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    Brake Roters - Resurface vs Replacement

    Thanks for the replies. I have to replace pads like every 40k because of my driving styles. 😜 You are absolutely correct tiv. TL quoted 23k per disk.Not going there to buy anyway Today I checked some hard breaking, One was about to hit a rear of an axio. missed by couple of inches. but didn't feel any wobble or anything. no pulling to a side as well. So does this mean that its good with the current disk?
  2. Hello experts, I would like to have your opinions about the following matter. The impacted car is Prius 3rd Gen (2012). Can happen to any car though I was out of country for a while and the car was driven by my spouse. When I'm back, I saw a tiny groove on driver side brake roter. I The brake pads were worn out, but the metal indicator was not set with the previous brake pads, hence no metal sound. Regardless, I replaced the brake pads with OEM parts from GS Auto. The mechanic recommended to resurface the front roters due to the groove saying it will impact the brake pads and the braking. My Questions are is resurfacing really worth when compared to replacing? Or even resurfacing is really needed when you have a groove which is about 1-2 millimeters in width and depth? If replacing is better, I would go with OEM parts. Any idea on the cost margins Anything specific to keep an eye on Thanks in advance.
  3. Malkoba

    Prius owners

    If you think of trying to run in EV mode, I suggest to get an electric car instead of a prius. Unless its a plugin hybrid, EV mode is useless. Well, to drive
  4. Aqua will be better than prius with regard to fuel consumption, given that you stay on "Economic Range", as per one of my "Friend" based on his Aqua. I drive a 2012 Prius and I get average 15kmpl from and to colombo daily (100km up and down) even though I'm always on Power mode and drive it like a normal gasoline car. So if you want to be more economical, you will have to turn "Eco" mode on, which has less acceleration. Not sure how much it will save you as I never drive on Eco mode.
  5. Malkoba

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    Well, this is my 2 cents. The car will treat you back if you treat it properly. I have a 2012 prius with 100k on the clock. Still battery is at 100%. I normally do all services at TL for the peace of mind. Yes, their may be places cheaper than that with the same quality. But if you are not 100% sure about those places, agent is the best option. One more thing I noticed is that people put a lot of pressure on battery. They try to yield max saving by putting the car to EV mode all the time and stress the battery out. I'm not sure this a good thing. I drive mine as a normal gasoline model, and always on power mode, which give me the extra acceleration. I really don't look at the battery, still it gives me around 16 kmpl average from home to Orugodawatta and back. That is 100 km daily up and down.
  6. Malkoba

    Prius 2012 Warning Message

    Yep. Checked on youtube how to replace it. will do it today. Thanks for the info guys.
  7. Malkoba

    Prius 2012 Warning Message

    Thanks for the support guys. I installed translator as you suggested for future use. I will have it checked with Toyota Lanka
  8. Malkoba

    Prius 2012 Warning Message

    Sorry, missed the attachment
  9. Malkoba

    Prius 2012 Warning Message

    Hi, Can anyone explain what this message means please. This happens after turning off the car after a long drive. Say 30+ kilometers. Also the yellow exclamation mark appears with buzzer sound. Thanks
  10. Malkoba

    2013 Toyota Prius Low Mpg

    22 kmpl seems to be ok for the highway. i had 24 kmpl from Colombo to Matara. For the city, normally I get 15-17 kmpl depending on the Colombo traffic. mine is 2012/07 s touring and I use 95 octane all the time.
  11. Malkoba

    Buying Nissan Leaf

    How about having a 250 Kw solar panel with inverter for the main grid . This will be an expensive investment (~500K), but should be cheaper for a long run. Also you can have all other electrical consumed items such as AC if you want
  12. Agree . However, I'm still not in a shape to drive for fun. and may be never will be due to the family commitments. So I can live with whatever the acceleration it has. BTW, I had a diesel FB14. I'm more than happy to have this acceleration than what I had
  13. I have seen many posts over the years which lead me to belive that prius do well if you run below 30kmph. But this is not totally true. I do not understand why prius drivers are trying to do this, if they do. Here are the facts. I got a prius 3rd Gen 2 weeks back and went to Lunugamwehera last week. I kept an average of 100-120 kmph most of the time, of course I was tailgating few Discovery 4s and Prados which helped me to cover from police radar , and I'm still in old driving habits. The car gave me 23.4 kmpl consumption. The reason for this, I belive, is that I was keeping the power meter steady most of the time. This made me belive that 30kmph figure is a lie. Of cource if you run below 30, it will switch to EV mode, but you can do the same with 100 kmph by keeping the power meter steady.
  14. Malkoba

    SB 14 Engine Overhaul

    I never check the Lube consumption. Is there any way to do that? However normally I put 5.5 ltr Delo gold (multigrade I guess) and never had to refill up to the level later on. It reduce a bit as far as I can see from the oil guage, but not a considerable reduction.
  15. Malkoba

    SB 14 Engine Overhaul

    Thanks for the comments guys. I think better to tell the full story, so you will understand the stuff. We got the car around 6 years back and had a continues gasket issue which replaces 4 gaskets in 5 years. That time my father was maintaing the car and he has his mechanics do the job(My father has relatively fair knowladge on engines. Obviously way better than me ). I was just driving it. So I never cared to maintain as my father did the stuff, obviously with local market parts. Then after about facing the head for 2 times, he decided to replace the engine with a reconditioned one. which I have now in the car. The replacement was only the engine. Starter motor, gearbox, injector pump are kept intact. After the replacement I took the car to my hand and maintained it properly with proper service intervals and has been replacing local market parts with OEM ever since. Normally I go to Paliyagoda A*W workshop and get the repairs done. Paying a little higher for the job, but getting it neatly done, which is also reliable. They presshered the injectors and said they are in good condition about 6 months back. They are the people who said I need to go for an overhaul since there is a relatively thick smoke coming from the oil level checker when pulled out. also they have incresed the idleing speed to decrease the vibration coming when the AC is on. I'm also feeling the pulling power has been decreased. And the engine is racing up without speeding the car. And it is an Auto. So I think now you will have a clear idea on my situation. Anyway 150K was my initial target for the job as a guy in A*W told me that he would do the job for that price personally with OEM. But I do not like that approach as I do not get any warrenty and I'm not sure that he will stick to his words to replace with OEM. On a side note, I'm not looking to sell it for at least another 2 years, So I need to do the things right.