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  1. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Consumer Reports 2020 vehicle reliability ratings. Yes this is US market specific and may not relate to our country reliability. My point here is how strong Mazda is coming up.
  2. kmeeg

    Corolla 141 Car Tint

    14k is about the cost only for the windshield if you choose 3M crystalline tint.
  3. kmeeg

    Corolla 141 Car Tint

    This topic is been discussed before.. 😀 TINT CITY Maradana 3M crystalline tint. They have options for all windows (including windshield - CR70 is good gives a very light shade, CR90 is clear).
  4. kmeeg

    What is the best hybrid to buy

    Isn't Aqua and Prius is almost the same? In some countries Aqua is named as Prius C with 1.5L.
  5. kmeeg

    ABS of Viva Elite

    My Viva Elite manual did not have ABS or Airbags. As far as I know only the premiums come with ABS and Airbags. If you really want to test I guess a simple way is to hard brake on a empty slippery road and notice that the tires keep skidding without any pulse. Please don't take risk and crash in to anything trying this test on a narrow road where there is traffic or any other obstacle.
  6. Either way I like to see tax reducing for vehicles. However me personally like the fact if they do not tax based on engine capacity. Not a fan of small displacement turbo engines. Ex I like to have a 1.5/1.8L 4cyl natural aspiration vs a 1L 3cyl turbo.
  7. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Newest addition to the Sequoia model line up is the TRD Pro version of Sequoia.
  8. No clue how those load index works. Mine shows 121 and it’s rated 10ply. Need to search more and see..
  9. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Just realized that Prado Kakadu and 4Runner TRD-Off-road share the same off-road tech. I thought the Prado is less capable off-road than 4Runners.
  10. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    ⚔️ ChrisFix vs Scotty again⚔️ Earlier today, ChrisFix "...and I want to thank Shell for supporting this video..." Now, Scotty : "You see YouTubers out there that have sponsored videos by Shell..."
  11. kmeeg

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Found this on FB..
  12. Machan, I don’t know if different countries get different ply ratings. I see the much heavier Land cruiser 200 comes with 4ply rated P285 60 R17. I see 4ply rated 265/65/r17 with load index ranging 110-112 on the Prado. Not sure what exact load index dtrum has in his Prado. However mine came with 4ply rated tire P265/70/r17 and recommended 32psi. But when I change it to 10 ply rated (load E) a/t tires LT275/70/r17 the tire shop recommended to run at 38psi on highway. They said though you can drive really low psi in off-road never to run at less psi at highway speeds as the rubber inside the tire might get damaged and you never know until it gave up at high speeds. So even though now I feel every bump on the road I still run at 38psi on regular roads. In short I would say it would be better to run at 32psi if he has regular tires. Not an expert on this but sharing what the tire shop told me.
  13. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Wonder what number this will give for 'my gas'..😂
  14. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    This Limited trim if the 4runner is more on-road focused imo though it has 4low range and a-trac system, etc. The TRD trims of the 4runner is off-road focused which comes with same 4low range, a-trac and in addition it has terrain mgt, crawl control, locking diffs. But I wish we have LC70 series here for myself. Not a fan that 4Runners been IFS, I’m but scared that I might break something.. Wish they had solid axles like the 70..😀 This is a pic of the 4runner TRD off-road from last weekend.