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  1. Terabite

    Fav Strategy Games???

    does you Motherboard support 1066Mhz for Memory Bus bro?? if not it's not worth it.
  2. Terabite

    The Perfect 10 Car Garage

    Sorry got posted Twice..
  3. Terabite

    The Perfect 10 Car Garage

    I don't need 10 cars.. maintenence is going to kill me.. i'd rather own one killer ride. THE BUGATTI VEYRON..
  4. What about the people that are disabled for life.. who talks about them !!!.. not forgetting the parents & loved ones of the diseased people.. this WAS, IS & WILL be a CASH COW for soo many politicos.. that’s all. thats what i think.
  5. Terabite

    Future Concept Cars

    seems to me all these designers brain waves are all similar..
  6. Terabite

    Fast And Furious

    i just came across F&F 4 the making of the movie torrent.. still down loading.. will let youknow if it's the real thing.
  7. Terabite

    Lamborghini Murciélago Lp650-4 Roadster

    ouch.!! will have a nasty price tag as well..being a limited edition...
  8. Terabite

    Lotus -

    Wow Neat little machine.. any pics of what's under the hood dev..
  9. Terabite

    Led Lights And Etc...

    Please let me know as well machan.. [email protected]
  10. Terabite

    Repair Body Damages

    as for the putty, it has to dry very well.. if not the paint bubbles up. better let it dry for a week or so before painting it. also i would suggest that you remove the paint where the body damage happned.. ( water + Sand paper)
  11. Terabite


    the place i am refering to is at Delkanda Junc. Known as " Popular House". Old gentleman runs the place. he is known for restorations. try it out. worth the trouble. i had a number some where, will post it when i find it. I am re-doing my nissan patrol to a Nissan Safari.. he is doing a good job, was easy on my wallet as well.
  12. Terabite


    i'll mail you mate
  13. Terabite


    if it's ok with the mods. there is a place that does good work, easy on the wallet as well as they do more or restorations. i am doing my vehicle there too. no harm taking it there. mods is it o.k if i give the info on the forum??
  14. Terabite

    Funny ::: Us Tank Vs Toyota Corolla

    Velocity.. i did some research & i think you just found new air strip. also in the picture is some heavy duty trucks at work on the iranamadu strip. http://img527.imageshack.us/my.php?image=loactiongy1.bmp http://img181.imageshack.us/my.php?image=vehzc2.bmp http://img68.imageshack.us/my.php?image=workunderwayel9.bmp
  15. Terabite

    Funny ::: Us Tank Vs Toyota Corolla

    I just checked it out, this way in the center.. looks more like towards Alankulam.