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  1. hear hear! Indian God I hate those buggers. stupid turds
  2. I just saw it too in Wellawatta, accompanied by a Chrysler limo. Someones busy showing off his new toys
  3. It doesn't have the pihatu light machan. only a big enough space to hold a zillions ego's
  4. scds

    Corolla Axio

    make up some wacky names machan. Say it has the ukusu doors, the devatha light and the thoran dashboard. one sure way of selling a car to an idiot
  5. scds

    Corolla Axio

    I still can't understand why people who can afford expensive cars worry about their petrol consumption that's like buying an expensive home theater system and watching Rajinikanth movies in it no wonder Axio/Allions have earned the reputation a "Mudalali's Ferrari"
  6. Did you guys notice this weeks H*tad is full of Hybids....
  7. true the tail looks a bit weird, like someone chopped the backside with an axe
  8. scds

    Southern Ew

    great, them dogs again.....
  9. 19-21 kmpl..duh..even these buddy vans or marutis can match prius fuel efficiency. BUT since we buy all the garbage Japs have to throw out and soon most of the garbage japs have to throw out will be hybrids, its a matter of time prius makes its presence on our roads. Maybe it will be "THE" car, like AE110 with all the essentials like nickel handles, center antenna et al
  10. scds

    Southern Ew

    Awesome pics. Saw a glimpse of the SHW while downsouth recently. Some of the area around the highway are actually being landscaped with lawns. cool
  11. Well said its a good initiative. lets not not try to judge (in this case a ridiculous claim that the President of Sri Lanka wants to pocket money out of a F1 track ) before things have even started, or you could well end up just like our opposition with a jokers hat
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