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  1. aamarakoon

    DFSK 580

    Dear doctor, can you please elaborate on this?
  2. aamarakoon

    Anything & Everything About Coolant......

    Some coolant brands are premixed. You gotta check out the instructions on the can
  3. Has anyone CRV owners faced the AVU flicker and blackout issue? Sometimes the brightness adjustments slider pops up randomly and the display blackouts. However audio continues unaffected. Restarting the vehicle temporary solves the problem. What I want to know is whether someone had the issue and knows the fix. This seems to have occurred in the US too.
  4. aamarakoon

    Perodua Viva Elite

    Hello Guys, Your ideas about Perodua Viva Elite please Thanks.
  5. aamarakoon

    Engine capacity in CR

    Simple answer- No problem
  6. aamarakoon

    How to disable idling stop in premio?

    True. It's a headache in severe traffic
  7. Maruthi restaurant couple of km before Chenkaladi towards batti. Super cheap and tasty vegetarian meals.
  8. aamarakoon

    Getting first revenue license via online

    Have you finalized the insurance policy. If you do on a certain day the online link to RMV(DMT) website is only updated with insurance details at 12.00 midnight on that day. Been there. Done that.
  9. aamarakoon

    DBA - KSP130 Gears

    S - sports mode B - engine brake for long descents
  10. aamarakoon

    Carina 212 Ti

    Totally agree. I also had an Allion afterwards. I too preferred the Carina over it. You are right on fuel figures.
  11. aamarakoon

    Permit vehicles

    if you have opened LC just relax.
  12. aamarakoon

    Carina 212 Ti

    The 210 DID start in 1996. So yes there are 212 from 1996-2001. You are talking about the pre-face lift. Face lift started in 1998. I had a 97 212 for 5 years (2007-2012). Had no issues except for routine maintenance. But of course now the model is quite old so finding a good specimen is gonna be a problem. Have seen well kept ones rarely even now. Good luck hunting.
  13. aamarakoon

    Seat belt warning beep

    Does anyone know how to toggle seat belt warning beep in Toyota aqua 2016?. Just bought it unregistered. Seat belt dashboard indicator works but no audible alarm. Tried the internet. Odo button push and hold method doesn't bring the beep on off option.But opens the safety sense menu.
  14. aamarakoon

    Seat belt warning beep

  15. aamarakoon

    Seat belt warning beep

    Thanks. No I ain't gonna do any programming. Just like to have the chime. I always do wear seat belts. But sometimes do forget specially while short runs.
  16. aamarakoon

    Seat belt warning beep

    Thanks irage/Davy. All other beeps ( reverse, LDA, PCS) do work. When I personally cleared from the port both underseat connectors were disconnected. Thought it was by clearing guys who don't wear the belts to get rid of the annoying sound. Sorry I don't understand Japanese.
  17. aamarakoon

    Seat belt warning beep

    No. Tried everything. Don't chime even @ 100kmh. Indicator starts blinking while driving though.
  18. aamarakoon

    Japan Alto 2004 - Auto Transmission oil

    This is a little expensive. Equivalent is Mobil 3309
  19. aamarakoon

    Best gear to drive viva elite

    Actually I have met few people who has no idea about A/T. Some think that 1 & 2 are for city driving !
  20. aamarakoon

    Any place to get a fuse tap in Sri Lanka?

    Did you try eBay?https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F122939389623
  21. aamarakoon

    Nano Energizer

    How about KY jelly?
  22. aamarakoon

    Nano Energizer

    Oh no. Another miracle in miracle of asia.
  23. aamarakoon

    Allion 2003

    This is not an original anniversary model.
  24. aamarakoon


    actually there is an option for agents repairs when you fill the insurance application. If you check this option you will end up with a higher premium. If you feel that your insurance agent is guilty of not informing you about it, and he is willing to pay why don't you let him?