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  1. Need to take the Vista for a Pump cleanup.. any place recommended around Malabe

  2. bope

    Vibration On Engine

    Hi Gayan & Friends I seem to have the same problem on a car which I took last week (Toyota 2C-T)… was going to take it for a Diesel Pump clean up this weekend Can you pls tell me where this Abeysekara Diesel Engineering is located, I am staying close to SLIIT In Malabe. Also if anyone can recommend a good place that would be great… it’s a old car so don’t think I need to take it to D*MO Bope
  3. Yep… same issue in Nittabuwa Petrol station…. There 2 pumps was closed and when I asked they said that the pumps have stopped working because of bad petrol, they still have stocks underground and even if they make the pumps they will have to drain the tank to get rid of the bad stuff What a mess……
  4. Hi Experts Need some help… have a U14 bluebird and few days back the Fuel gauge went bonkers. When I pump full the meter reading is at half, when the tank is empty and the Fuel light starts to blink still the meter reading is half tank. Checked and replaced the floater in the tank and still the problem is there But when you bridge the wires and give a direct connection (wires connecting to the floater tank) then the meter starts going to full. Finally my mechanic told that I need to change the entire meter board, what I need to know is whether its possible to fix the issue in the meter board (Fuel Gauge only in a U14 Bluebird) an if so can you recommend a place. Thanks Bope
  5. Had to sell the car, and that was a very sad day for me……. It was the sensor but could not change before I sold the car. Thanks for the concerns guy’s Bope
  6. bope

    Paye Tax Rates Are Changing From Tomorrow!

    Crosswind……. i got some refunds but now I think I am in the losing end from today. What’s this “separate allowance introduced to mitigate the housing loan interest” I have not heard any new about this. Pls provide details if you find anything on this. Bope
  7. bope

    Do Fuel Savers Really Work ?

    Very encouraging advice boys… must try the Apsara, Malkanthi, Sadamali, chamindi…..gadgets during the holiday times. Bope
  8. bope

    New Shock Prices

    Try GS Motors as well.... thought they were reasonable than TASS, think it's the same KYB Bope
  9. It has worked for me and I dogged few tickets as well. it’s a handy thing to have around if your planning to go outstation. I try to stick to the speed limits but whenever I wonder off a bit then the radar comes in handy.A 6 channel will cost about 6k. Bope
  10. bope

    Nissan Bluebird Price

    Don’t think I can help you much there… check the suspension, shocks and make sure that the new engine is registered with RMV. If the interior and exterior of the car is good then it’s a good family car to use. Bope
  11. bope

    Nissan Bluebird Price

    One of my office colleague bought one for 15,90 which was on AL a white colour car about 2 months back. But I am sure you can buy one for around 15 lks if you do a bit of searching. Bope
  12. bope

    Honda Sensors

    Hi Guy’s I have a Honda Fit (GD1) and yesterday the engine light came up and car stalled but managed to come back after starting again. When I checked with a reputed workshop they scanned and found the problem to be the Crank Sensor. This workshop has a recondition sensor. Want to know whether it’s ok to go ahead (I was told that I will get a 3 months guarantee as well) the total cost would be about 6k. Pls advice if anyone has experience on this. Bope
  13. Update…. When to the Drive Through (revenue License) today morning and guess what, it really works. All I did was take the old license, Insurance, Green Test and the Book copy. When I went no one was there an all I had to do is drive to the counter give the documents and in no time I go the new cover. One word of advice if you don’t have the original book an if your using a copy they will keep it with them but they will issue the cover without any hassle. Did not even spend 5 min frankly….they have 2 drive way’s as well. Bope
  14. I too need to get the license renewed next week, I can find the place in Maradhana, but need a bit of clarification….! Generally if the owner of the vehicle is in a certain area the license needs to be taken from that divisional sect (Pradesia Saba) does that not apply if I go to Maradhana drive through? Bope
  15. bope

    Jaguar S Type - 2002

    Saw the Ad… and when I checked with one of the guy’s all he said was to buy two cars, one to be used as spares and the other to Run. But the price listed on the Hitad is quite cheep.