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  1. Davy

    Scams on autolanka.com??

    This one has got to be a missing zero at the end. Probably an honest typo.
  2. Davy

    Brake system failure

    Lalith 0714242464
  3. Davy

    Honda Fit GP5 or Toyota Aqua

    I wouldn't call it rare. Honda themselves issued 3 recalls for their early (around 2014) DCT units on the Vezel, Grace and Fit. There's so much discussion online and even here on the forum as well where members have had issues. Given that pretty much all Vezels and Fits in the country are grey imports, they would definitely be affected by this recall and no way to get them fixed. So the issue should be common in the country. However, newer cars seem to be having these issues rectified. So as long as the car is not affected by any of these DCT recalls, you should be OK. So considering the DCT issues as @asrock said is a valid advice. The overheating error message on the other hand is not due to an issue with the transmission, but due to the very hellish driving conditions in Sri Lanka as @matroska correctly mentioned. Unlike many performance cars that have wet clutches, Honda's DCT has dry clutches which has limited capability to dissipate heat. Constant acceleration, braking, cutting others off and being cut off by busses and three wheeler drives causes the transmission to shift back and forth all the time. The (dry) clutches in turn heat up and the error message pops up in the dashboard. I've heard many people suggest driving in L gear in traffic to prevent the transmission from shifting up and thereby reduce clutch operation. While that maybe a workaround, the country's general population just needs to learn to drive properly.
  4. Davy

    CVT Vs Conventional Auto

    These are probably the same people who back in the day said automatic transmission will give trouble and not run as long and will be less reliable than manual. Obviously when a new technology first enters the market, it can have it's issues. Especially as the tech becomes complicated. It's been quite a while since CVTs have been on the roads and the newer versions are pretty reliable. If the transmission oil is changed on time and proper service is done, I don't see why a CVT shouldn't last as long as a conventional auto.
  5. The website does seem to be having the max power and max torque figures, but that's about it. I wonder if anyone has ever put these things on a dyno.
  6. Davy

    Brake system failure

    Depends on where air is trapped. If there was air not big enough to cause a consistent issue, but sufficient enough to throw the ABS module out of whack (especially once the system heated up causing the air bubble to expand), then it could have caused the issue. But if there was no repair done, this is probably not the case. So yeah, maybe you can try bleeding out the system and keep an eye out for any air that's purged out. If you hook up a transparent tube to the bleeder valves and bleed the system, you will see air bubbles coming out as you pump the pedal. Make sure to keep the reservoir topped up during the process to avoid air reaching the ABS module. By the way, you can do a simple test on your own to determine if the brake booster is leaking. Follow the steps in the post below:
  7. Davy

    Vehicle to buy for 6mn

    Welcome! If you want members here to help you, you're gonna have to give us more than that. Otherwise get answers like the one above. 🙄
  8. Please stick to one thread to ask your questions. There is no need to open copies of the same thread in different sections of the forum. Threads merged.
  9. Davy

    Brake system failure

    If it was a master cylinder issue, the brake pedal will consistently behave the same way. So I hardly think that's the issue. Once you were in the garage, did you bleed the brake system and check if there was air in the system? Also, was there a repair in the brake system done or at least a brake fluid change done recently?
  10. Davy

    Brake system failure

    That's a bit scary. Did the pedal sink to the floor when braking suddenly (possibly activating ABS) or was it a regular press on the pedal? If it was the former, you might want to get your ABS module checked out. It might be a valve stuck open/closed that's causing the issue. It might also be a faulty wheel speed sensor detecting slippage and activating ABS. Note that these are all assumptions. Can you do a test where find an empty road, bring the car upto speed and slam on the brakes to check if ABS kicks in as expected?
  11. Davy

    Eclipse Cross

    Hi, as I mentioned above, I'm not sure if UM handles recalls for grey imports (i.e vehicles brought down to SL by other parties). You should be able to call and ask them. Since UM also imports the Eclipse Cross, they should be having necessary equipment to work on the model.
  12. Hi. This topic is over 7 years old. Please check the date before responding to old threads.
  13. Davy

    AC warning in Allion 260

    Did you check if the cooling fans in the engine bay are working when the AC is engaged?
  14. Davy

    Eclipse Cross

    Oh right. I thought yours is imported through UM. I'm actually not sure of the process of handling recalls for grey imports in Sri Lanka, but I reckon UM should still be able to find out information about your car using the chassis number.
  15. Davy

    Eclipse Cross

    Right. In that case you should probably get it corrected by them before taking delivery of the vehicle IMO. If it's ECU software related the fix could be applied quite easily by connecting the car to their diagnostic equipment. Did you ask about this from them to determine if they are aware of the recall?