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  1. yasas_bandara

    Why Vezel Is Bad?

    It’s a FB page for those ‘professionals’. Thanks. I agree 100% with your comment. However most of these guys who bought the Vezel were ALSO suffering from the mental disorder called ‘Brand New Fever’. (There are two types of Brand New Fever. 1. Severe Brand New Fever – “I will never drive any vehicle if somebody else’s ass has ever come into contact with the Driver’s seat” 2. Mild Brand New Fever – “I will never drive any vehicle if a Sri Lankan ass has ever come into contact with the Driver’s seat. Japanese asses are OK”. Type 1 are those who are after ‘Zero Milage’ stuff.) People who’re suffering from this disorder has the capacity to forget that there are many, many jeeps available at the Second-Hand market at a low cost. Also people want jeeps for many different reasons. I wanted a jeep only for the high ground clearance. Even a mini-van with a good ground clearance was ok with me. I bought a second hand jeep because I never had the brand new fever but now, I have begun to see the ‘other advantages’. Things that I haven’t noticed before when I was driving a car. Three wheelers actually ‘respect’ jeeps. If you’re driving a car towards a 3wheeler he will make way only at the last moment (this is something they do on principal, just to show that they own the road) but for a good size jeep, they always move aside well before you reach them. I’m not sure if Vezel owners also get this.
  2. yasas_bandara

    Why Vezel Is Bad?

    Do I have your permission to share this comment? Thanks.
  3. yasas_bandara

    Toyota Rav 4 Aca36/31 Vs. Xtr

    Thank you very much..!
  4. yasas_bandara

    Tyre Prices

    So, I was trying to buy a set of 225/65 R17 and this thread was most helpful. I wanted to share my experience... The lowest price I got was for the Chinese brand Linglong Rs. 14250 from Ravindra (Hill St.). But everybody says 'never buy that brand'. Then I got Nexen for Rs. 17500 from Paramount (Col 14.). Supposed to be a good brand. They by some luck, I found this dude at Hunupitiya Rd., Wattala and he gave me a set of Roadstone for just Rs. 16500 each. This was a big discount as the best price I got (for that brand) from all the places I called/visited was 19000. Apparently he has just started business and can't even fix the tires yet (I had to fix from some other place -Rs100). He says he has ALL the brands. So, if you're looking for new tires, his price will probably be the lowest (at least for the time being). Tel - 0773088486, 0112930203 I hope this will help someone.
  5. yasas_bandara

    Toyota Rav 4 Aca36/31 Vs. Xtr

    I've bought a 2008 Rav4 (JDM) and I just wanted to thank iRage again for his valuable information.
  6. yasas_bandara

    Any Mitsubishi Outlander (2007/2008) Users..?

    Thank you very much iRage...!
  7. yasas_bandara

    Any Mitsubishi Outlander (2007/2008) Users..?

    Thank you very much for the kind response. Outlander has a selectable 4wd mode. In 2wd-mode, the rear wheels are not used at all. In 4wd-Auto mode, it acts like a common 4wd. In locked mode, energy is divided to the 4 wheels equally. So, if you were to use 2wd-mode only, fuel efficiency would be better than a AWD vehicle with an equal weight.
  8. Hi, can anybody shed some light on the following regarding Mitsubishi Outlander (2007/2008)..? Fuel consumption. If we were to use the ‘FWD mode only’, will it have better fuel consumption figures when compared with a 4WD vehicle like Honda CRV? That is, (2007/2008 Outlander + CVT gearbox + FWD mode) Vs. (CRV 2007/2008 RU4 + 5 gear auto) Reading the reviews, a common complaint was ‘poor insulation leading to above-average noise level’ when doors are closed. The quality of the material used in the interior. Some reviews say the plastics are cheap looking. Also, can the white/cream coloured interior get significantly dirty over time? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. yasas_bandara

    Toyota Rav 4 Aca36/31 Vs. Xtr

    Dear iRage, Thank you very much for your valuable information. And sorry, I made a mistake with that side-hinged door thing. I was under the impression that 2008 XTR has a top hinged door. But I saw a youtube video which says otherwise. I'm going to see a 2008 XTR model today and you were very helpful. Thanks again.
  10. yasas_bandara

    Toyota Rav 4 Aca36/31 Vs. Xtr

    Hi, Can anybody please tell me the differences between Toyota RAV 4 (2008) ACA36/31 model and XTR model? Are they the same except for the exterior look (spare wheel) and Side-hinged back door? I have tried searching the forum but found no luck. Thanks in advance.
  11. yasas_bandara

    Any Experience With Honda Vezel..?

    And the Price is something like this -
  12. yasas_bandara

    Any Experience With Honda Vezel..?

    Thank you very much for the information. And for those who use discussion forums as a mean for venting their frustration – glad to be of assistance. Thank you.
  13. Hi, has anybody driven the Honda Vezel? What is your experience with this vehicle? From what I hear, it seems to be perfectly suited for Sri Lankan setting. 1500 CC engine == > Lower Tax category Hybrid ==== > Lower Tax Electric motor power added to engine power == > Equal to 2000 CC engine (if you believe what they claim) So, not underpowered. SUV like appearance == > Good looking, better ground clearance. SUV loving people can be satisfied. Only problem is, bringing down a Gasoline version (to the permit) is totally useless (no profit at all). So, Hybrid version is the only choice. Gasoline one is probably underpowered too. Thanks.
  14. yasas_bandara

    License Plate Frame And Sticker; Help Please

    Thank you very much..!
  15. yasas_bandara

    Suggestiöns For Buying A Kyron 2009/2010

    Most fellows who bought Kyrons only used auto diesel (the engine needs 50ppm sulfer diesel. Auto Diesel has 3000ppm). So the engines should be totally messed up by now. Listen to the engine and you'll understand. Never buy unless you're absolutely sure that the owner used only super diesel (highly unlikely).