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  1. Thank you for your reply. I agree with you. I'm not such a huge off road guy. Its just that driving and traveling are two big hobbies of mine, and I've loved this model for years now, it would be a dream to buy one. Yeah again fuel is a issue, even if I got a manual.
  2. I want it for everyday use and going around the country, not so much into off roading, but I do go around the country quite a big, I love SUV's ever since my father had a 70 Prado a long time ago. Yeah I've seen 120 Prados for cheaper and 150's for almost identical prices, I think the LC100 is ridiculously overpriced considering its age.
  3. I'm really interested in buying a Land Cruiser 100 or 105 series. But even though these are 20 year old vehicles, they go for about 8 Mil to 15 Mil, which is totally not worth considering that many brand new cars cost go for that price. Whereas in Japan or Elsewhere you could buy one for less than 2 Mil. I know these are reliable and amazing vehicles which don't die. Just want to see what everyones opinion is. Thanks!
  4. Depending on your budget, the Audi A4 which I bought in February, seems more worth. The 3 series is yet to be updated to the new generation so you're basically buying a car that is close to being outdated (7th Gen). Its hard to say the same with the Mercedes C Class(4th Gen) and the Jag XE which are (if I'm not mistaken) halfway through their generation timeline. Whereas this A4 is the latest generation (5th gen). Also Audi is owned by the VW group, which consist of Lamborghini, Porsche etc. So you're getting amazing tech inside. So an Audi A4 with a 1.6 litre engine might have more comforts and luxuries than a BMW 318i. Due to how Car prices in SL are based a lot on hype and other bullshit, Audi's are fortunately priced a little bit lower than BMWs, Mercs and Jags. But if you do chose to go for the BMW, go for the M Sport if you want a more superficial look (mainly on the exterior), or the Lux package if you want more practical intrinsic comforts. Don't go for 316i, the engine might burn more fuel ironically because of the power to weight ratio. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Cheers!
  5. Hey lovely to see someone who's as equally interested in E38's! At one point I was head over heels over this car, and in September 2015 I found one of the most perfect models on the island for sale! It was a silver/grey model (post face lift) with a 3.5 engine, and an auto transmission. The body kit and rims were identical to the picture you've posted. It was a full option car and not been used a lot. Was formally owned by Harry Jayawardana, and then finally the former SL Airlines head (I believe). I called and checked with the broker in January 2016 and it was still there. I doubt its there anymore but I've still got the guys number.... maybe you could track it down. Also there were some more nice ones for sale, like a 740i which had a KX or a KT license plate as it was brought down newly by a Diplomat. It was a bit dark blue, was a bit taller and was pre facelift. It had very miles on it. I'm assuming it would have been stuck at the customs for years so it would have been an almost brand new model. The max price of these gals was about 3 mil, and the lowest was 2mil +. But one thing that swayed me away from this, was the sheer amount of electronic nightmares it contains. I read a lot on E38/BMW forums about how you should either have a big amount of your budget allocated for this or just know how to work electrical's yourself. Because this was technically a 90's baby that went on to the early 2000's as well. So a lot of the technology was new and a little experimental, so inevitably stuff would break down. Not as much as a Jag or a LR/RR I guess? LOL But the compromise here would be getting an E34 5er . It has a similar design philosophy, its as big as the E38, and on top of that its the last hand built generation 5er, also it has very little electronics = less complicated repairs. Most models came with the legendary 'M60' engine which was built like a tank and could hit 6 figures in miles (so I've read and heard). Top it all off with a good old 5 speed manual. Who doesn't love a manual on a Bimmer. These babies go for about 1mil to max 2mil. You get a lot of 518i's and the occasion 520i. But theres a rare 525Tdi , and a ultra rare 528i which I saw last week. I'd say if you want to build up an amazing BMW, go for the E34, which is quintessentially BMW and stands for all things German. You could build it into one amazing car. Check this playlist with some beautiful E38/E34 videos I've found. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeTrwNYLDy0LbrramvzmQm8fXl8kNjfwD
  6. Hey, just wanted to know any helpful tips before I plan on buying one of these babies in the future once I've saved up enough! Its hard to find a Manual 728i . They're the most economic with the inline 6 engine. But the ones I did find for sale were these - 728i Auto (Inline 6 engine)-http://riyasewana.com/buy/bmw-728-sale-gampaha-193298 - pretty expensive in comparison 740i Auto (V8 engine 4000cc) - http://####/en/ad/bmw-e38-740i-1995-for-sale-colombo - good price but v8 I once did see a white colour 728i Manual for sale but it was quite high. Looking forward to buy one to build up and because I am in love with old BMW's. In a year or two these prices will drop some more as the latest 7 series hits the local market. Thanks in advance tc
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