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  1. AA3

    Eva! My Journey With An E36

    What' s the reason for current condition ?
  2. AA3

    W211 - E200 Kompressor

    I' ve seen only one E320. Not sure just a badge though, like most of the 520d s badged as M5
  3. AA3

    W211 - E200 Kompressor

    Well, yes I heard W124 is an "over engineered" car. But with this new "gadgets/features" era we cannot expect that kind of products from any thing. All are made from short term use. This is not only for cars I guess. But do you guys think in W211 E240 is better than E200 Kompressor ? 'cos I noticed unlike E200 there' re handful E240' s available, so it might not easy to find good condition E240.
  4. AA3

    Bmw And Reliability

    Agree ! Had a E34 and currently riding on E39. Both are reliable as it should. But should' ve positive mindset like other pro members described in more detail .
  5. AA3

    W211 - E200 Kompressor

    Hi, Thinking of buying a W211(E200 kompressor). Would like to hear experiences and/or advises. Also just like to know whether D*mo imported them India or any other country other than Germany. Thanks in advance !
  6. AA3

    Looking To Buy A Subaru

    Thinking of fuel economy and buying Subaru are two different terms.
  7. AA3

    Bmw E32 - 07 Series

    Yeah, I can understand your feelings. Actually I donno why people buy these vehicles if they couldn’ t or don’ t want to maintain properly. There’ re communities who shout on behalf of pets. I think we badly need a voice against wreckers too.
  8. AA3

    Bmw E32 - 07 Series

    Another car which needs a very big attention http://####/bmw-518-car-for-sale-kalutara . But this is E34 not a E32.
  9. AA3

    Bmw E32 - 07 Series

    Good Move ! there' s a one advertised in AL for some time. (http://www.autolanka...d.asp?ID=100925) Asking around 1.5M. But it' s an autobox(donno whether u interest or not)
  10. AA3


    There' s 1991 white E34 (18-)advertised in autola**.com. Just like to hear about 'recent' E34s ? About parts and reliability ? 'cos those' re almost 20 years old now. I saw lots of you guys recommand M50 VANOS. But M20 said to be very relaible and cheap to maintain. ('cos there' s a '88 model 16- even for less than a E30 price)
  11. AA3

    5 Series (E39)

    Black E39 with reg no KH-1xx0 right ?
  12. AA3

    5 Series (E39)

    I' m sure your just a sales guy by profession.
  13. AA3

    Prestige Vs. Milroy

    No offence. Just asking as Im very new for bimmers....still doing homework.
  14. AA3

    Prestige Vs. Milroy

    Is this still valid ??? I heard couple of my friends said now M**roy is not in focus on what he does. Some times he even don' t look at the vehicle (obviously ppl go all the way to kelaniya expecting special attention for their cars) or listen what customer requests. Badly some of the skill mechanics already left from him Also currently no tinker. Once a friend of mine put his car to do few minor repairs. But even after couple of (working)days the car was un-touched saying various non-valid reasons we heard from other garages which wasn' t from M**roy. At that time my friend was already paying for a rented car. Another complaint abt a paint job. He was complaining that colour matching is very very bad. Colour difference is obvious. Any way all these cars were more than 15 years old. But not their money