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  1. AL998

    Autolanka Awards 2010

    Whatever dumbass!! Still doesn't change the fact that 'someone' altered the votes
  2. AL998

    Autolanka Awards 2010

    If others decide to delete their votes then at least my vote should stay and the total should have said 1 not 0. I deleted my vote after I saw the total is 0. Thats why I suggested that it has been altered. So go figure you dumbass!!!
  3. AL998

    Autolanka Awards 2010

    When I first voted he had 3 votes and with my one it was 4 altogether .But when I checked after 2-3 hours it was 0 not even my vote is counted .So I deleted my vote and voted again.I don't know who has done it but somehow that's what happened. That's the truth. If you don't think he is not deserved to be there then why add him in the first place??? My vote is my choice and I don't see and reason to justify it to yourself
  4. AL998

    Need Help Finding Some Butane

    Just use any lighter refill can , You might be able to get info from guys who has small box shops in the pavements (lighter refill ,watch repair etc)
  5. AL998

    Autolanka Awards 2010

    Some one is deleting Sylvi's votes .When I voted in the first time he had 4 now its 0. Who ever manipulates the votes "Shame On You!!!!"
  6. AL998

    To Buy Or Not To Buy

    Go for Ingersoll Rand mate ,thats the best out there .Its even better than Snap on stuff(when it comes to air tools) It will cost you a bit more but its worth it. There is a IR dealer in SL near kohuwala (120 road) Regarding compressors I have worked with various sizes of compressors, in my experience bigger the better. Problems with small compressors are 1.sometimes you will have to wait till it builds up pressure. 2.Not enough balls to rip off tough nuts/bolts like crank pulley bolts
  7. AL998

    Interference Or Non-Interference?

    According to this Mazda ZL is an interference engine Uploaded with ImageShack.us Best thing is to get it checked by someone.
  8. AL998

    Common Car Myths

    I'm not sure about this either.It is a fact that japs made best for JDM .Engines,Gearboxes are the same but quality of interior is clearly a notch ahead of the rest.I Don't know whether they have changed in the recent past..
  9. AL998

    Flashing Abs And Hand Break Indicator

    If your car doesn't have a ABS light when stopped then its safe to say that all your sensors and connectors are fine .ABS control module measures the resistance of each sensor when the car stopped, if the values are within range then it assumes everything is fine . but if the signal sender (normally an ABS ring on the CV joints or a magnetic ring attached to the bearing)gives a faulty or abnormal signal when vehicle moves then ABS light will come up .this can be due to several reasons 1.Split ABS ring 2.Steering angle sensor gone out of calibration you can check the steering angle sensor reading with a diagnostic machine , then plug the machine and drive in a straight line. You should be getting equal speed values for all the wheels and steering angle sensor should be reading 0. This should give you a good starting point for your diagnosis . hope this helps
  10. AL998

    Engine Misses During Morining Start

    I'd start looking at the coolant temp sensor (One which sends the signal to the ECU ,not the one for the gauge ). If the sensor is faulty and reading high temperature all the time then your symptoms can occur . Normally there are two sensors in most of the cars but not sure about your one . if not then check other sensors and condition of the plug leads . ECU setting wont change unless you mess with it , I wouldn't worry about that
  11. AL998

    Flashing Abs And Hand Break Indicator

    If your car has permanent ABS light (not lighting up when brakes) I would start checking the sensors first . Plug it in a diagnostic machine and look for codes. If you haven't got access to a diagnostic machine then you can try checking the resistance of the two terminals in all 4 sensors ,they should all be equal .But that will only tell you about the ABS sensors
  12. AL998

    Flashing Abs And Hand Break Indicator

    Look for a split ABS ring in your both front CV joints ,if not then proceed to rear wheels .
  13. AL998

    Chipping And Retuning My Civic

    Thanks mate the only costly bit is the Wide band O2 Setup which will be about Rs 30000/= , here is a list of approximate costs Wideband O2 sensor +controler Rs 30000/= EPROM programmer 6000/= chipping kit Rs 1500-2000 (less if you buy individually) Nokia cable Rs 150 ??? and an ECU + conversion harness if the car is an OBD2 of course since this is vtec-e with the 12 valve thing going on ,I don't think I will be able get lot of extra power unless I go crazy with it.In fact I think it would be ideal to go the other way with this setup, ie going crazy with economy
  14. AL998

    Chipping And Retuning My Civic

    It is an original Honda engine inside. Uploaded with ImageShack.us As MasterDon said it was Rover who used Honda engines+other parts because of some deal they had .It is very common to find Honda engines instead of nasty K-series in Rover cars. This D16B2 only available in UK civic Estates AFAIK(maybe in rovers as well). Looks exactly the same as any other 1.6 non-vtec SOHC engine. Uploaded with ImageShack.us