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  1. Did you know that North Korea was developing a top secret super car?

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    2. jdnet


      i heard it has a nuclear reactor instead of an engine.

    3. heavyD


      Does it wear it's engine on the outside? :D

    4. CyRaX


      how is it in fuel?

  2. Nice to see more Å koda than Honda, more VW than Toyota, and more Fiat than Nissan. Unfortunately there's more Hyundai, Tata and Maruti than everything else combined.

  3. as soon as you pay you receive a PDF that can be printed and used until you receive the original by post BTW when they launched the online service it was western province only, not sure if it's all-island now
  4. actually getting TRCSL approval is a PITA (we had to do it for some telecom equipment we imported).for phones by post, paying a little something to the dude at the mail exchange somehow makes TRCSL approval irrelevant. probably they will declare it as something else on the form that they fill to charge duty (didn't really bother reading it)
  5. Sifaan

    Different Tire Sizes

    center of gravity is a point. it won't change (except insignificant amount because the tyre mass is different) but because the car is slightly tilted forward the weight will appear to act at a point slightly forward of usual. as to whether this makes a real-world difference or not, sorry, I have no clue!however, manufacturers chose particular tyre sizes for some very valid reasons, and it's probably better to stick with it; so it would make sense to go back to the original size when next changing tyres
  6. bugger that for a f***ed up cross-subsidy! so, in exchange for getting 90 units or so of electricity at a cheaper price, the common man then has to pay higher bus fares, higher cost for his rice and veggies (which are transported on diesel fuel)… ?? even the people who have no electricity connection but use kerosene for lighting and cooking (also increased in price)? the easiest (but not the most popular) way of sorting out the electricity tariff anomaly for domestic use is to give a discount on first 90 units of electricity only if the total consumption is less than 90 units (the purpose of the lower tariff is to assist low income households)
  7. few days back in a newspaper I saw an ad from CPC calling for tenders for some huge stock of petrol... is this the remainder of the shitty petrol? (I imagine CPC doesn't normally sell fuel to distributors through open tenders? what's the point of the govt fixing the retail price and then having a tender system for CPC to sell?)
  8. if it will be your only car, then it can be tricky if you have to wait 3 weeks for a part to come down. but if you have an alternative then it might be ok (and not every part that takes 3 weeks to get down necessarily means that you can't use the car till then) plus if you have contacts in UK you could buy the parts there and have it sent to you
  9. cleaning the leather seats (prep. for dying)... this is thirsty work

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    2. Sifaan


      I got down a leather kit and it comes with a cleaner (glycerine enriched, etc) - scrubbed with a nail brush (the type used for finger nails!); next step was to fill in the wrinkles but ran out of filler. need to see if I can source some locally since the back seats are out of the car and I would prefer to finish this soon. next step will be applying dye - if DIY you'll have to find some place that will colour match the dye.

    3. JayZ


      Tnx bro ... any good brand if u could suggest ?

    4. Sifaan


      I got the stuff from dynamixdyes.com; someone on the forum had used them and recommended. they didn't stock colours for citroen but I posted them a small sample from under the seat and they were able to match it. won't know how good they really are until I'm done with the job :)

  10. Sifaan

    Electric Air Pump

    I have a unit that let's me set the desired pressure (digitally) and it automatically cuts off when it reaches the pressure. cheaper units will either not have any measurement at all, or will have measurement but no cutoff programming. i use mine in case I have a puncture (pump it up and drive to the tyre kade to sort it out rather than mucking about with the spare) and since I have it, I also use it to top up the pressure every 2 weeks or so.
  11. just occurred to me that a possible reason why many people resist seat belts is that they have never had a personal experience of it's benefits and as a result, when they finally do have an experience in which a seatbelt would have been useful, they don't live to tell the tale
  12. Today there was a 301- 7 series BMW in front of us on the road - the car looked spotless and my wife commented how well maintained the car looked, despite it's age. Just as I was commenting that someone who can afford to own a 7 series with a 3.5l engine can afford to have someone to wash the car every day, the car turned to a side road without signaling - so even all that money can't teach road manners... it seems its quite possible to get rich and learn english without either manners nor the intelligence to use a safety belt
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