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  1. If Govt want to ban car import...they increase the Tax for new orders one and not for already booked one..also keep in mind stopping car imports want save u lot of money.... only solution is stop wastage on Fuel ...by increasing public transport...if Govt increase tax people will buy cars manu in China or so on..... i dont know why people do not have clear mind on transportation like any other countries have... Only solution to reduce traffic and stop waste of money at Road is to enhance the Quality in Public Transport.....if a Good transportation system is operating...gradually people will get use to it....
  2. If the Govt increases Duty like SLFP govt..then we cnt see any difference among two parties.... UNP always state that they have good economists....sudden increase of Tax is bad quality of any govt...where people fell in difficulty when it comes to import....... If any Govt wants to reduce the expenses on one major thing that should do is Improving the Public transport. Like having A/C Coaches etc
  3. You can't simply go and buy cars from Auction...for that you need go through an agent.... You can directly import one car under your name from that agent..
  4. Honda to Launch Grace Hybrid in Japan To be Launched on 01st of December 2014 , Most Likely to be with 1500cc Engine with Dual Clutch System Same as Gp5 and Honda Vezel Engine To be Launched in Three Categories : DX LX and EX (Premium Version) With Leather Seats , Cruise Control , Paddle shift
  5. LEAF not a good car use, as the First Vehicle....if u have net metering System the cost you have bare is lower than the Gasoline charges..... it takes about 4.5 hours to get a full charge....car is good and very smooth. buts its bulky....one of my clients are very happy with dat unit..because he is having Solar Panels installed in his house with net metering system....
  6. All the units made in 2013 which had this issue, has been sorted now..... GP5 is a well designed Hatch-back - Performance and look is really good. Intertior Seats in L and S Grade is really great..also it has gd demand
  7. this is very common thing...i have cn many advertisements like this...one month ago i sold a car Suzuki Swift 2004 Millage around 134 000km the day after it was advertised with the millage of 70 000km.... One reason is people who are looking for cars the 1st question is whts da millage .... so that is why people reset the odo meter it costs only 1500-2000
  8. whts da use of uploading an Auction sheet.... because most of the important comments in the Sheet were noted using Japanese ..in here many can't read Japanese..so they look at the Auction grade and decide da car is good or not.... also i found many occasions were people alter the auction grade ,auction no and give it to client for example R grade to 4 or 4.5...since buyer cant read Japanese ..buyer thinks it true auction grade.....
  9. im not a member of Toyota design Team..bt im in that Business..... we get the latest updates... As i know Premio and Allion Hybrid will launch in early next year after the Axio Hybrid Shell Design Changes
  10. if u r not using ur car frequenter then no use of buying an Aqua.... also whether people like it or not most of JP Domestic models which are very popular in SL gona launch the Hybrid Version e.g Premio,allion in 2015 also Axio hybrid as already they have launched. If a hybrid car is properly maintained and if you purchase a Accident free car from Japan.. i think car will not give you trouble for 4-5 years... also there are technicians who are capable of solving problems which occurs in electronic units of the Vehicle .......
  11. its not Correct if it mentions RA then the condition is good. but R doesn't guarantee it was repaired according to Manufacture Standards. wht i think is if any one is selling a R grade car buyer should be aware of that
  12. Hi , Adding what Kamal has stated most of the Aqua Cars imported to SL are Accident Repaired cars...to prove the cars are accident free ,Car sale people produce fake Auction Sheets....i have seen many instances like that..Even i have cn in autolanka there are couple advertisements which are R grade cars. bt actually sellers say they high auction grade cars (4 or 4.5). If anyone buying a Car that has the JEVIC Pre inspection Export Certificate you guys can check the e-Certificate using below mentioned link http://www.jevic.com/ Click on CHECK E-CERT Then enter the Chassis no E.g NHP10-XXXXXXX Think this link will be useful to find whether the car you trying buy has altered ODOMETER Reading
  13. To me it will not be famous...also in 2014 end or 2015 Front shell will get changed....In Jp market its not doing the sales as expected that is why they are changing front Face design...minor change
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