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  1. Door ventilator

    The interior of the car is essentially sealed. This is a pressure relief valve helps maintain proper pressure, temperature and to minimise fogging up on the windows. It also helps bleed out excess pressure when closing doors of the car, because a sudden spike in pressure occurs when doors are closed. In most cars, the pressure relief valve is located behind the rear bumper, towards the side.
  2. What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    Isn't this the case when purchasing any used car? Seriously, is it guerilla marketing season at Micro? First the BAIC and now this.

    People have the right to voice their opinion. This is how the world works, and you should get used to it. You just can't shut people up just because their opinion differs from yours. If you think the car is as good as you say it is, then please... do tell us what's good about it. You also need to understand that peoples' expectations are not the same. You might think the car is "perfect", but you have to accept the fact that there are others who think it doesn't meet their expectations. Also, reviews on Facebook should not be taken as the only source of evidence as social media is highly unreliable. This page for example has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 and most of the reviews are just ratings without a comment attached to it. I just clicked the very first rating that has a rating of 5 stars and that person's profession is "Marketing and Media Manager at Micro Cars Ltd.". Says it all about the 5 star rating.
  4. Apart from what iRage mentioned, it's recommended that you have the same tyre pressure all round in order to minimise wear on the AWD system. Especially in AWD systems where torque transfer happens through electronically operated hydraulic clutches, having the same tyre all round and maintaining the same pressure is critical for longevity of the system. Failing to do so can lead to premature wear in the system as the wheel with the smaller diameter causes the clutches to slip in order to keep up (because it has to spin more). This can cause the differential to build up excessive heat.
  5. Mazda Demio

    Good luck! If you buy it, please don't forget to post lots of photos here.
  6. Mazda Demio

    The CVT variant of the DE3 doesn't have paddle shift. Even the regular DE5 doesn't have paddle shift. The car you're looking at is a sport version of the DE5. Pretty rare IMO, at least in Sri Lanka and treading into the Hot Hatch territory. If the car has a good service history with Colonial, and if the mileage checks out, then I don't see any issue why you shouldn't buy it. According to AutoLanka classifieds, even DE3 Demio goes for around 2.7 - 3.1 million. So I think 2.9 for this is a fair deal. I'm not exactly sure if the CVT in the DE5 is the same one as the CVT that comes in the DE3. Mazna Motors or Colonial should be able to answer this.
  7. Mazda Demio

    If it's the white one you're talking about, I've been eyeing that car for a long time. Been in the classifies nearly a year (wonder why). One of a kind Demio that one. If it has a 7 speed tiptronic CVT, then it's got to be a DE5 (1500cc) and not a DE3 (1300cc). Most of the Demio DE series examples you see locally are DE3 variants. Anyway, the DE3 also came with CVT, so the transmission itself might be the same unit. My father drives one with CVT and if you properly maintain it, you shouldn't have any issues. Colonial is useless IMO. Call Mazna Motors and ask enquire from them. They have quite a lot of brand new and recon parts in stock and will even import parts for you if they are not locally available. They would have come across this particular variant of the Demio.
  8. With all the grammatical errors, I don't know what's right or wrong in that. I'm guessing whoever wrote this up just used the word "damaged" "dammaged" for everything. Wipers - damaged, stabiliser link - damaged, radiator support - damaged. If power steering oil needed to be replaced, it would have been "Power steering oil - damaged". @Corolla141, Get TL to give you a quotation for each item. For item #1, I suggest sticking with TL if possible. Are you able to post a photo of the said corrosion on the radiator support?
  9. It says "boot damaged" (right?) so it is a rubber part. What I don't understand is how a stabiliser link can have a boot. They're usually fastened using bushes. Probably usage of wrong terminology. @Corolla141, get the valve cover and timing chain tensioner repaired first as it's the most critical one. The rest are pretty minor repairs and any garage can do it for you. As for the corrosion on the radiator support, if it's not too bad, you can get it repaired instead of replacing the radiator support. Wiper blades are a DIY job. Available at any spare parts shop.
  10. battery replaced

    If you want members to help you out, you need to be more specific than that.
  11. Formula 1 - 2018

    Daniel Ricciardo took the win at China yesterday after barely making it to the grid during qualifying. The R*D B*LL team was overwhelmed with having to replace a failed engine on Ricciardo's car, but the team did it in under 2 hours! Ricciardo started 5th on the grid and made his way to being 1st following a crash between Vettel and Verstappen and and great driving (see last video). Vettel started the race at pole position, but his pitting strategy put him behind Bottas who was gunning for him from the start. He ultimately finished 8th. The videos will tell everything. Qualifying Highlights: Race Highlights: Daniel Ricciardo's overtakes. This guy!!!
  12. I have to disagree. AWD and 4WD (4X4) are different things. A lot of people think they're the same thing. I use an AWD car and I am not a 4X4 enthusiast, but I really enjoy the stability of my car on twisty roads, bad weather and snow (and even on a daily basis on feeways etc.). Let me clarify: All wheel drive is when a car uses limited slip differentials or electronic clutches to split torque to each wheel as required. This means the car will remain remarkably stable as the wheels with the most grip receive the highest torque. 4WD is just a temporary setting that is switched on to lock front and rear differentials to create an equal torque split between the front and rear wheels. Having said that, there are AWD vehicles on which you can lock the diff., but not all AWD cars are 4X4. I assume you're referring to Mazda's iActiv AWD system. There is a difference between the 2WD Cx-5 and the iActiv AWD version. You're just not going to notice it in city traffic. But if you're driven on a slippery road or if any of the wheels lose traction, the AWD system will definitely show it's colours. In your case (and I suppose the local context where we don't drive on snow or in the desert) , it's more of a safety feature where the car will be more stable than it's 2WD counterpart. As for maintenance, I doubt it will be that significant as members have stated above. The differential oil does require changing, but the interval is like 50,000km or so (please don't quote me on this), so it's not going to be frequent. I don't think fuel consumption will be drastically higher either as the iActiv system, like their SkyActiv system is meant to be very efficient. At least that's that they say.
  13. Brake Pads

    Thank you. When you see posts like this, please use the "report" button to report them instead of responding to the thread. That way moderators are notified and they can deal with the issue immediately. Thanks again.
  14. OBD II diagnostic - unable to connect ECU

    ELM327 only works with a limited number of OBD2 protocols. Never worked on my Lancer CS3 when I tried. Your Audi communicates using the European EOBD protocol and these cheap Bluetooth devices don't support most of them. But it might be that the software you're using that doesn't support EOBD, so better try something like Torque for Android or Scanator for Windows. I see you're using a Mac - might not be the best platform for diagnostics. You can find more information on the forum if you search. Garages have professional scan tools although they use a laptop as the terminal to view them. You can find ones on eBay. I have a D900 and I've tested that on Japanese, European and Australian cars and it works pretty well. Will probably cost you around 5000. It's good for reading error codes and diagnostics. If you want to purchase locally, try AC Paul. I remember they used to have scan tools, but most of them were industrial grade ones with touch screen and built in printer etc. Costs a lot and only makes sense if you do professional diagnostics. Edit: Here's a link to a DIY thread on the forum:
  15. Nissan FB12

    You're right, I'm sorry. SB12 is the Diesel variant. I have edited my original post. I'm not sure what CB12 is. Maybe we can let another forum member answer. A simple Wikipedia search doesn't list a variant called CB12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Sunny#B12_(1985–1990) Also, have a look at the thread below for more explanation about the different versions. You might be able to figure out the exact version based on the features described: