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  1. carson

    Axio 2008 Issues

    I thought it was leather. I am worried as some axio dashboards are heavily damaged. My one is ok, and could you give me some advice?
  2. carson

    Axio 2008 Issues

    "Br!tol leather care liquid" - I got it for Rs.175/= at the super market. How would it do on the axio.2008 dashboard (in particular) , plastics and other upholstery. Kindly share your experience. Does it cause stains?
  3. carson

    Axio 2008 Issues

    Yep, T*y*ta lanka.
  4. carson

    Axio 2008 Issues

    Sorry mates, in spite of your opinions, I have a bad habit of optimizing the car I use. The single previous owner has not done a tune up so I did a full tune up with petrol filter change, changed cvt oil and replaced non gen. brake shoes with genuine ones. The total bill was 60500/=. They did a engine and gear box scan - which was OK. But the fuel consumption has increased a bit following all this, which I hear is some thing you have to accept. I hope that I will not have to go through any major services for another 40000Km.
  5. carson

    Axio 2008 Issues

    I spoke with one agent at t*y*ta lanka - wattala and for your information and opinion I will mention something he said. For the axio, 1 . a general tune up every 20000Km 2 . a tune up with some EGR cleaning etc.etc every 40000Km (cost = 16-18K) 3 . a tunueup+EGR with petrol filter change every 80000Km (Rs.23000 for filter+labour) 4 . CVT oil change every 40000Km My query is the quality of a engine tuneup by the t*y*ta lanka. Have anyone had bad experience following a tune up there? I presume you get what I mean.
  6. carson

    Axio 2008 Issues

    Thanks, but sorry guys I still don't understand B and S - engine breaking????? And also, the tech guys said that you can not comment on the quality of the transmission oil by looking at it. How far is this true? How can I check the transmission oil level and how can we adjust the fluid level? The old axio surely looks more "sedan" than the hybrid one. Another question, Is it possible that you have less pickup on morning startup until the engine temperature builds up or is it the tech guy's comment making funny ideas in me????
  7. I sold the car last week and bought a toyota axio 2008-X. I really enjoyed the drive with the CS3, but I wanted a AT car. Any way I highly appreciate the timely assistance I got from you guys through this forum. Thank you all.
  8. carson

    Axio 2008 Issues

    Hello friends, After using the CS3-2007 for almost 2 years, I sold it the last weak. I enjoyed the time with it, and many thanks to you guys for helping me with my CS3. A few days back I bought a Toyota Axio 2008-X. It clocks 86000Km and transmission oil changed at 50000Km. A tech guy said that he hears a faint hum from the gear box. But on climbing an elevation it can be brought to 80+ Km/H easily and on a avg drive it can reach 100+Km/H with the Econ bulb on. Two days back we went on a outstation trip and believe it when I say it has done 20.3Km/L on Oct95. It has a very good emission report. So I doubt the tech guy's comment. What is your opinion? It has PRNDSB gear possitions. What is "S" ? Is it for sudden accelleration or is it to gain more power when needed (eg: for a climb) - kindly explain.
  9. What about it ??????????????????????????? Pros and Cons. Fuel ??????????? 2015 model is 44,00,000 Rs.
  10. carson

    Premio 2003

    You mean to say that a G grade 2000cc premio is a rare find?
  11. carson

    Premio 2003

    dear mates, My friend is going to buy a 2003 Premio 2000cc car. Any idea about its economy and maintenance?
  12. Oops, sorry Mr.Don. Thanks for the reminder :speechless-smiley-004:
  13. Hello all you guys, I have a CS3. There are no cracks or tears in my interior. But the fabric parts of the door panels look dirty and worn out. Could any body name a place for me to get the fabric parts done in Kandy.
  14. Thanks a lot Mr.Davy for the info. I called Mahinda and he will try to solve my problems. And about the Unimo pricing - the "front window weather stripping" are Left - Rs.11000+ and Right - Rs.8000+ . I was trying to get a recon for less. Mr. Davy if I can have your email, I think you can help me solve a small problem that i have with the emission report, which indicates excess petrol wastage. The unimo agents here seems to think its no issue but the guy at the Eco-test clearly told me to get it checked. Would it be ok if I mail you a copy of the report.
  15. Sold or kept - there are few replacements to be done in my 2007 CS3. I need to replace the left AC vent, the back center antenna and both front window outer beadings. They are fully functional as they are but with some damages. Any idea as to where I can get recon units of these? Additionally a guy said that CS3 2007 can be fitted with scoop lights. Any body have any opinion - cost? where to buy? Thanks.
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