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  1. you guys are just a buncha MATURED faggots! and vvti-you seem to be humiliating me personally eh? ok heres your piece of cake-your telling me that no chick with a brain will like this kinda nonsense/or me eh?just look at your perfect life?no wonder why you have no authority to even visit your Labrador! you shouldnt sound cocky when your almost retarded! and iv had enough.im giving up...you seniors win!!yeah! anyways thanks alot for the members who helped me out on the earlier discussion.
  2. i undertsand mate...i accept you kind advices...ut i just cant stand humiliation!what did i do?getting my first ride at 18 and modding it the way i want?is that an offense? i never ment that you guys are 80,,i just wanted to relate my age and yours...to make some members think the stuff they fancied when they where teens
  3. but did i say that i am doing all of this to find a girl>?the leds are for my own pleasure!please read my post first of all,i said that i only got feedbacks,..and iv been dating since i was 15,and im not that desperate to get laid for money or for UTTER SHOW OFF! whats your problem eh?just mind your business and il mind mine. final!
  4. oh cmon you both!im sure you guys would have passed my age...and who knows whether you guys would have gone even more crazier? just put your selves in our shoes guys! as-if you wouldnt have said WOOOW for a fully modded car when you where small and EEEEYYYY nowadays even if its the same car. this is my first car,and i just asked a question becuase i am not educated in this industry.and as grown ups and seniors i would accept advices,,but not humiliation.if you dont know the answer or if your not in a mood to answer my question i wouldnt mind you guys been silent! and its a shame on you both been GROWN UPs+senior members/ every forum has its own bullies who doesnt even care about others. i am so sorry for opening a post like this if i would have offended anyone!
  5. yes..both are my parents car's.and i wont be having the led's permanently.its just that i will be using em occasionally and once im done with it i would get rid of em.so i dont think it would effect the resale, PLUS !!!i just turned 18,and im sure most of you guys must be elder+matured than me.this may sound stupid for grown ups,but i think its kinda cool among teens and most of the girls who i know happen to love this concept!and its just for parties! i think its a matter of fact of age and taste @ charitha- thanks alot!its just that 4X48=almost 200led's...thats the reason i was afraid of battery drain and fuse.btwthanks alot for the clarification. im planing to stick them inside the car under the seats and under the dash's(INTERIOR neon) where can i find the gauge wires?i mean does Pet#o have it? thanks alot guys
  6. i have got down 4 x 48led strips from ebay,but im quite confused how to wire it up.iv no experience regarding electronics and i find it difficult to understand what people say in other posts/forums regarding wiring.( FUSE,GROUND and all tehse various terms which makes me ill.) to be honest im afraid to play around with my car's electrical system.one of my pal advised me that sometimes i may ruin the fuse or something regarding that. so i just wanted to know whether are there good places to get this done in safe+ neat way?for a low cost(im still a schooling ) i want something like this interior neon.iv got the led's,2 for the front,2 for the rear.which could be controlled with switch! and im planning to do this with my mom's sprinter(1995),if this goes well then sure on my dads A6. Question- i wont be using this all the time..just before going to a party or some appropriate occasions,so would my battery get drained if i use em even if the engine is started?im sure that i wont face any problems with the audi..but what about the old toyota? please educate me on this topic. thanks alot.. thanks in advance
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