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  1. In these rainy days, If you are driving or keeping the car under rain, causes lots of water drops to be built on side windows & side mirrors which trouble your visibility. Is there any solution to get rid of them. Yeah. Stop bieng a p*ssy.
  2. So I bought a prius yesterday and I just wanted to say that all you people talking about how great it is are full of crap. Yes is does get 50 MPG but getting it to move from a stop at the traffic lights is pretty painful. The tanks I drive have better pickup. Fortunately for me it's my wife's car. I do see how our prius fan boys can get all excited with the amount of technology in it but it's supposed to be a car, not a computer.

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    2. jdnet


      Because we live in a place with pretty low speed limits and we have to stop every 10 seconds and if you are married you will know just how far you can get if you say no to your wife.

    3. Crosswind


      just out of curiosity... are u married to Californikan :) ?

    4. MkX


      I like what you said about cars and computers..

  3. Oh wow I guess I missed a lot . A new generation on hybrid hippies.
  4. been a while. How's everyone doing?

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    2. Crosswind


      we have some new tree huggers in the house

    3. Magnum


      Silvi has started posting in post whoring :D

    4. jdnet


      @supra the uniform has been good. Tiring andnpainful as hell but that is expected.

      Nice to see unkel back. Too bad I dont have access to a computer to reply to Mr. Sylvi. Typing stuff on the phone sucks.

  5. go with little trees. Of all the airfresheners i've used that works best. I smoke in the car so I know.
  6. speed sensor on the transmission going bad?
  7. well guys, it's time for me to take a long vacation from Autolanka. Try and save some n00b bashing till i get back.

    1. Supra_Natural


      Being deployed? All the best dude!

    2. Crosswind


      Where are u off to? bombing syria?

    3. jdnet


      nah just training.

  8. WTF? you serious about all these medical checks just for a license??? I went through less with the army.
  9. were yoiu expecting people to get on their knees and give you a blowjob?
  10. Buy it on ebay using your credit card. Then have it shipped via dhl. Don't worry about taxes. You can just bribe the customs guy.
  11. Pros: It has more power. Your friends will say elakiri pickup machan. Cons: You will be growing money at an old van. I mean what else is there to discuss?
  12. I was thinking the same thing. He has the first electric car in Sri Lanka in front of his, yet his first question is about the lights. Typical allion guy if you ask me.
  13. I would start by cleaning the oil pressure switch. Try that before assuming it's an electrical issue.
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