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    Axela 2008
  1. zerocool

    The Day I Picked Up My 8Th Mazda

    Congratz on your new ride. This might be my next car. I've got the 2008 Axela as my first car and I couldn’t be happier about my decision. It handles like a beast and I’ve heard this handles better and the extra features makes this a great value for money car. Look is a bit of a downer for me compared with the 2008 version though.
  2. zerocool

    What If Petrol Prices Go Up Again

    Japanese have high quality stereo , whether toyota use one or not is a different matter...just saying.
  3. zerocool

    Fav Strategy Games???

    DOTA 2 is a game by itself, but still like war3 original DOTA mod though. Played for 5 years on and off and still play it occasionally when I have some extra free time. Need to wait another month for Diablo 3.
  4. zerocool

    Atom Led 3D Tv

    I agree on what you said for the most part but there is a difference when it comes to 3D TVs' which is what he is looking. I my self using a 40" Samsung 3D Smart TV but I hardly ever watch 3D stuff (mostly due to availability of less 3D content) or browse internet on it, but easy wireless and wired LAN feature enables me to watch Game of Thrones on the big screen via PC streaming. So at this point I don't see any advantage of having a 3D TV unless you're planning to keep it over 8 years or so. There is a ATOM TV showroom at Yamaha Music Center and the guy there told me that they're using Samsung screens for their LED TVs, but I'm not sure if they're using it for 3D TVs as well. Best to google some reviews on different brands on their features and 3D technology and then decide depend on the best prices as well.
  5. zerocool

    Atom Led 3D Tv

    I believe ATOM uses Samsung screens? better to go for a Samsung or Sony IMO.
  6. zerocool

    Good Place to Paint The Car

    Hey Guys, just wondering if they do spot painting or do we have to do a full body paint?
  7. zerocool

    Sports Cars

    blah blah black sheep when I get some extra money I'm going to get a lamborghini, what color should i get?
  8. zerocool


  9. zerocool

    Will Hybrids Fail Or Succeed In Sri Lanka?

    Hey joker boy, Autolanka members don't give a rats ass what you think about hybrids, so take your shit elsewhere and let us enjoy our mature discussions.
  10. zerocool

    My Friend's Rx Collection

    Very nice indeed. Wonder what's that chick is thinking on the 2nd pic
  11. zerocool

    2012 The Truth You're Not Being Told

    You guyz need to see the 2nd part of that video, it's even more BS. It's very entertaining though, they must have watched/read lots of sci-fi movies/books and stuff.
  12. zerocool

    Cool Ebay Gadgets For Cars

    Cool thread, i like to get the air purifier and the V8 soundracer thingy.
  13. zerocool

    Mazda Axela 2010 For Less Than 4 Miliion

    Yeah, i too own a 2008 Axela and i always liked the interior of the 2010 model but it took me sometime to realize how badass it looks. Basically it's a marmite, either you love it or hate it.
  14. Dude Mazda is a brand not a car, so be specific. Assuming you're talking about the Mazda Axela/3, it doesn't have triptronic but it has tiptronic. Correct me if i'm wrong but i believe 2003 Allion doesn't have tiptronic (it doesn't matter if you're looking for a manual one though). Allion is a pretty good Japanese car but we're basically trying to compare an old car to a new one which IMO is not a good thing because they are both pretty good cars (not like we're trying to compare it to a brand new Maruti). I don't know much about the Allion but i'm pretty sure the Mazda Axela/3 has more space and is comfortable than Vios/Axio etc. If you properly inspect a Vios/Axio you will see how cheap looking some things are and less attention to detail they have compared to the Mazda Axela/3.
  15. 'Sylvi Wijesinghe' Yes, harshansenadhir's answer is correct. zerocool.