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  1. tilvin

    Journey With The Hiace

    Bad mentality of selling a used one to a novice user when it needs maintenance....🤔🤔.
  2. tilvin

    Journey With The Hiace

    Great....😃. Thanks bro....😃
  3. tilvin

    Tyre Size 175/80 R14

    Thanks for the detailed explanation my friend.....:)
  4. tilvin

    Tyre Size 175/80 R14

    Is it? So people who uses CE#T tyres will need to change their shocks every 6 months......🤔
  5. tilvin

    Tyre Size 175/80 R14

    Thanks for the help bro....:). I called Sakura. Seems they have 185R14. They don't have 175R14. Will 185R14 ok? I feel the width seems bit high. So the steering might get more load when turning. What do you think guys?
  6. tilvin

    Tyre Size 175/80 R14

    Thanks for the reply bro..... My actual need is where I can find 175/80 R14 in Sri Lanka? I called many shops. They are telling that they are first time hearing a tyre size like this.....
  7. tilvin

    Tyre Size 175/80 R14

    Any help?
  8. tilvin

    Tyre Size 175/80 R14

    What about buying, https://greasemonkey.lk/product/maxxis-lt-series-175-r14-un-999/ Is this different from 175/70 R14? Will this suit?
  9. tilvin

    Tyre Size 175/80 R14

    My Wingroad Y12 originally came with 175/70 R14. Sometimes it hits ground when going up / down slopes. I am planning to put a new tyre set with little more height. Will 175/80 R14 ok? Searched so many places. But could not be able to find. Can you guys help?
  10. Guys, Hope every body is so busy with your rust buckets. Anyway, please spend few minutes for me as well....😃 These days I am looking to buy a decent Morris Minor Traveller Wagon and restore to original spec. Planning to do the whole body work, painting and interior work to the original spec. I may need to spend a lot of money for that...... So I am looking for a specimen below 2 lakhs to start the job. If you know any thing good, please PM me. Thanks.....
  11. Thanks bro. Trish is sending me the PDF. If I need I will let you know.
  12. Thanks bro. I sent you my email. Please send me the PDF.
  13. If anybody have the following book let me know, https://www.ebay.com/itm/VW-Beetle-Karmann-Ghia-Haynes-Repair-Manual-NEW-owners-Book-Service-1954-1979-/361496718318
  14. He...He...😃. Thanks bro. I know the pain when things do not work as we expected and when some of our makka bases mess up the things. I have very bad experiences with some of them....That's why I am searching for a good old guy who has the patience to listen to me and get the things done properly. If you know any body who specializes please let me know. Should be close to Kelaniya, Kiribathgoda, Ja Ela, Kandana or Katunayake. From today morning onwards, some idea have come to buy a fairly original condition beetle and restore to factory spec. Anyway in that case I will go for 1.5 litre model. Not the 1.3 or 1.2 ones. Let's see how it goes. I will update with pictures.
  15. Guys, my interest got changed. I am thinking to restore one Austin Cambridge. I found a good specimen from Galle. Planning to go and bring that next week. Anyway, I am located in Negombo. Friends, can you give a good contact no of a mech who can do repairs on old vehicles. Guy should be trust worthy and knowledgeable in restoration. Other than paint work all other work including body work and tinkering, - that guy should be able to do. Friends please help. I prefer old mech who can do carb repairs on very old European models. Please inbox me the numbers and details.