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  1. Wish you a Happy Birthday Komi.......
  2. VtecE

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    For All Land Rover Defender Lovers
  3. Thor - The dark World http://kickass.to/thor-the-dark-world-2013-720p-brrip-x264-yify-t8742838.html 720p BrRip http://kickass.to/thor-the-dark-world-2013-1080p-brrip-x264-yify-t8743119.html 1080p BrRip
  4. VtecE

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Cant stop laughing ...............
  5. @ Magnum got it Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX100V . Sorry i had to edit the previous message.
  6. Location - Jaffna Year - 2011 Camera - Sony CyberShot
  7. Lone Survivor a Superb Movie,
  8. Congratulations and please check when the timing belt have been change by the previous owner. I had a nasty experience with my eg8, While driving the timing belt snapped.
  9. Hunger Games - Catching Fire http://kickass.to/the-hunger-games-catching-fire-2013-1080p-brrip-x264-yify-t8610368.html - 1080P BR RIP http://kickass.to/the-hunger-games-catching-fire-2013-720p-brrip-x264-yify-t8608723.html - 720P BR RIP
  10. Yep I wait for this guys Upload, Audio 10 Video 10, Good uploads. No virus.
  11. Last Vegas (Michael Douglas, Robert Di Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline) http://kickass.to/last-vegas-2013-720p-brrip-x264-yify-t8540458.html 720P http://kickass.to/last-vegas-2013-1080p-brrip-x264-yify-t8541717.html 1080P
  12. Bad Grandpa http://kickass.to/j***a$$-presents-bad-grandpa-2013-720p-brrip-x264-yify-t8492102.html Carrie http://kickass.to/carrie-2013-720p-brrip-x264-yify-t8491625.html Enjoy Guys
  13. Rush http://kickass.to/rush-2013-720p-brrip-x264-yify-t8469378.html 720P BR RIP http://kickass.to/rush-2013-1080p-brrip-x264-yify-t8469383.html 1080P BR RIP
  14. Closed Circuit (British) Nice Movie. http://kickass.to/closed-circuit-2013-720p-brrip-x264-yify-t8441467.html (720p BR RIP) http://kickass.to/closed-circuit-2013-1080p-brrip-x264-yify-t8445347.html (1080p BR RIP) Runner Runner (Justin Timberlake & Ben Affleck) (Blue Ray Rip) http://kickass.to/runner-runner-2013-720p-brrip-x264-yify-t8408121.html (720P BR RIP) http://kickass.to/runner-runner-2013-1080p-brrip-x264-yify-t8410402.html (1080P BR RIP) If you are downloading using kickass torrents look for a uploader called YIFY (Only Movies).
  15. Wish you All a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  16. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/paul-walker-secretly-bought-couples-10000-engagement-ring--2013412 Seriously the world lost a Great Man
  17. Lost for Words . R.I.P, Paul Walker.
  18. I don't want to be Rude but there is No term Called "Buffels", You can call them Speakers.
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