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  1. We have a group on FB - Sri Lankan Wrist Watch collective
  2. tharindra

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    It's relatively straightforward as it's a tried and tested/documented swap done by many BMW tuners [checkout the Hartge H35, Alpina B35] but there's a lot of components involved and some minor fabrication/customization, also depends on how easily you can access the parts. I run with Power steering and AC compressor, there is no space issue. The LSD definitely helps, there is definitely a difference around corners, you can put down the power much better, I'm sure even with a M42 you will feel the difference.
  3. tharindra

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    Hey man I was running that E30 1989 E30 that I had for the last 8 years BMW M30B35 swap - 3.5 liter straight six with Haltech management and a custom tune, coupled with the original 5 speed Getrag manual, LSD, fully rebuilt chassis and body from ground up, and most importantly, launch control :D!
  4. restoring neglected BMW's can be a long and painful journey OR a very very long and painful journey, depending on your luck.
  5. If only they put a bit of effort into it and made it a Ford Raptor alternative or something better
  6. Like most other Govt functions in SL best to deal informally with the police to get something done effectively......Mount police loves hunting down those "kuddas" and giving them hell - I have personally seen, and all of them are know to the Mount police- so best to get a known cop to handle this......if not start getting friendly with one
  7. Obvious #1 rule is avoid any modified examples, engine, body, electrical etc......find one in the most original condition....it will save you a lot of headaches down the road. Particularly if the electrical system has been messed with [big sound systems, additional lights etc], it's prone to issues that are hard to resolve. Avoid any model that has any non BMW parts fixed. Go for a 316i or 318i EFI model, avoid the carb ones, also as mentioned above avoid auto's. The M40 engine is prone to worn tappets which in turn wear out the cam, so avoid clickety clack engines too. Replacing the tappets is not majorly expensive though. It's recommended to do a water pump + timing belt change if the previous owner hadn't done one recently. Watch out for rust in the front floor pans, spare wheel well and also near the front battery pan and fuse box. Interior parts become very brittle over age, thing like door handles and certain trim pieces easily break off or crack, and finding those parts are a big hassle here locally, unless you get a complete donor car or car sections shipped down, so find one with an interior in it's most original form. Most consumables are available with the famous "BMW specialist", couple of places in Panchi, and a few others, so it's not that hard to find parts, you need to do some digging though, will help you out when you need any, Ebay will also become your best friend. I also have a stock M40 316i engine with a full rebuild kit including new camshaft available + gearbox +diff, and some other miscellaneous E30 parts removed from my E30 for sale. Good luck!
  8. Will PM you a possible lead on an E38, and yes it is indeed that model...
  9. I have driven a E60, in fact I had the honor of driving a particular rare version of it in SL, and it was probably the best saloon car I drove, mostly due to its epic engine, still I felt its maybe a bit less "hands on" than the E39. My opinion could be slightly biased however, because I believe BMW stopped building BMW's after the year 2003 The E39 is our family beater, unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure of driving an E38 [another great, would love to own one someday] or the S type to compare.
  10. Sorry for pitching in late, but you won't go wrong with the E39, probably the last 'purest' model BMW ever made and an excellent all rounder. Go for a face-lift M54 and I doubt you would want anything more out of a car. You would probably be a bit better off on the parts and maintenance side compared to the E38 as well. Oh and ride-wise, upgrading to Bilsteins takes the E39 to a different level, so you get the luxury cruiser ride whilst retaining its sportiness.
  11. Bloomberg say it will take another 24 years for EV's to account for 35% of all car sales...........believe that won't change no matter how big an ipad Tesla sticks inside it's cars. http://www.bloomberg.com/features/2016-ev-oil-crisis/
  12. Are you looking at the XV hybrid or petrol?.....can't comment on the hybrid but the petrol version is a solid all rounder - drove one many times and was considering getting one as a family car until my decision was overridden and settled for a X-trail. Except the Mazda, IMO as a driver's car its a level above the rest of your options, if your priorities are fuel economy, depreciation, maintenance and all those boring things it might not be the ideal one.
  13. Been using my original GoPro Hero Here for quite a number of years, they can take quite a beating, I wrecked the casing recently on a karting run, but the camera still survived! I will echo the comments above, unless your not using it for the purpose action cams are intended for, you are better off with other options, then again, the new wave of gopro knock offs are good alternatives.
  14. not really photography but hey why not
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