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  1. BLu3HaZe

    Nissan Leaf Specifications (Generation 1 - ZE0/AZE0)

    Thanks for the informative reply tiv! I saw you'd done a nice writeup sometime back on the Leaf, didn't realize you'd given that away. Totally understand your concerns about the battery, I started looking for replacements before even getting the car but apparently very few come in and that too sells out quickly? Some sellers have told me about to replacing cells, not sure about their expertise in doing so and authenticity/longevity of the cells they're offering though. As for the other parts, I actually found more genuine reconditioned spare parts available for the Leaf than the MH55S! The market for the WagonR was very bad last year, now it's flooded with fake parts branded Japan made in Taiwan or somewhere. Guess age difference of the models also play a role since older Leaf's are plentiful while the new model WagonR came out only in '17. Anyway, I had 5 FZ/FX with me of which 4 were for hiring so needed many parts, 2 got condemned within few months and 5th one, last one remaining is my private vehicle which needs to be sold/traded off since I've sunk 1.6M+ into the car already and there's 70K a month which I hope to cut down to less than half that. Since it's going OT, I'll send you a PM if you don't mind to discuss more on any other alternate non-Indian models I can look at It's a problem with Sri Lankan laws not allowing brand new imports by anyone except the only registered "dealer" which is also just another private company, most of the time having nothing to do with the parent company. That also restricted to one company per brand. I'm not saying vehicle sale/yard model is any good, but for example if we had two or more dealers for Renault, Volvo, Mazda etc. there'd be more competition and better service overall for customers. As for better EVs with liquid cooled battery packs, you can thank our government for the tax structure that penalizes cars with higher kW rated motors instead of going for tax brackets under efficiency in terms of km/kW. All the better EVs have 100 kW+ motors, even on the base models now because other countries understand that efficiency of motors is not based on a diminutive motor size, unlike small cc fuel engines generally being more efficient. Since no dealer is apparently bringing down "Brand New" EVs, reconditioned cars should now start at minimum tax of 40,000 LKR / kW. Though I'm not sure how the ZE1 Leaf is available for 5.5M since it's got a 110 kW motor and only the tax should be 4.4M
  2. Hi guys, It's been ages I've been back on the forum but I did thoroughly search the whole forum before posting this I am currently looking for a webpage which I had come across in late 2018, where almost all details of the generation 1 Nissan Leaf was listed comprehensively, including all the differences between each trim levels for JDM (S, X, G) and UKDM (Visia, Acenta, Tekna) along with pictures of different options, even photos of the different standard alloy wheels, navigation units, climate control dials, interior colours and materials which were offered etc. Unfortunately, since it was more than 6 months ago, my search/browser history also does not have details going back that far and like an idiot I could not bookmark it also. In my current searches, I was able to locate some sites with good info but not as detailed as the earlier one, which really helped in getting to know the exact model and trim of cars on sale. If any of you have seen, know which site I'm referring to or come across it, appreciate if you can share it! https://samholford.github.io/leafguide/ https://insideevs.com/news/325877/used-nissan-leaf-buying-guide/ https://www.drivelife.co.nz/2017/12/2011-nissan-leaf-g-used-ev-review-daily-driver-replacement/ I'm looking to sell/exchange my '18 WagonR for a Tekna/G grade Leaf due to a change in finances and not needing more than 50km max of range per day anymore since I'm back in my hometown. I'd prefer a Tekna since it's all in English though heavier and got slightly less range, but there are apparently around 20x more G Grades in LK than UKDM cars.
  3. BLu3HaZe

    Suggestions for a sedan car

    You should state your requirements clearly, if you need the space, settling for a hatchback will frustrate you despite good fuel economy. Age and condition of the vehicle also matters. Had a Yaris (1.3 Auto, non JDM), was a great car, never had any trouble but fuel consumption would be 10-11 km/l on average like Crosswind mentioned, though manual gear version will be slightly better. Got a new WagonR Safety (0 mileage, bought from Japan) and the most disappointed I'd ever been in a car. Considerably spacious for the size and good on fuel (depending on road/traffic conditions) but lack of luggage space and other engine/hybrid issues are making me want to go back to a Yaris. Sticking to a simpler car will make your life easier if this is your first/one of the first cars.
  4. BLu3HaZe

    Triumph T R Restore Project

    Ah, so maybe the pictures just make it look so. Triumph hasn't skimped on that part unlike BLMC I see. Must make things easier when less things to fabricate, and those parts which you mentioned as rusted through are the flat areas which could collect more moisture by the sound of it? So what do you think, would do for some rusty tubes? Nooo... I was thinking more along the lines of that V8 you had, provided there is enough space to squeeze that monster in. Then again, you prefer originality even within I believe. Yet that'd be a different monster incase, by any wild chance, you do fit the Rover inside it
  5. BLu3HaZe

    Mahagastota Hill Climb 2012

    Will be there tomorrow. Who else is heading that way? Would be nice to meet up with some AL members. Andrew - Is the 1300 event running, and you taking part?
  6. BLu3HaZe

    Atom Led 3D Tv

    Well they did mention to me at a promotion that they use either LG or Samsung display's, depending on the model/type of the TV. Both are good quality screen makers, so whichever way that is not bad. What is used by Atom may have a very few dead pixels but not noticeable from a normal viewing distance and it's reasonably priced compared to equal quality units.
  7. BLu3HaZe

    Triumph T R Restore Project

    Hey MD, best of luck on the project! Great to see something interesting for a change. I'm not too knowledgeable on classic cars but that body looks really thin and probably be even less after all the rust is gone? How is it going to be fixed? I had such an issue with a bike and wasn't sure what to do. Btw, will you be keeping that engine or putting in another?
  8. A departure from usual monotonous threads will be great! For any help I could do during my free time, count me in Madz, for articles and stuff. Not a professional writer but I believe I could contribute to our AL community.
  9. BLu3HaZe

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    And that lead to this... to ears
  10. BLu3HaZe

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Excuse the quality, only had a mobile phone on at the time.
  11. BLu3HaZe

    Honda Insight Views

    Dude, stop trying to feed people lies. One thing, this is not the US so conditions are different, and other thing, perfect conditions don't prevail in real life (for f/c). Long story short, I know two people who calculate the fuel consumption to the decimals with their Insights, and both get around 15 even with all what they do to save fuel... One upgraded from a 3 cyl 1L Vitz and he's actually regretting it, even while the Vitz was down on power, and space.
  12. BLu3HaZe

    Hybrids...do We Really Need Them?

    I'm surprised he's not banned already... For irrelevant posts and sending topics out of track. Has got some of us only reading through now. As for the hybrids, Prius to be specific, them not emitting any noise is one big issue. I almost lost my knee, because of a Prius, which was already injured due to a minor accident earlier. They might fit bells or whatever in other countries, but doubt the penny pinchers here will do anything that will affect their pockets...
  13. BLu3HaZe

    Driving License

    Hi Kevin
  14. BLu3HaZe

    Speed 2012 - Round 1 (Cmsc / Redbull Event)

    Awesome driving guys! Congrats to all! The cars were awesome and driving was even better Two great days at the Pannala track and SL-GT was beyond words, and a perfect Evo X this time, along with the STI X and all the others