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  1. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Ha ha.. I have them at home..I get maldive fish & spices every 2 months. I'll die if I don't have them.. 😂 Harishchandra noodles to be exact.. 😀
  2. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    My Mrs wanted me to impress her.. My response...
  3. kmeeg

    Honda Civic Sedan 2019

    I've heard some bad things about the Civic & CR-V 1.5T engine. https://www.torquenews.com/1084/honda-civic-cr-v-oil-dilution-problem-what-you-should-do-now
  4. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    I’ve been following couple of YouTubers and they are using LC70 (not the LC200). Though I’ve never owned or driven one had fallen in love with the LC70s. I also follow one insane group that uses old LC80s and a Isuzu D max ute, their videos are insane. (The channel is 4wd action)
  5. kmeeg

    Best suv for around 5-6 million

    Is this still valid for new Hyundai and Kia? I see them coming strong in reliability department vs CR-V 1.5T having some reliability issues.
  6. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Not very often you see Land cruiser 200 do off-road. In this case modified LC200.
  7. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Found a nice video. Hope all you SUV lovers will like it.
  8. kmeeg

    Battery Charger

    I never heard of 44v chargers. May be some electric vehicle specific charger. I’ve only heard of 12v and 6v chargers and battery tenders. We had a switchblade 12v & 6v charger for regular battery to charge car and bike.
  9. kmeeg

    Viva Elite Community

    Better to avoid automakabaas. I was really happy with Unimo service at orugodawatta. I know you don’t need synthetic oil for Viva but when I requested they were happy to give me what I wanted and even I went inside the stores when they pick them. To me Unimo service dept was very helpful and open.
  10. kmeeg

    Viva Elite Community

    Agree. Might be worth to get in touch with Randika at Unimo Orugodawatta. Update - All though I'm sick of all the lies with sales people at Unimo Union place I really like working with Randika. He was very honest and helpful.
  11. kmeeg

    Viva Elite Community

    Hope you go to Unimo to fix it. I had bad experience doing brake job for a different car from a brake shop in Panchikawatta though I got recommendation to that place. IMO Unimo is a safe bet for repair.
  12. kmeeg

    Digital Camera Photography

    Anybody tried time lapse? Items used - Camera - ION Air Pro Lite (eBay Link) Settings - Time lapse every 10 seconds at 3MP (did not use full resolution as I thought 3MP enough for HD video) Editing software - Windows Movie Maker (This is what I use for all my videos)
  13. kmeeg

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    @Kasun12 I've been using BFgoodrich KO2 (Outside SL) 3 sets so far and never regret the performance.
  14. kmeeg

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    May be I'm crazy but I love the 70 series over the 200 series as 70 series are much tougher vs more road worthy 200 series.
  15. kmeeg

    Digital Camera Photography

    Mobile pics allowed for Digital Camera Photography? 😀