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  1. kmeeg

    Battery Charger

    I never heard of 44v chargers. May be some electric vehicle specific charger. I’ve only heard of 12v and 6v chargers and battery tenders. We had a switchblade 12v & 6v charger for regular battery to charge car and bike.
  2. kmeeg

    Viva Elite Community

    Better to avoid automakabaas. I was really happy with Unimo service at orugodawatta. I know you don’t need synthetic oil for Viva but when I requested they were happy to give me what I wanted and even I went inside the stores when they pick them. To me Unimo service dept was very helpful and open.
  3. kmeeg

    Viva Elite Community

    Agree. Might be worth to get in touch with Randika at Unimo Orugodawatta. Update - All though I'm sick of all the lies with sales people at Unimo Union place I really like working with Randika. He was very honest and helpful.
  4. kmeeg

    Viva Elite Community

    Hope you go to Unimo to fix it. I had bad experience doing brake job for a different car from a brake shop in Panchikawatta though I got recommendation to that place. IMO Unimo is a safe bet for repair.
  5. kmeeg

    Digital Camera Photography

    Anybody tried time lapse? Items used - Camera - ION Air Pro Lite (eBay Link) Settings - Time lapse every 10 seconds at 3MP (did not use full resolution as I thought 3MP enough for HD video) Editing software - Windows Movie Maker (This is what I use for all my videos)
  6. kmeeg

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    @Kasun12 I've been using BFgoodrich KO2 (Outside SL) 3 sets so far and never regret the performance.
  7. kmeeg

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    May be I'm crazy but I love the 70 series over the 200 series as 70 series are much tougher vs more road worthy 200 series.
  8. kmeeg

    Digital Camera Photography

    Mobile pics allowed for Digital Camera Photography? 😀
  9. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    For anyone looking for rear entertainment ideas for kids; Items bought; 1. TSV Tablet Car Seat Headrest Mount 2. Contixo Kid Safe Bluetooth Headphone ** I already had my daughter’s iPad <Sample ebay links> https://www.ebay.com/itm/TSV-Tablet-Car-Seat-Headrest-Mount-Car-iPad-Tablet-Holder-Universal-Mount-Holde/183767190620?hash=item2ac960cc5c:g:ZMcAAOSw6sdcq9rk https://www.ebay.com/itm/Contixo-Kid-Safe-85DB-Over-the-Ear-Foldable-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headphones/133012192825?epid=5031163752&hash=item1ef824fe39:g:QdUAAOSwjxBcpTCA:sc:USPSFirstClass!80202!US!-1 Video Link;
  10. I'm nowhere expert in this field, an amateur. But can't resist sharing this video 😀
  11. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Hi All, Hope all you members, families & friend of yours are safe after Sunday's massacre. Please stay safe.
  12. kmeeg

    Perodua Viva Elite

    Machan it could be one of those door sensors too right? I got the same problem on the KE72 when security system was installed.
  13. kmeeg

    Dash Cam recommendations (2019)

    I use Viofo A119. I like it because its pretty discrete and give good video quality. Sample ebay link - https://www.ebay.com/itm/VIOFO-A119-1440p-30fps-Car-Dash-Cam-with-GPS-Logger-V2-2-0-LCD-Screen-A119-G/392192058663?epid=2297434809&hash=item5b5077e527:g:rPMAAOSwze9coedc:sc:UPS2ndDay!94124!US!-1 Here's the the install and sample video -
  14. kmeeg

    Good place for AC repair

    After having continuous repairs on our old KE72 we took it to Frostaire at Union place in 2008. For sure it wasn’t cheap as we replaced quite a few parts but well worth it because it still works until now. All I say is if you do a proper repair rather than patching it might be worth in the long run. I may be wrong but it worked for me.
  15. Anyone following this YouTuber?
  16. kmeeg

    Car seat covers

    I highly recommend Gunawardana cushion house @ wijerama. Using them since my parents time. Many options are available (materiel, colors, pattern) and workmanship is really good. I have used them for new seat covers and full floorboard cover (the complete cover on the car under seats from front to boot/cargo area.). Just stop by at this place an get a quote.
  17. kmeeg

    Toyota Hilux SSRX V8 conversion

    Checked few pics and yes, looks like they have solid axle front and rear. I guess that’s great news for getting a good suspension upgrade rather than engine swap. I wish Toyota kept solid axles for all body on frame vehicles 😢😢
  18. kmeeg

    Toyota Hilux SSRX V8 conversion

    I’m not sure why you are planning to do v8 swap? Is it because you want more power? Just my thought. If you want a faster vehicle better to look for a car. If you try to put a bigger engine on hilux you will get much lesser fuel range. If you are off-roading you don’t need v8 power to go over obstacles. Better invest in tires and protection for off-road. Also remember that Hilux is an independent front axle vehicle, so do not put lot of stress on the front axle as it might damage. Solid axles can get bit more abuse but don’t do too much with ifs vehicles. Im not an expert but just sharing what I learned from online search and YouTube so that I wouldn’t damage my vehicle.
  19. Congratulations mate.. BEAUTIFUL...!! 👍
  20. I just created a bit more detailed installation video for a friend of mine. If you are still thinking of paying someone for an install just have a look at this video. Trust you can do yourself..
  21. kmeeg

    mini pajero or jimny

    I don't remember exactly which AL friend sent me this link but after watching this I was stunned..
  22. kmeeg

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Not sure about the paint thickness machan. This was repainted on 2006. Old paint was removed completely and repainted. The paint looks good since its not been used much.
  23. kmeeg

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Old but still shines.. (Painted 2006)
  24. kmeeg

    I need sd card

    Sorry if I didn't catch the problem. That SD card is for storing music or GPS? Assuming if its for music can you use USB thumb drive? I use 'SanDisk Cruzer Fit' they are so tiny and not that expensive.
  25. But what do you think about reliability between the two? I think maruti will win? Is it not? No experience with Panda. But loved how simple was the Maruti.