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  1. Condemned means not suitable for use. So why put you and others in danger? 🤔🤔
  2. Why not sell yours and buy one with PS? Less hassle 😊
  3. Don't worry. I also had a battery in which the indicator never turned green. Had no problem whatsoever
  4. Having had both a K11 and a Viva I agree to this. March has notorious fuel consumption, horrible acceleration and incurable steering rack rattle. Believe me I bought it unregistered and used it for 3 years. So you can expect the condition of those cars now. Viva is fast and responsive. Fuel economy is better. But beyond that I didn't like it at all. Some may disagree but I always felt the build quality is not good. Doors don't close well (I mean refined) And the engine is noisy too. You can sell it but again there are many out there.
  5. True. My extended family had 3 of the 1979-86 vans. 2 diesels and a petrol. Rode many miles listening to 'DISCO DANCER' with them. Sadly only memories remain of the good old days. Surprising how vehicles and people do change!!!!
  6. Bringing up an old thread. I feel that it's high time to go for a solar net metering system. But as of today some leading solar energy providers are non existent or gone bankrupt. Appreciate if anyone can recommend me a good company with good after sales services. Thanks.
  7. I am thinking of getting a solar net metering system fixed at home. Though there are many companies, I want to go through one that is reliable and stable as many of them don't exist beyond the a couple of years. Appreciate your valuable advice.
  8. Hi guys, Does anyone know whether you get a reminder on the display unit when rear differential oil change is due? Mine has done 10k now. According to the owners manual 1st change is at 20k or 12 months. Has anyone done it? What is recommended by the agent? Thanks. ( I'm not servicing at agent hence the question)
  9. They weld sockets. But won't be seen afterwards. I was there at the time of fixing, but can't remember the exact procedure.
  10. You can get 2 head rests fixed to the existing seat. Cost 2000/- each. Got it done from a place in Delkanda
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