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  1. Adayam balapathrayak labaganeema..

    http://www.motortraffic.wp.gov.lk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=146&Itemid=77&lang=en See point #3
  2. A good way to speed up fluid draining out is to remove the filler bolt or dipstick (whichever exists) before taking out the drain plug. This increases the flow of oil from the drain outlet depending on the design of the transmission.
  3. Micro Panda ECU

    Could be due to something as simple as a lose connection to a faulty ECU. Did Micro reveal findings of a diagnostic scan they did? Anyway, I hope you get the connections also checked out before opening up the ECU. Faulty connections in the main ECU harness or gauge cluster or charging system harnesses can result in symptoms you have described.
  4. Micro Panda ECU

    What is the actual issue @Dilhush? And where is the car being repaired? If it's not at the agent, then you should probably get a second opinion before replacing the ECU IMO. Some local mechanics suggest ECU replacements before even checking the simplest things.
  5. Hi Gaz, Welcome to the forum! This topic has been discussed so many times. Before opening new topics, please search the forum. Just a few.
  6. Points to consider

    This has been discussed several times on the forum. Please search.
  7. Mitsubishi Lancer Cs3

    Very common issue on the CS. Had it on mine as well. I ended up polishing the weather strips and applying tyre shine to them. This lasts a while. I think it's useless buying new ones because the new ones will also develop the issue after a while. I think it's due to the compound used to manufacture the whether strips together with the local humidity. I checked the prices at Un!ted Mot0rs when I had my car (back in 2010 or so) and they quoted about 12,000 for one of the front ones. Rears were 8000 each I think. Too expensive, so I gave up on it. I doubt you'll find them elsewhere.
  8. Mitsubishi Lancer Cs3

    Hi AkilaM, Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your purchase! CS Lancer spoilers and bodykits has been discussed before. You should be able to search and find more information and contacts from where you can buy one. Refer the following thread.
  9. Datsun 510 Engine swap

    Hi Dineth, Welcome to the forum! All cars that are listed for sale can be found in the AutoLanka classifieds. Advertising is not allowed on the forum, so asking here is not the best way to go.
  10. recomended oil

    Hi, welcome to the forum. This topic has already been discussed. Please search the forum before opening new topics. Thanks!
  11. Autolanka Rc Build Thread

    After buying the Traxxas Defender, I'm in love with the brand! I haven't made much progress on the F-150 unfortunately. Personal commitments. But fear not! It shall be on its wheels again!
  12. That's correct. If it's plain water, it's likely that it's from the AC drain line.
  13. Yes you should absolutely get it checked out. If the coolant level keeps dropping constantly, there might be a leak somewhere. The first thing to do is carefully examine around the engine for traces of coolant leaks. Due to the bright green colour of the liquid, you should be able to easily spot leaks if there are any. You can also keep an eye under the car after you've driven it, to see if you can see drops of coolant on the floor. Remember that there is a coolant line that goes into the cabin of the car for the heater matrix, and if there is a leak there, you might not even see leaks in the engine bay or on the floor. If you're lucky, you might see small traces of green in the water that is drained from the AC. You can also check for the possibility of a gasket leak by carefully opening the radiator cap, starting up the car and checking for tiny air bubbles in the coolant through the filler neck. Do you have white smoke coming out of the exhaust? Did you do a repair recently that required the drainage/disconnecting of the cooling system? If yes, it might be that there are air pockets trapped in the system that's using up the coolant in the reservoir to fill the voids.
  14. Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

    Spot on! The RalliArt does have different dampers and they're more or less the same height as the ones you get in the base Lancer (Lancer Ex in Sri Lanka), but with stiffer springs. In fact, the entire suspension system is far more superior on the Evo with alloy control arms opposed to the RalliArt that has steel ones.
  15. Mitsubishi Lancer Recall due to faulty airbag

    "Free upgrades" lol. All of these are recalls and they're meant to do these for free anyway. Like I saw recently on Facebook, "marketing nam ithin Lankaawa thamai".