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  1. Macahng Getting the claim from that guys Insurance is not that easy... 1.Police will file a case against him at traffic courts. 2.After that you need to file a case against him & his insurance company in district courts asking for the claim.. So better off in getting settled that place itself.....
  2. 3000cc

    My Bj43...need A Decent Place To Re Do It...

    Hi Guys, Need to Buy some recon parts for my Bj43...Any place your'll suggests?
  3. 3000cc

    Colombo Stock Exchange

    Mkt might move up to 6100 -6300 level with in next few days & will start drop again
  4. 3000cc

    4Dr5 Jeep Ac Unit

    Mr Wijesinghe, 4DR5 engine produce about 75 to 80 HP on normal running speed. I don't think that will be a burden on the 4DR5 Engine. I will not agree on the above point...Coz i personely use BJ43 Which has a engine of 3B..I still feel when im speeding the difference with A?C & without A/C & the reading of the engine heat meter... Coz i have fixed manual meter as well....& when im driving My cousins j24..it clearly shows the extra burden on engine than normal condition. but Machang, Nothing to worry about that..Use 17C A/c compressor, ​Don't use mac foil to cover the engine romm from inside...Hard rubber sheet ....is much more useful...
  5. 3000cc

    Mitsubishi 4Dr5 Jeep

    This shell is called BBQ shell.....you can get this with 4DR6 safari model.....parts
  6. 3000cc

    4Dr5 Jeep Ac Unit

    it will cost mare than that..coz 4dr5 u need to fix everything...coz it was not a factory fitted AC vehical...everything from the engine room it self u need to change......it will cost you around.. 60k... better to get it done with a experience guy who has done AC for jeeps.... if not engine over heating & all sorts of issues will come
  7. 3000cc

    Land Rover Defender 110

    Hi guys I'm also planning to go for a 110 (most preferably) or 90. Hope this link will help you to identify your'll vehical YOM & Type by http://www.lrfaq.org/FAQ.2.main.html
  8. 3000cc

    Land Rover Defender

    but When I called him last week he said he is loaded with work & can't take another one foe next 2 months
  9. 3000cc

    Bought Myself A Vw 1300

    Guys just one more thing ....... is there a good place to running repairs
  10. 3000cc

    Bought Myself A Vw 1300

    wowwwwwwwww......... machang it is great to c a sweet babe like this after sometime........in original condition.... See mine
  11. 3000cc


    If you dnt have time to spent it garages do not try to re store one.After sometime you'll be fed up. If you really wants to go for a 4dr5. Get a good one which is restored then you have to just maintain it.... if not you will have to spent months...... Parts.. Its bit easy to find comparing to Bj 40s...Stanly in Panchikawatta.....& few other places.... If your going for a 4DR5 go for 51 engine instead of 50....
  12. 3000cc

    4Dr5 - Recommend Engine Oil

    Go for Delo Gold +1
  13. 3000cc

    Body Parts For Toyota Bjs.

    Checked With Soar engineers..... They have got stuff from Suzuki lanka...... hard luck.....
  14. 3000cc

    Body Parts For Toyota Bjs.