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  1. Does anyone know where I can download user/operator manual for Nissan Leaf "G" grade (Japanese Domestic Market)? Thanks.
  2. Pet#o does the gauge cluster (Rs. 15k). They say the stereo cannot be converted yet - but they are trying it out it seems. Some say the stereo cannot be changed only in the "G" grade and that it can be replaced on lower grades. Can someone confirm this? And who does it?
  3. I am also trying to decide between the two. I hate the fact that display is in Japanese (I hear the dashboard can be converted to English but not the center console). I hear Japanese model gives a few kms more than British version and that British version is suseptable to rust (only heard that today). At the same time Bristish version seem to have more options (the tekna package) than Japanese. So what make you decide on Japanese?
  4. Bimal

    Montero Sport

    Actually, that is why I like it. It is different from the normal SUV styles.
  5. Bimal

    Montero Sport

    What does Rav4 do on petrol? 7kmpl?
  6. Bimal

    Montero Sport

    5kmpl? I thought it did better than that. Yes, I am looking for a second hand SUV type, perhaps a rav4 would be a better option though.
  7. Bimal

    Montero Sport

    I like the looks of the montero sport. I have no idea what it costs or how economical it is to run. I hear there are both pertrol and diesal versions and Mistsubishi engines are generally good and agent here in SL is also very good and genuine. Do we have any users here who can help me out with more details/recommendations?
  8. Tida looks like a smaller car. The post-2007 Bluebird Sylphy is much bigger than the previous bluebirds and the dealer claims that the 1.5L version does 10kmpl in Colombo running. There is one advert on Autolanka at Here. But someone has already bought it.
  9. Unfortunately he was a car sales fellow... you can't trust them now can you ;-)
  10. Bimal


    I love this car. But the ones coming to SL are 1.5L. Not sure if that is enough for the large body. Does anyone know how it does on fuel?
  11. Hi Guys, I got a ride on a 2007 Nissan Sylphy (1.5L) recently and I simply loved it. Does anyone know how it is on fuel? For such a big car I am a little suspecious that a 1.5L engine can produce good milage. Are there any users out there who can help? Thanks in advance.
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