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    Hey guys, Just wonering if anyone here has any experience with singer generators. Looking at buying this petrol model: http://www2.singersl.com/singer/products/section_01/index.asp?pcode=SIN%5FG%2DSP%2D2000&PC=generators&blnExpandList=Yes Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, Thought I'd make this post for anyone interested in restoring their headlight covers. After Looking around for a headlight restore kit and not bieng able to find one locally I decided to do it myself. Now while this will help restore the surface, it will not help if your lights are leaking and you have yellowing on the inside. If this is the case you will have to take the cover apart (you will need an oven for this) and then do the inside the same way. Here's what you need 1. wet/dry sand paper one sheet each of 1000 grit (if the covers are reall bad you can substitute it with 800 grit), 1500 grit, 2000 grit 2. Sanding block This will make your life easier and give an even sanding. If you don't have one just take a wooden block and wrap the sand paper around it. 3. Rubbing compound 3m costs like 1450 and there are a few other brands that will work just fine. Just don't get the loose stuff in a tine. It's a bit too abrasive. 4. Masking tape 5. clear coat spray can This is optional. If you want to make the work last a really long time I recommend spraying your lights with clear coat. If you don't care or are lazy like I am just use a uv protectant every week or so. So here's how we start. 1. cover the area around the light with masking tape to protect the paint. If you want you can also just remove your lights and restore them off the car. 2. Take out the 1000 grit sand paper and place it around the block. Make sure you keep all the sand paper clean and wet through out the restoration process. Start sanding down you have an even layer without any deep scratches. You will see a froth forming on the headlight and you should not be alarmed. This is merely the top residue from the top layer bieng sanded down. Clean your light cover with a wet rag between sandings. 3. Once you have sanded it down and you have an even layer that looks like frosted glass, start using the 1500 grit paper. Use the same process as step 2. You will notice less scratches and if step one was done right you should not have many deep scratches. Make sure you keep the sand paper wet during sanding and clean the light every now and again. Once you have a nice even surface move on to step 4. 4. Now use the same sanding process as before using your 2000 grit paper. You will start to n otice the inside of your light is not more visible than before. Make sure you get a nice even surface with the inside of the light fairly visible. 5. Wash down the light by pouring some water to make sure it's nice and clean. Take the rubbing compound onto a cloth (preferably micro fiber). Then start polishing your healight with it until it becomes crystal clear. This is the final step and had you done the previous steps correctly you should have a good end result. 6. This step is optional. Spray an even coat of clear onto the light. and let it dry. If you don't want to go as far as painting just use some son of a gun or other protectant on the light. I will upload the pictures later today. My internet connection is slow right now.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a place here than can plate some plastic trim and roof wings for me?
  4. Ok guys, So while I found a place to chrome plate the smaller parts in my vehicle, I haven't been so lucky finding anyone with the capacity to handle something as large as the roof wings. So I decided to tackle this problem on my own. Basically I will be updating this DIY when the project is 100% complete. So i'll start with what I have now. This DIY should apply to smaller parts too. Always wear a respirator or atleast a suitable mask when painting! Materials needed Paint thinner Rags Toa chrome paint can (or similar) Clear coat (a spray can would be easier but i'm just going to use a spray gun). Sand paper (600,800 grit) Plastic primer (the grey kind) As you can see the paint on this wing is in pretty horrid shape. 1. Using paint thiner remove the paint that's already on the part you want to want to work with. 2. If you have any damage you would need to fix it. I had some damage around the mounting whole so I used a two part epoxy putty to restore it. For other smaller damage and imperfections you should use catalloy paste (sp?). 3. Sand the part down using 600 grit paper until you get an even layer. Then do the same with the 800 grit paper. 4. spray and even coat of primer and let it dry for an hour or two. If you see any imperfections on it after it's dried you would need to sand the areas down now. Once you have done that apply another coat. 5. Once the primer is dried and you are left with a smooth product you can move on to painting it. Use the chrome paint and apply one layer. Let it dry and repeat it every thirty minutes once or twice. 6. Let the paint cure for 24 hours. 7. we move onto the clear coat to be continued.......
  5. Hi guys, So i'm thinking about buying a pressure washer tomorow and would like to know exactly what pressure I should be looking at. The Karcher ones are at 90 bar and do not have any soap attachments which I think would be a PIA if I have to carry a bucket of soap together with the washer around the car. It did not have wheels on it either. There was a chinese one at 120 bar with both a soap bottle and wheels for 13,000. The Karcher was close to 15,000. Which one would you chose? I have to wash three cars a week btw.
  6. jdnet

