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  1. Nice wheels man. You are very lucky to own some of the well sought after classics and I'm glad it's owned by some one like you who gives em the attention they deserve
  2. Nice car Jay and really well kept. My dad had the exact same car back in 1986/1989 period. Please don't do any mods to it as finding an original in this nick is not that easy.
  3. Spot on watchman. Same views here too.
  4. Amen Dillon. Never owned a Mazda untill early this year when we bought my wife a Mazda 2. Really economical car, it actually does only 4km/l less than my Bike (Yamaha R6). When I had a recent crash it was very safe hence me and my wife walked away without a scratch where the car was a write off. Looks and drives great as well.
  5. I have used a different image sharer, hope the pics are viewable.
  6. Thanks for the kind words guys. Much appreciate it. Same story here madmax. Mine will be auctioned as well and the insurance company tries to recover part of the loss. I have heard about to kind of write offs. The repairable and the unrepairable. Repairable ones could be repaired and registered again after a safty / engineering certificate. Unrepairable ones can never be registered again, mainly actioned for parts. I dont think mine will be repairable at all.
  7. It's in Aus. The insurance was with SunCorp. Thanks Ripper. The pics seem to be viewable from my end. Not sure what needs to be done. Thanks Cali. The service with the insurance company is really good. The accident was on Friday (06.07.2012) and the car was sent to the yard straight away. I made the claim immediately and on Monday they confirmed that it was written off. Agreed with the SL scene. Some of you are able to see the pics but I can see all of them from my end. Not sure whats wrong. Wife was a bit upset but I accepted that it was my fault, so it kept her down. She was glad that we were un hurt because if I was a second early, my door would have taken the hit. The LC was a brick like all other 90s Jap trucks. Small dent on his LHS front fender and couple of scratches on his bull bar and that was all!
  8. Hi every one. Last friday I crashed my wifes car and thank God we both managed to walk away without a scratch but the car was written off. I didn't see a vehicle comming on my right at a give way sign and it was a massive impact. The othe vehicle was a Land Cruiser single cab with a bull bar. The air bags deployed and the front of the car was damaged badly. Luckily I had comprehinsive insurance, so after a $600 excess I will be getting a brand new car (Our car was only 6 months old with 11,000kms on the clock). Just thought to share it here. Gents, please drive safely and do wear your seat belts if you have one regardless of the plates of your vehicle.
  9. No idea about the car but I have great respect towards Elon Musk and his Space X venture. First heard of him when the Falcon series rockets were launched.
  10. I thought it was a local kit. Any ways me thinks it looks quite bulky and ruins the looks but thats just my opinion. I thought you already got the Teg's wheels sorted.
  11. Thought of sharing it here. its a Triumph four cylinder motor similar to yours.
  12. NIce work MD and glad to see the progress . Much appreciate the pics too. I'm gonna be honest, at times I envy your wheels. The TR and the MG are my all time favourites.
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