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  1. It's rather easy than rolling back the odometer. I would like to call it a two-step process 1. Firmly decide the number you want your odometer to be rolled up. 2. Drive that distance. It's not rocket science mate.
  2. If you ever gonna sell your car, buy the Toyota Vitz. It will be far easier to sell it than Demio, Fit or Passo in future.
  3. Are we in some spelling forum here? Knowingly or unknowingly OP made a spelling error and making fun out of that is never a good thing ! May be Jdnet you well win the douche bag of the year award in this year.
  4. Avarage milage per year for Japanese vehicles changes with the location/s car had been used in. Reason is in bigger cities ( i.e Tokyo and surrounding cities/suburbs, Kyoto, Osaka ) have well developed public transport systems and daytime parking is absurdly expensive ( and other thing most of the workplaces in urban areas do not provide free parking ) and as a result vehicles in those areas are not much used. However in remote areas where Public transport is not readily available and parking space is abundant, vehicle tend to clock lot of mileage. Japan being the very urbanized country, many people tend to live in urban areas and as a result absurdly low mileage in used vehicle is a real possibility. I bought a car in 2010 and YOM was 2008. I got the all the maintenance records of the vehicle and it perfectly matched with the expressed mileage of 17k.
  5. Same thing here. I posted my advertisement in Autolanka and send the emails with pictures to AL. But even after 1.5 days later I didn't receive payment confirmation e-mail. Only when I queried they said that they are not gonna post unless plates are visible. May be that car belong to a person who knows moderators/ owners. This is Sri Lanka man!
  6. Japanese one. http://www.honda.co.jp/manual/fit-aria/2008/pdf/2008-fit-aria-all.pdf May be Honda City manual will do it as they are almost identical cars. Couldn't find it online.
  7. You know one thing. In Sri Lankan market even the "trashest" car from Toyota will hold its second hand value than the best cars from other Japanese manufactures. So Axela 2010 resale value dropping to 3.0 mil is quite possible.
  8. Does anyone knows who is the Sri Lanka agent for Tokina? Or any reliable place which does Tokina repairs?
  9. Just because it does 22.5 in 10.15 cycle you can't say it does well on fuel. Besides what's in Japanese next to the 1.0 L says it does well in city traffic, not in long distance runs ( Yeah, I do read Japanese ). That contradicts what you have said earlier. and below the page following text can be found. 燃料消費率は定められた試験条件での値です。お客様の使用環境(気象、渋滞等)や運転方法(急発進、エアコン使用等)に応じて燃料消費率は異なります。 which means above figures are in testing conditions and actual figure may differ due to temperature, traffic, driving style, (sudden acceleration, use of AC) etc.
  10. Just a little correction TS. Belta has 1.3 L model as well.
  11. 8 in where? In heavy traffic/ Average/ Rural ?
  12. In pre-2010 Tiida models, CVT boxes are only available in M and G grades. (Those grades have teak interior, and in G grade with teak steering wheel, so identifying it will be easy). S and B grades has non-CVT autoboxes.
  13. Actually it is called as "Attanayake Model" as wijeweera used that alias while hiding in Ulapane.
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