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  1. Sierra Charlie

    DFSK 580

    So missed me much @trinity? Been following this thread for a while now. The only problem I've been having was the shortage of popcorn at times.
  2. Sierra Charlie

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    +1 on this. My Galant is on Tein Streetflex coilovers designed for the car and original Super Advan SA3R alloy wheels. Both are found in Sri Lanka. Also, a myriad of 'හොයන්න බෑ' parts are found and some are gotten either on the cheap or for free. So, parts can be found. It takes a little effort.
  3. Sierra Charlie

    Road To N'eliya

    Construction is finished. Just took the route last week. But if you're afraid of heights and if your clutch balance (if you're driving manual) is shit, this route can be quite hair raising. It took me about 40 minutes from Mawanella to Gampola. Look out for vehicles coming down on the hairpins. Due to the steep incline and steep banks in the hairpins, even small vehicles can't keep to the lane.
  4. Sierra Charlie

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    Same here. Will drop a DM later.
  5. Sierra Charlie

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    Heya, are you in Gampola? If so, we should meet up. I go there often to my in-laws' place.
  6. Sierra Charlie

    Rattling noise when accelerate

    Probably food for thought. I had a similar issue. Was tearing my hair to figure out what. Turned out it was the front number plate mount. The damned thing started rattling only at a certain frequency when the RPM was around 2000. It was very hard to replicate when the car was stationary. Had another similar issue. Turned out to be the bonnet support rod rattling against the radiator mount. Since you have done a lot of things, reckon the noise might not be from something as simple as this. But do check. Elimination is better than costly repairs.
  7. Sierra Charlie

    Project A72V

    @varotone Glad to see a comprehensive guide to buy and restore a classic. Takes balls to make a decision like that in this day and age and in a country like ours. @Davy's advice is pretty comprehensive. I think you should keep looking instead of jumping the gun. These cars are not exactly sold off like hot cakes as far as I know. Good luck with the project. In there's any way that I can help, will do so gladly.
  8. Sierra Charlie

    Tyre Prices

    Been using a set of GoodYear Assurance since 2016. Pretty good tyres. Road noise is a little worse than when they were new. But overall, can recommend.
  9. Sierra Charlie

    How to find corolla 141 2008 tail lights

    The 141 is a common model. You should be able to find the light either in Delkanda and/or Panchikawatte.
  10. Sierra Charlie

    buying my first car

    Sort of question I'd love to jump in and answer and obviously extend my passion. How about a Galant?
  11. Sierra Charlie

    Genuine Mitsubishi Ignition Coils for Lancer CK1

    ignition coils are not a rare item. You should be able to find easily. I bought from Delkanda a few times. You might have to take a sample though.
  12. Sierra Charlie

    Car Exchange at Car Sale - Document Procedure

    Mate, whatever said and done, a car is a piece of equipment. I know people get very attached to it - me included - but it's not worth losing your sleep over especially on something as easily avoidable as this. The law doesn't allows for cars to be sold on open papers. Be sensible here and seek some other options.
  13. Sierra Charlie

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    A yellow CHR with some bodykit parked next to me at the Narahenpita Economic Centre. Looked straight out of a Transformers movie set. So many things were jutting out of it.