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  1. tilvin


    My advice - Put to a good local garage who has mechs with heads (Not mouth only....😆) and do the job. If somebody who does not have head in To*ot* La**a do your job what will happen? I have experienced so many times in bigger organizations, there were lot of supervisors and techs who don't have any knowledge of cars. Just big mouth only and some broken English....😆. These guys never talk in Sinhala man....😆
  2. tilvin

    Upgrade to Vitz

    Depends on several factors.....😆
  3. tilvin

    Knock sensor failure

    I have 2 solutions for your 2 problems. Solution 1 - Replace the knock sensor Solution 2 - Change the gearbox oil Can you do both solutions and do an ECU rescan / update?
  4. Buy the throttle body fully. I hope this model throttle body have the IAC valve in it.
  5. tilvin

    Importing classic and used cars to Sri Lanka

    Don't give this idea to our politicos....😊. Don't know how many of them are looking at this forum. May be OP is one of them....😎
  6. Ranji, Do you experience any problem with the car currently? If not, don't go for any tuneup. Usually the newer model cars ECU auto adjusts and do not need explicit tuneups like old gen cars. In Sri Lanka, some people are cheating by promoting periodic engine tuneups for new cars. I know a fat person who was cheating people by his nice big lectures without any proper automobile knowledge and putting a sticker on the back of vehicles down Nawala Road previously....:). That person is capable of ripping people by his deceitful smile and luring people by his false marketing lies....:). Beware of those kind of people. Cheers...
  7. tilvin

    To buy my 1st car

    3 m budget is good one. Don't waste that on craps. Think about a 2008 - 2010 Allion or Premio? Tida, Bluebird or Wingroad also good options. This Bingato and Meera are not worthy for your money bro....:)
  8. Still I couldn't find a good garage for classics in these areas guys. If you know anybody PM me. Tks. Sent from my SM-J210F using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  9. I have PM you. Thanks.....:)
  10. I have a morris minor which I recently bought from an Uncle (Old seller)...😊. Now the car don't seem having enough brakes, lesser pickup and few body works. I need a knowledgeable mech around JaEla, Kandana, Wattala or Katunayake area which I can easily visit on my way to work. The guy should be a reasonable rate getting guy. My uncle (Not the seller...😊) once went to the so called Aut*Mi**j guys for a service in his Jap Y10 wingroad. Their big mouth supervisor inspected my Uncle's car and have told the brake pads need to be replaced and they can do the replacement. Finally when the bill came my uncle was actually fainted....😊. The bill was 60K. When my uncle came home, brakes got binded and the car wheels were red hot. When our mech (New gen mech - he won't suit for Minor...😊) removed the tyres and found the pads were fitted wrongly and that was causing the issue. Why I am telling all these is, I DO NOT need Posh mechs like Previous Nawala Road tuner Mar*o D*as who has ripped me once with one of my car or like these Aut*Mi**j guys who actually don't have any sound mechanical knowledge to do mechanical repairs. So please PM me with genuine guys with sound knowledge. A guy under the tree also fine for me if he has proper MECH Head.....😊
  11. Yeah bro...😊. I left the idea, because seller guys are quoting absurd prices for me. Also restoring a Traveller is not an easy task as it involves special wood work and seems costly. So now I stuck to restore a Morris Minor saloon. I prefer a 2 door saloon. But couldn't find one. Searched for few 4 door ones as well. Since going to restore from the ground, I prefer to buy one with rust and requiring paint work for reasonably low price. Let's see how my hunt goes....😊. If you know any good abandoned....😊 cars, let me know by private messaging. I don't care about rust or outer look. But interior should be in original look....😊
  12. Thanks guys for the assistance.....😊😊😊
  13. Dears, I am planning to buy a minor and make it convertible. Is it possible in Sri Lanka? Do I need to inform RMV about this? If it is original convertible, will that be stated in the registration book? Please assist me. Thanks....
  14. tilvin

    Journey With The Hiace

    Bad mentality of selling a used one to a novice user when it needs maintenance....🤔🤔.
  15. tilvin

    Journey With The Hiace

    Great....😃. Thanks bro....😃