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  1. Congratulations. Look sooooo good. Yes changing the battery is very good. Might want to check tires as well. Not only tires might have flat spots for not moving but also rubber might have got close to expiry time as well.
  2. Yes, thats me. PM'd you the video..
  3. kmeeg

    Viva Elite Ac

    Not on my Viva Elite but I have used Frostaire on 87' Corolla DX wagon and I was very happy with the service and I was their when they diagnosed. This was like 8 years and hope they still have the same good techs.
  4. Definitely Nissan 1.5L CVT is extreamly efficient with my experience. As for Civic 1.5T CVT with my experience it was little fun for a CVT trans when Traction control is off. I was able to get little wheel spin. However couple of time i felt something like a slip when i brake torque to get some faster acceleration. I don't know if the 'brake torque' is the correct term I was pressing brake pedal and gas at the same time to get higher revs before i let go. This is when I felt the slip on a new car. Again I don't know if its a slip on transmission or is it from brakes.
  5. Not sure about this one but as for Nissan 1.5L CVT they do rev higher but a dull feeling.
  6. Not very happy to see CVT Wonder why Toyota not using their 8 speed auto on this. Newer Honda's having their own 10 speed now right?
  7. Wonder how to verify if its genuine or fake. When I removed mine the glue strip seem to be thin too.
  8. I think the glue strip is for the foam piece on top thats missing. Here's a pic of my old denso filter..
  9. Meanwhile in the US..🤦‍♂️ Never knew built in water fountain is a feature..🤣
  10. Transmission replaced machan. Ford said they replace transmission for 7 years / (forgot the miles limit) at 0 out of pocket.
  11. That it true. This is my experience with my friends Ford. Utter disaster. (Screenshot from his mail when he got the issue.)
  12. 195/50R16 seem to be a factory size for Ford Fiesta.
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