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  1. Thanks dears. Will visit an AC shop tomorrow and check. Thanks. Sent from my SM-J610F using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  2. Guys, I recently bought a Caldina diesel car...😃. The AC foot area vent valves blowing heat air even when the blower shutdown fully or AC on...🤣. I need to fix this problem. Do you know any good AC shops near Ja Ela or Kandana area? Please help me by providing contact details...😃. Thanks.
  3. Thanks guys.
  4. Thanks guys for the replies.
  5. Thanks for the reply friend. But my case is different. I completely shutoff the blower. So NO air coming from the vents and the AC is fully shut down. Still heat air coming from the foot area from both side. Tomorrow, I am going to bring to a "interior cushion shop" and going to put another floor carpet over the original carpet and see whether we can stop the hot air coming out...😂
  6. Anybody knows the address or contact details of this shop?
  7. I showed to a silencer shop. They asked to accelerate the engine after putting to a slope. Then visually checked from the bottom and told that no any leaks. Since black smoke came when accelerating asked to show the injector pump to a pump workshop. There was a pump shop close by. I showed to them. They removed the pump and serviced by putting some new parts and re-fixed. Charged me 15K for the job...😂. Now there are no black smoke. Set the RPM to 1200 when AC on and on the gear position "Park". They told can't reduce below due to the engine mounts. They told to replace all four engine mounts. I am still wondering how all four engine mounts went at same time. But when I drive back the car, still the "Heat air coming from bottom when blower off" is there. What can I do? I bought the car only few weeks back. Never used a Toyota diesel before...😂. Already spend more than 1 lakhs on suspension work and these. Can any body help me to find a good mechanic who can attend on this engine mount issue? Does recondition mounts available anywhere for 2C turbo engine? Please help.
  8. Thanks Davy. I also suspected and checked the blower box. Fresh air vent has been permanently closed using a card board...[emoji1787]. I checked the engine compartment. The insulation is there in place. No any visible rubber parts open. Do I need to check the silencer? Catalytic converter or something? Sent from my SM-J610F using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  9. tilvin

    Nissan Tiida Reverse Gear Won't Engage

    Is this CVT? What is the oil you are using?
  10. Guys, After a long time. Hope you all are keeping well. As a change this time, I bought a NON-Peugeot car...😀 . Toyota Caldina diesel (CT190). I ran for a week and started developing cough and phlegm. The AC cooling was really poor. Also some burnt smell. So yesterday, I shutoff AC blower completely and lowered the front shutters and ran. Both side from the front bottom, heat air is coming very aggressively....🤣. But there are no any visible uncovered area near the carpet. What can be the problem? How we can fix it? When car is on neutral with AC the RPM is 1200. Is this high RPM causing this heat air? Guys I am getting giddiness symptom also after driving the car for approx 20 kms. How we can identify the root cause of this problem and sort this issue? Please help. The engine is 2C turbo engine. Thanks.
  11. tilvin

    DFSK 580

    Oh shit...🤭
  12. Undervaluing is illegal. Combination of lie + theft.
  13. tilvin

    Fitting AC to Fiat 1100 car

    Yeah. I understand. But I saw few Morris minors installed with AC advertised in quick site. Is any volunteers know the right technicians please assist. Anyway I don't want to pay huge amounts to white elephants who rip lot of money by talking....[emoji848] Sent from my SM-J610F using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  14. tilvin

    Fitting AC to Fiat 1100 car

    Guys, this is 3 Sri old Fiat 1100......😃. Is it possible to do AC for this model?