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  1. Well I didn't Find a Thread that was For Classics on AL So here we go. These are some shots I took at Rajagiriya-
  2. Mates where can I refill a Butane Lighter In Colombo ? Its not zippo But some other brand. Thanks
  3. I have been trying to figure out what kind of Bulb holder this is! Recently I bought a Subaru Legacy b4 and need to re wire the the Fog lamps they are Cibie Fog lamps and one of the holders are missing Can someone tell me what these are they are not HB4 or HB3's
  4. Dinukap4

    What Type of Bulb Holder is this ?

    Here you go New 17'' Subaru B4 Rims are on the way from Japan.
  5. Dinukap4

    What Type of Bulb Holder is this ?

    I found out that the Mercury Marauder Fog lights Holders were the same and the 9006 Bulb base type fits this fog lamp. Thanks all for the replies
  6. Dinukap4

    What Type of Bulb Holder is this ?

    Thanks for the details but non of those were the adopter.
  7. Dinukap4

    What Type of Bulb Holder is this ?

    Thank you. I have tried I have googled as much as I can.
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    I was gonna buy a 34 as my first car around 2-3 years back I'm thankful someone talked me out of it. I wouldn't recommend it to you as a first car because you will be pushing it it will be parked at a garage for months. If you really want one buy a well taken care of car with all the records that will be around 2.0Mil.
  9. Dinukap4

    Best Engine Oil

    link doesnt work
  10. Dinukap4

    Best Engine Oil

    It just says 40 The mobil I just bought says 15W 40 and the Lanka just says SAE40. Is it 15 being the Viscosity at cold and 40 being at hot ? if that's the case the Lanka SAE40 has a viscosity of 40 at all temperatures. Was confused between Multigrade and Single.
  11. Dinukap4

    Best Engine Oil

    Didn't want to open a new thread for this, Can someone tell me the Viscosity of the Lanka DS40 Engine oil ? It isn't stated on the Container unlike mobil.
  12. Dinukap4

    Bmw E46 320D As First Car?

    Sounds cool. I like to be cool.
  13. Dinukap4

    Bmw E46 320D As First Car?

    You would be shot in the head for using the words ''Resale value'' if you were in a BMW community they get really insecure.These are reliable if maintained well but not 'Toyota' reliable and the E46 is now a very old car its like a hooker who's pushing 50 they have been used and used and are full of diseases now unless you find a day one to today company maintained car which is unlikely because who owns a good e46 wouldn't sell them off and if they did it would be higher than your budget. As your first car you need to drive the car around town with your buddies showing it off and going thats my car I bought it with my hard earned money (or dads money) and not being at the garage every few weeks cursing the mechanics. Do yourself a favor and buy a newer model maybe 2008 ish or go for a Japanese Car.
  14. Dinukap4

    4D56 Emission Test

    Anyone that owns a vehicle with a 4D56 engine could help me out on this Emission Test report ? Has this vehicle passed OK or done quite good ? Just checking it out for a friend
  15. Dinukap4

    StarOnline Car News

    This is like those Wired Remote Control Cars we used to cry about to our parents to buy when we went to Katharagama.
  16. Dinukap4

    Which Car To Go For Within 5.5M

    Beemers, Not For you. Try an Allion, Lancer EX or a Mazda 3.
  17. Dinukap4

    Historic Images Of Old Ceylon - Automotive And Otherwise

    Nice stuff mate ! please keep posting
  18. Dinukap4

    Petition Hybrid

    another 'Hybrid karayonge pu*a giniaragena' situation..
  19. Dinukap4

    Mini Budget Today 29Th January

    so I hear 'hybrid karyonge pu*a rathwela' everywhere I go.
  20. A friend of mine is planing to buy a Unregistered Car that was left unregistered for around 2 Years due to the owners not being in the country So what I need to know is that will he have to pay a modified tax for it because it has not been registered for that period of time ?
  21. Need to get our Hiace a pair of Parking Lights.. Panchikawattha or Delkanda ?

    1. Magnum


      You bought a Hiace?

    2. Dinukap4


      NO machn this is a for a LH not KDH

  22. Happy New Year peeps!

    1. Magnum


      Same to you!

    2. Uditha88


      ** Happy 2015 **

    3. Reckless


      Same to you and to all AL members

  23. Dinukap4

    Best Bang For The Buck Tower Speaker System

    Try at Yamaha, they come close to Harman Kardon's.