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  1. bro.. wich player model u have ? JDM NDDN series ? i can help
  2. upulhad

    Gps Navigation System ?

    hey.. j dent...thanks for info...i found all i want..
  3. upulhad

    Honda Insight (Or Any Jdm) Navigation

    i used JDM player for past two yrs and have separate DVR / NAVI no worries ...
  4. For GPS go for android based gps phone ot tab or what ever,, you can find gud map online easly for SL
  5. Much help full one Thanks for share...
  6. upulhad

    Spray On Dash Board

    Iso prpl Alcohol (sergical sprit ) will Nice for you.. its not hurt ur plastic / vinyl /Al surface..
  7. upulhad

    Toyota Axio Luxel Importing Tax

  8. upulhad

    How To Drive Car Economically

    use full link http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/fuels-and-environment/drive-smart.html
  9. CVT ? AT ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jaliya48


      Couldn't agree more. THREE PEDALS or DIE!

    3. JadeyBlitzen


      then again most people these days get all dizzy when they see a manual box

    4. Jaliya48


      Apparently a car thief tried to hijack a car in the US and shamefully ran away when he couldn't drive the Manual car! LOL...

  10. upulhad

    Toyota Oil Filter Housing Wrench

    @ident...roger that
  11. upulhad

    Please Help-Navigation

    hey 2yl late response,,whts da model u have..?