

    This is my go-to site for Dashcams: https://dashboardcamerareviews.com According to this site, the Viafo 1119 (now has a V2) seems to be the best value for money. It seems to be a copy of the Street Guardian cameras which are highly popular in Australia. I'm using a Mini0806 atm and been using it for 3.5 years now. I think they've addressed most of the issues in the 0806, but the battery issue is still a problem. I bought two of them and the battery failed within a year or so and both of them are now running on the second battery that I've purchased on eBay and replaced with. That too has issues sometimes (sounds the "low battery" alarm but keeps recording). So I've disconnected the speaker. They now have a Mini0906 which is a dual camera and is the cheapest dual dashcam out there (see link above). I believe this has caps instead of a battery. If you want a dual cam set up, this is worth looking into as well IMO. Agree. Totally worth it in warm climates like Sri Lanka. Especially if you have the car parked in the sun during the day. The SanDisk card I had would just crap out when the sun comes up and then I replaced it with a Samsung Evo card which was much better. That too gave issues on warm days and the camera forces to format the card before proceeding (I guess file system corrupt due to heat). It has been a smooth sail with the Transcend High Endurance card.
  4. Davy

    Honda Civic EK3 2000 - Cold Start Problem

    According to your other thread, you mentioned that you followed up a fuel consumption issue by getting a tune up done. So if your cold start issue came up after the tune, it could be because they cleaned the throttle body incorrectly, causing carbon deposits to get lodged inside the idle air control valve mechanism and thereby causing it to stick. If this is the issue, properly cleaning the idle control mechanism will fix it. In your other thread, you mentioned that the Check Engine indicator doesn't work. This is something you need to address as soon as possible. When the diagnostic scan was done, were any error codes retrieved?
  5. Davy

    Less than 1000cc car

    Hi Sanjeewa, welcome to the forum. It you want members to help, you're going to have to provide more details than that.
  6. Davy

    Toyota Vios 2003 Head Gasket Trouble

    A blown head gasket is no reason to replace the engine. Just buy the gasket overhaul kit, repair it and you're done. With a reconditioned engine, you never know what you are going to get. It might be worse than the engine on the car. How many kilometres on the car? Does it show signs of wear like smoke from the exhaust or burning oil?
  7. Hi MaheshK2, Welcome to the forum! That's just the way it is. The evaporator is inside the dashboard. Some mechanics make it seem like a job that will put their life at risk to make it look complicated and expensive. In reality, it's just removing dash trims, console, sometimes a bit of AC plumbing and motor chamber to access it - not the entire dashboard. Take it to another AC repair shop and get it leak tested again properly to make sure it isn't the plumbing in the engine bay that's leaking. Good luck!
  8. Davy

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Oh this is @E L N I N O's EX. Maybe he can shed some light. The engine cover appears to be a different, larger version. Makes the engine look much bigger.
  9. Davy

    Daihatsu mira 2015/16

    Please search the forum.
  10. Just read this! Great writeup mate! And nice colour choice! 😍
  11. That is no reason to replace the ECU. Don't waste your money. Run away from that mechanic as fast as you can. The first thing you need to do is get a diagnostic scan done to make sure there are no error codes. The ignition signal in OBD2 systems works by sensing the Crank Position Sensor signal. So get your Crank Position Sensor checked out. It maybe as simple as a bad Crank Position Sensor. Don't blindly replace the ECU without checking simple things first.
  12. Davy

    Does anyone have this rubber piece and plastic?

    The white ring that caps the grommet into the headlight housing might be a bit difficult to find IMO as it's specific to the headlight design. If you're unable to find it and you have the other side, try 3D printing? Finding a matching grommet should be easy like tiv said.
  13. What's the issue with the ECU?
  14. Davy

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    From what I can tell, It doesn't touch the cylinder head when the cover is installed. There's a very slight gap. I'll check to make sure. Correct, the Evo and the RA share the same lightweight Aluminium bonnet. From memory, the Evo (if no sunroof is opted for) also has an Aluminium roof. The RA doesn't.
  15. Davy

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    The issue with the Lancer is that there's a rubber wheather strip on the top of the bumper directly in front of the intake, and that seals the bonnet with the bumper restricting airflow. Is it the same with the Montero as well? The Lancer CS also had the same design for the air intake, but it had plenty of space for air to reach the intake through the larger grille and unobstructed space between the radiator and grill. As for the turbo compensating for it, my observation is that Mitsubishi has opened up the air intake more on the RalliArt and the Evo X (and as seen on one of my previous posts, even cut out a vent on the bumper on the most powerful Evo X). So my opinion is that it becomes more important to have proper airflow for forced induction engines. This restriction of course doesn't play a major role in day to day driving. But from what I have read on Mitsubishi forums, NA Lancer owners claim to have experienced a slight increase in power after cutting out the plastic to channel more air into the intake. @Hyaenidae, as promised, here's the under side of the engine cover. I remember the sound deadening material being bigger than this, but it's rather small. 😐 Engine bay showing insulation on firewall and similar aluminium heat shields. Also note the bigger cutout for the air intake (barely in the photo). Oh and @Hyaenidae, note the yellowing of the power steering fluid reservoir. 😋 And the underside of the bonnet with insulation. Note the passenger side (left) air vent on the bonnet sits flush with the air intake and lets in more air. The aluminium part in the centre is the centre air vent that channels air for the turbo that sits at the back of the engine bay.