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  1. I would like to upgrade all the bulbs in my car (Toyota Premio 2013) including dome lights , brake, parking, signal , head lights and frog lights with LED. i noticed there are types of bulbs to fit each holder i am not familiar with this system can anyone help me to find these details for example brake lights - H7 or i dont know 😃 Please help me on this Thanks
  2. I have fixed 360 camera system in to my Toyota Premio 2013. but its not well calibrated manual calibration is more difficult and cant see correct bird's eye view. i have found some videos explaining how to auto calibrate but i am not able to find proper chess Board cloths to do this. can anyone help me to find calibration kits in sri lanka (chess board cloth) Thanks
  3. Hi Friends I have brought china GPS with windows ce 6 i try to install garmin to my device (running garmin.exe) the massage appear as "Application Error - Application Mortscript.exe encountered a serious error and must shut down" please help me to solve this problem . thanking you
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