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  1. Yellowing due to UV happens regardless of whether it is directly under the sun or not. It is just a matter of time until the coolant reservoir and windshield reservoirs start to go yellow. It happens on all cars. Not just the EX. I guess it has to do with the construction of the plastic as well. On the EX, maybe the power steering reservoir is more susceptible for UV damage than the other two. In fact, the power steering reservoir used on the EX is a really old design/construction used on the CS and even on the CK Lancer. It maybe even be due to the darker colour of the power steering fluid. The reservoirs on my CS3 were sparkling bright when I bought the car and slightly more yellow after my 7 years of ownership. I had never washed the engine bay or used any harsh chemicals/degreasers on it, and the car was mostly a weekender. Here's an engine bay in relatively good condition 1996 Toyota Corolla:
  2. The main reason for those parts turning yellow is due to UV exposure. Apparently the plastic polymers in those parts are highly susceptible to UV. I'm not sure how to prevent it from turning yellow. Maybe our resident expert on plastic materials @Sampath Gunasekera might know. If they're yellow, you can use bleach or something to whiten them again I guess. There are even commercially available products like Retr0bright that help you restore plastic that is gone yellow. They're meant to be used to restore retro game consoles and stuff, but should work on any white plastic that has gone yellow due to UV damage.
  3. Kerosene degrades rubber. A big no no.
  4. 4x4 vehicles have a much higher tolerance for water damage than regular road cars, so this example is probably not the best. Another thing is that this is a diesel engine. Petrol engines have high tension leads and ignition coils that are more susceptible to damage. The other thing is that when you wash the engine while it's hot or running, condensation can build up inside the electronic components. We all know what that means. Contacts can eventually corrode and circuitry can get damaged. Some cars nowadays have the ECU in the engine bay, so even the smallest amount of water can cause water damage. If you must clean the engine bay, just use high pressure air to remove all dust first. Then spray degreaser carefully, making sure you try to avoid electrics. Use a rag to wipe off the dirt and excess degreaser. You can use a brush to scrub off stubborn grease marks or dirt.
  5. Davy

    Nissan Presea

    Seems to be in rough shape. At least on the outside. But hey, that's what a project car is right? Good luck!
  6. 2488cc is not referred to as 2.4L. It's 2.5L. The "25" in QR25DE stands for "2.5". The convention is to round to the nearest (100cc from memory) value.
  7. If members here see bullshitting, it's called out. Regardless of whether it was made by a newbie of senior member. There are plenty of newbies here who are welcomed because they knew how to blend into the community. In the same way, there have been seniors who have been called out on bullshit as well. From this post I've quoted, let me just pick ONE example and call out bullshit. There is no 2.4L Nissan X-Trail. Just 2.0L or 2.5L. Let'a assume that was a typo that you actually meant 2.5L. One and only 2.5L X-Trail? I just did a quick search in AutoLanka classifieds and found 9 of them! So yeah, bullshit. Just stop embarrassing yourself. Also, you have continued to insult members despite my previous post. More of this from you and the moderator team will be compelled to give you a warning. @MADZ, if you think this thread should be locked, please go ahead.
  8. Three pages? Really?? Okay I think we need to call it quits now. This thread isn't going anywhere. @kaveeshatbd, The forum operates on a strict "no bullshit" motto, so a newbie making questionable comments about a Cefiro isn't the best way to make an entrance here. Don't think members here will respect you just because you did 240 km/h in a car. Respect is earned here by making contributions, respecting senior and long-time members, and by being factual. So if you want to stay here, let's start doing by that OK? Also, long time and trusted members here who have made worthwhile contributions have a higher credibility than some random stranger, so I'm sure everyone here who responded will believe @PreseaLover's word more than yours any day. So just stop trying to justify. What it looks like is that you are trying to do some guerilla marketing here by rambling about how good the Cefiro is and how easily you can find spares for it. The argument @matroska is trying to make is that a modern F1 car has a tiny 1.6L turbocharged engine which is significantly more powerful than a 2L engine say on a Cefiro. So you simply can't say things like "I don't like cars that have smaller engines than 2L because they are less powerful". That's just an ignorant comment to make. Shows you that you don't have even the basic knowledge in how force induction works or even on engines. So OP, let's cut the bullshit now shall we? To all other members who have responded, appreciate if you can be respectful. Not denying that I almost fell off the chair laughing while reading some of the posts. Try to keep things civilised. We've all seen this kind of newbie before.
  9. Davy

    Laws regarding loud exhausts?

    Not sure where you searched, but I found the following threads: You might want to read this thread about how to search the forum:
  10. Davy

    Project A72V

    No worries at all. Glad I could help. The door open light is standard I'm pretty sure. Yours should be having it as well. High speed warning chime as well (mine was activated at 110 km/h. Sounded like a Xylophone. Just two notes that sounded sort of like a doorbell ) I think the shock absorbing bumper is a safety feature that was mandatory at the time in some markets like the US and Australia. I have seen this attachment in some A72 Lancers in Sri Lanka as well. It makes the bumpers stick out than normal, so ruins the look of the car a little.
  11. Last time I checked, MADZ said it is okay to type in Sinhala if you find it difficult to get an idea across in English. I agree and I'm even happy to translate questions to English for those who are unable to read Sinhala. I can add the translation just below the original question itself, given that the original question is clear and concise. This particular thread however, is not solely due to the fact that OP finds it hard to type in English. It's that + assuming that members here have the ability to read their mind and find out what car they're taking about. Judging by the username, I assume it's a Toyota Aqua. How hard is it to type that?
  12. Wow that's great! It's unbelievable! I think the CEFIRO A33 won "Car of the year" 18 consecutive years since 2000, so you're absolutely right. Also, wow!!! 240 km/h, that is really great on a CEFIRO! Good on you mate. Aim for 260 km/h next time. I'm sure the CEFIRO can do it. I also used a friend's CEFIRO A33 for a few weeks back in 2011 or so I know exactly what you're talking about. I only drove around Colombo at slow speeds, so didn't get to enjoy it at 240 km/h like you. @PreseaLover, care to share your "positive" experience with yours?
  13. Davy

    Mitsubishi Lancer RalliArt

    Haha! Comparing to how my father used to work on cars, this is nothing. It's literally plug and play. I'll try to capture some photos when they're going in. Still trying to get some time organised to install them. Until then, here are some photos of the unboxing. Oh and these are street/tarmac coilovers. More info about them here. Decals, installation manual, warranty info etc. Tools for height and preload adjustment together with the damper adjustment extensions for the rear shocks since after the rear shocks are installed and trunk upholstery is installed, there is no access to the damper adjustment knobs. These extensions are to be plugged onto the damper adjustment knobs and routed outside the trunk upholstery so that they can be adjusted easily. Camber plate visible for the front struts with 30 level damping force adjustment knob on all four struts. Stay tuned for the install and after photos.
  14. Davy

    Lancer Cs3 Double Din Conversion

    No. The cables just need to be re-routed to the new location.
  15. Davy

    Mitsubishi Lancer RalliArt

    I only have the scissor jack from the car, which makes it a bit difficult and time consuming to install these, so I'm taking it to a friend's place and getting it installed myself. It's just 5 bolts per shock, so shouldn't be that difficult.