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  1. Admins /Mods, Is there any way that I can switch back to old page of auto lanka. This is a real headache .
  2. Ralph

    Outer Circular Highway ( O C H )

    The project is continuing , If you pass Kadawatha towards Kandy on the Colombo Kandy road you will see the progress of the Kadawatha entrance. Several flyovers between kaduwela & Kadawatha are yet to be completed . Seems like another 6month or more work IMO. No idea of Kadawatha to Keravalapitiya phase yet .
  3. Ralph

    Buying Car Around 2.7 Million

    Personally ,I do not like Toyotas that much , but for you to make a decision , pls. count my vote as follows, 1*Toyota 121 G grade 2005 -1500cc -if in good condition 2*Toyota allion 240- 2002 Good luck.
  4. Good day guys, I recently bought a black (body) colored vehicle & struggling to keep the body scratch free, A tiny dust particle do a visible mark even if you are careful when wash. Learned that it is the color which highlights the scratch marks mainly? Is there any way to avoid this? Is scratch free stickers really working? Any experience guys. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ralph

    Honda Vezel User Manual

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/rar8uyavstpz6wc/Vezel.pdf?dl=0 Remember ,Its a direct translation from Japanese , You will find some of strange phrases inside, But it will do a decent job until the English one is available. Good luck.
  6. Ralph

    Honda Vezel User Manual

    Good point, I'll see what I can do
  7. Ralph

    Honda Vezel User Manual

    Do u still need this ? I have a converted one from Jap to English . if yes ,PM me your email ,
  8. Ralph

    Nissan Juke

    Thanks a lot mate , useful as always.
  9. Ralph

    Nissan Juke

    Good day guys /gals ? Any one familiar with Nissan Juke ? How does it fit as a day to day vehicle . Thanks in advance. Ralph
  10. Ralph


    Thanks , I have used the wrong keyword I guess.
  11. Ralph


    Hi Guys , Does any body know how to obtain a duplicate of a lost VIC. (Vehicle Identification Card ) ? Thanks R
  12. Ralph

    Ek3 Fluctuating Idle Rpm Issue

    Did a full EFI tuneup. problem solved for myEK3.
  13. Ralph

    Carbon Fibre Decals

    thanks guys,