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  1. Davy

    Allion 2002 model vs Tiida 2008

    Sorry for going OT (already OT anyway, but still), but this has to be mentioned: Most forums have a restriction where members are not allowed to post new topics until their post count reaches a certain amount (50 seems to be the most common). Professional networks (like Stackoverflow) have it even more difficult where you have to earn badges before you can freely post in any thread or make comments. Compared to these, AutoLanka forums is lenient on new members. Unfortunately, members abuse this privilege (as seen above) and open many threads about the same car or to ask a trivial question which has been discussed before. So before complaining about AutoLanka forums and the senior/regular members, I suggest you new members read through previous posts without opening a new topic for every single question that comes to your mind. The forum has been active for over a decade now, so we have volumes of information about cars, technology, and even non-automotive related topics. I know the big "START NEW TOPIC" button is tempting, but if you spend a few minutes searching through the existing threads, you can save others' times trying to dig up old threads or typing information that's already shared. No one is paid to respond and help people here. We do it voluntarily. So before accusing members who are contributing more than others, learn to respect them first. Then they will respect you. You will notice that most of these members who say that seniors/regulars are "arrogant" are members who visit the forum to ask a question and leave. If you've found the forum to be a resource of information when you buy a car, the least you can do is come back to the forum and do a personal review of the car to help others. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen.
  2. Hi @GDTJ, welcome to the forum. Please stick to one thread to ask your questions. Thanks. Threads merged.
  3. If it's a height adjustable seat, maybe the shock caused the mechanism to unwind itself and send the seat down. This is assuming that no chassis damage was sustained.
  4. Davy

    Changing Timing Belt

    It has a timing chain. not a belt (assuming KR engine). Chains don't have the 100,000km replacement interval. So you don't need to worry about it.
  5. Davy

    Toyota CHR 2WD or 4WD

    Congratulations! After seeing a few CH-R threads on the forum, I was on the lookout for them on the roads. It looks pretty damn good IMO.
  6. Davy

    Toyota vios oil bulb on and off

    Sorry, didn't read that before posting. 🙂
  7. Davy

    Toyota vios oil bulb on and off

    Care to share why you think the ECT sensor is related to oil pressure?
  8. Davy

    Permit Car Price List

    I hope you saw that the prices lists are from 2011 and 2014. They're not current.
  9. Davy

    Mazda Demio

    Only taking a walk in the area and looking around in shops will tell. The Demio DE is a pretty popular car, so there could be a couple of shops that have the side skirts, spoiler and the bumper air dams.
  10. Davy

    Toyota vios oil bulb on and off

    Agreed. And the oil pressure switch itself. They're pretty cheap to replace.
  11. Davy

    Vehicle registration

    Already answered. Please search the forum.
  12. Davy

    Mazda Demio

    You should be able to find both in Delkanda spare parts shops. I found quite a few of them in the area when I was looking for a door mirror.
  13. Davy

    Nissan Cefiro Uncovered

    That looks clean! The search seems to have paid off well. Congratulations! Not sure whether it's the number plate, but I have a feeling I've seen this car quite often in the past.
  14. Davy

    Qashqai, CHR, Vezel, Peugeot 3008

    Hi @Thebonaarachchi, please stick to one thread to ask your question. Threads merged.
  15. Just FYI, this guy Scotty is a first world example of a makabass. I'd take his advice with a pinch of salt. I have to agree with @iRage. Although turbocharged engines run higher compression over their NA counterparts, the engines themselves are built to withstand the additional stresses. On top of that, some manufacturers even recommend a stricter maintenance schedule for turbocharged cars. The argument here is that wear can occur because the engine oil needs to keep lubricating the turbo in addition to the engine. If you carry out routine maintenance as per the manufacturer's recommendation, this shouldn't be an issue. For the new Honda Civic, it has an "engine oil monitor indicator" which illuminates not just by looking at the car's mileage, but by how the engine runs while cold and warm. So the car itself is already smart to notify the driver to change oil on time. So even if you drive your turbo car in a spirited fashion, I believe the indicator will light up sooner and tell you that you better change that oil. The other reason why I don't think small engines with turbo will fail is because all of the real life examples. European manufacturers like VW and Audi have already been using turbos on their small 1.2 and 1.4L engines for quite a long tome now. And I have seen some of these cars well past 200,000km with engines still running like brand new. I doubt Honda will be any different.