    Water Drops On Side Windows & Mirrors

    In these rainy days, If you are driving or keeping the car under rain, causes lots of water drops to be built on side windows & side mirrors which trouble your visibility. Is there any solution to get rid of them. Yeah. Stop bieng a p*ssy.
  7. Ok guys This is a how-to on a basic clean-up that covers one part thats overlooked most of the time. This is the IAC valve. For info on the IAC valve just go here. http://www.2carpros.com/articles/how-idle-air-control-valve-works Anyway this write up is for a 3.0 v6 tribute but the process is similar on most vehicles. Here's what you need Clean dry rags Carburetor cleaner (you can easily find it at the auto section in arpico. There are a few brands o choose from and cost between 450-600 a can). Basic socket set with a ratchet. (I used a torque wrenchto tighten the bolts to spec but a ratchet wouldbe fine). A slight engine clean up. With the engine running and the air filter out spray some carb cleaner into the air intake. Use 1-2 second bursts. You engine will act like its about to stall, when that happens just stop for a couple of seconds till it gets back to normal. While going this have someone rev the engine between 4-5000 rpm. You should see smoke comming out of your tail pipe. I would not breathe in the smoke if I were you. After revving it for 1-2 mins you are good to go. This ends the carb cleaning part of the tuneup. Cleaning the IAC valve. With the engine cooled down locate your IAC valve and unplug the wiring harness on the back of it. Proceed to remove it and inspect it for build up. You should see a lot of carbon buildup if it has never been cleaned. Take your carb cleaner and spray the inside of the valve. The carb cleaner can should come with a small straw that goes into the nozzle. Use this to spray the inside of the valve and break up the carbon deposits. Spray carb cleaner for a second time and shake the IAC valve dry. Also make sure you spray carb cleaner and cleaned the contact points. Next, look at the area on that the valve was mounted to. You should see build up down the two holes. Spray carb cleaner and clean it. The next step is something I skipped but needs to be done. Ran out of gasket maker today so it will have to wait till tomorow. Remove the old gasket where you set the valve using a flat head screw driver. Always be gentle as the metal on these parts as the metal is soft in comparisomn to other areas. Use the gasket maker to created a new gasket in the recessed area where the old one was. Once the gasket sets (refer to packing for those details) place the valve back and put the bolts back in. Always hand tighten bolts as much as you can and then use the ratchet. This will help prevent stripped threads. If you have a torque wrench then use the manufacturers specs if not tighten it softly and make a 1/2 to 1/4 turn. Plug the harness back in, start the car up and let it idle. If you valve had a lot of build up you would notice a much smoother idle. Either way cleaning it up is good as it will extend the life of the valve. If you have any questions please do ask. If I can;t answer them some one else should be able to. Also if you like these posts and find them helpful please let me know. It will help me know that i'm not wasting time writing these up. I was going to clean the EGR valve too but ran out of time today. I will update this post whenever I get to it. If you don't see detailed pictures on this post it means I haven't loaded them as yet. PLease check back. I'm having some issues with photobucket today.
  8. So I bought a prius yesterday and I just wanted to say that all you people talking about how great it is are full of crap. Yes is does get 50 MPG but getting it to move from a stop at the traffic lights is pretty painful. The tanks I drive have better pickup. Fortunately for me it's my wife's car. I do see how our prius fan boys can get all excited with the amount of technology in it but it's supposed to be a car, not a computer.

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      Because we live in a place with pretty low speed limits and we have to stop every 10 seconds and if you are married you will know just how far you can get if you say no to your wife.

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      just out of curiosity... are u married to Californikan :) ?

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      I like what you said about cars and computers..

  9. Oh wow I guess I missed a lot . A new generation on hybrid hippies.
  10. been a while. How's everyone doing?

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      we have some new tree huggers in the house

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      Silvi has started posting in post whoring :D

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      @supra the uniform has been good. Tiring andnpainful as hell but that is expected.

      Nice to see unkel back. Too bad I dont have access to a computer to reply to Mr. Sylvi. Typing stuff on the phone sucks.

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    Car Airfreshner

    go with little trees. Of all the airfresheners i've used that works best. I smoke in the car so I know.
  12. jdnet

    Fb 15 Idle Drop Issue

    speed sensor on the transmission going bad?
  13. well guys, it's time for me to take a long vacation from Autolanka. Try and save some n00b bashing till i get back.

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      Being deployed? All the best dude!

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      Where are u off to? bombing syria?

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      nah just training.

  14. WTF? you serious about all these medical checks just for a license??? I went through less with the army.
  15. were yoiu expecting people to get on their knees and give you a blowjob?
  16. Buy it on ebay using your credit card. Then have it shipped via dhl. Don't worry about taxes. You can just bribe the customs guy.
  17. jdnet

    Nissan Vanette Turbo Engine (Ld20 Ii)

    Pros: It has more power. Your friends will say elakiri pickup machan. Cons: You will be growing money at an old van. I mean what else is there to discuss?
  18. jdnet

    Nissan Leaf Launch In Sri Lanka

    I was thinking the same thing. He has the first electric car in Sri Lanka in front of his, yet his first question is about the lights. Typical allion guy if you ask me.
  19. I would start by cleaning the oil pressure switch. Try that before assuming it's an electrical issue.
  20. jdnet

    Proton Wira Meter Issue

    What a retarded question.
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    Why Kia Owners Sell Their Suvs

    Damitha, this is a maxxxxa thread. Very Informationive. You are elakiri person for sticking up and putting supranatural in his place. He many have 9000 posts but he have no brain. Keep fighting ma Nigga. I with you on this one. You are my knight in shining armour. If it wasn't for people like you, this forum reducing.
  22. machan, you should totally install two additional seats in the RAV 4. It is an elakiri idea. Market value increase neda? because 7 seats will carry more people than five. Only an idiot would think you should buy a van. How can you take those 7 people to yala in a van????? plus rav four more comfort than a van. you can even have more than seven peoplr if you had people sitting on each others laps. Don't worry about cargo space. Elcardo can welding a rack onto roof. It's a sira idea machan, plus better look with roof rack. or you can have elcardo remove the spare tire and weld a compartment there to put your baddu in.
  23. jdnet

    Frameless Wiper Re-Fill

    Cant remember the names but I can say for certain there are a couple of places in the small lanes of panchi that carry basically every size you would need. It s worth looking at the smaller shops off of the main road when looking for parts like blade refills.