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  1. There’s a sound when I shift the gear from d to p after few miles drives. It s a chr turbo. Why is this
  2. CHR 1.2 Turbo 2W/D Avg fuel 14 km/l, Highway 19Km/l.
  3. jami

    Trd Pro

    it is there one of leading sale at Kandy have those 2014 tundra two numbers, so i want to know does anyone know much abt it?
  4. jami

    Trd Pro

    Hi cerosswind nice to see you . i mean toyota new 2014 Tundra.
  5. jami

    Trd Pro

    Any one experience with toyota TRD PRO?
  6. jami


    I need a explanation for 4DR5 jeeps, what is j32? and j44? is j32 comes as original patrol or diesel?
  7. people like you scam to the forum, and a virus to the country, if there are 10 people like you think what will happen. you always think of insult, and never intend to help
  8. ok you all made the wrong. forum is now full of beach boys. i post the same question in www.nissanforums.com/, and they give a positive answer rather saying bla bla bla. this is a very bad behavior in the forum. please banned followings they really doing a bullshit here. Crosswind terrabytetango Schiffer CyRaX
  9. Alto K10 and March K10 engine are same or different?
  10. i got a problem similar to this. rpm goes down and stopped the engine while running. when it start rpm goes around 1000 and suddenly drop to 500 and again up to 1000, this is happen at the idle position. what is the issue??
  11. jami


    so by warming the engine you can raise the rpm initially but at the end it will drop down. but why it drop dwn to less than 400, and why it is suddenly drop when the initial start done.
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