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    Jaguar Workshop

    Hey Guys, Im planning to get a X Type and i need to know of a good independant workshop for servicing and repairs. Is there any workshop like Milroy for BMW and Vishwa for Audi? If there are any x type owners please share your expiricnses. Im planning to get a 2007 2.5L. What sort of common repairs, how the car drives etc.
  2. TheFlyingFox

    DFSK 580

    I would be worried about something more than the engine guard in this vehicle. Especially when paying more than 6 mil.
  3. TheFlyingFox

    Adding a relay and subwoofer connection

    This is what i have done to my under-seat sub. Im no electrical expert but it is better to have an aftermarket sub wired directly to the battery as 100W is a considerable amount of power and wiring it to existing fuses will only strain the car's electrical system as it was not designed for it. Also the sub might not work to it's potential due to power restrictions when coupled with a existing fuse. The wire from the batter can go to the dash from inside as illustrated. No modification is required.
  4. TheFlyingFox

    Corolla 121 Long Term Ownership Review

    A comprehensive honest review which this car deserves !! Good work ! 121, premio/Allion haters might not like this though 😂
  5. TheFlyingFox

    Peugeot D8, 406, 407

    407 was made after 2004 or so. 406 and 407 are different cars from two eras 407 being the newer model. If you don’t have any experience with these vehicles I strongly advise you to do a proper search and speak to people who owns them and then make a decision to inspect. Fuel consumption is a bit on the high side but for a heavy comfortable car it’s not bad. Compatibility ? Don’t know what you mean noise ? Again not sure what you mean market price : do some research on the Sunday papers and online adds , you will get an idea on average asking prices reselling ability : depends , sometimes you might have to wait for months , sometimes a week losing a little bit on your investment parts availability : 406 and 407 have plenty of parts if you know the correct places albeit prices being a little expensive repair shops : yes there are quite a few specialized workshops for Peugeot’s Control ability : I hope you mean if the car has good control on the road then yes they feel planted to the road and handles reasonably well.
  6. TheFlyingFox

    Toyota aqua 2014/15 or Honda Fit GP5

    Overall The aqua is more fuel efficient by a good margin. It also has a very reliable Powertrain. It however has below average ground clearance. It’s not bad to drive but the Fit is in a different league. The Fit has more value for what you pay, the interior looks better, materials feel better , seats are more supportive , has better ground clearance ,depending on the model you do get things like cruise control. It is a lot faster and more engaging to drive , it is however less fuel efficient and in the SL climate the DCT gearbox clutch can give trouble (discussed over the forum)
  7. TheFlyingFox

    KIA Sorento and Sportage

    Today’s turbo diesels are much better when it comes to overtaking than petrol. More accessible power than a petrol. I drove a 2012 sportage diesel and pulling power in short bursts is really good ! I’m not sure about reliability vs petrol but economy wise it is much better than the petrol, specially in long journeys. The petrol variants will be of course less noisy and more refined , the vast majority of petrols are faster too but lacks the near instant torque the diesels have which aids in overtaking.
  8. TheFlyingFox

    2001 Accent, Elantra

    I know a couple of people who used accents in that era and they were quite reliable. Kia Rio of that era however , everyone complained. Also it is not safe to assume that the Hyundais are not thrashed , those things depends on the owner who used them. Whichever car , do a proper inspection.
  9. TheFlyingFox

    what is the best brand new car under 40 lakhs ?

    Yes. A Baleno is also another option if OP doesn’t mind that it is made in India. Ford Fiesta 1L is also a nice car to consider.
  10. TheFlyingFox

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    Congrats on your new purchase mate !!! She looks great and IMO the best color for this model
  11. TheFlyingFox

    LED Bulbs for Toyota Premio 2013

    The premio has reflector headlights and fogs right. Using LEDs on reflectors can make you see better but at the same it will be like a nightmare for oncoming drivers. LED beams have to be focused. A performance halogen will be a much better upgrade considering all factors. Nightbreakers, xtreme visions etc.
  12. TheFlyingFox

    Ford Fiesta 2015

    Don’t think the Fiesta came with a RS variant. I have used a Older model (2011) and it was a fun car with good comfort for it’s size. It was very reliable , didn’t give me any sort of trouble except replacement of front shocks at a early stage which was covered under warranty. Servicing at the agents are quite reasonable and actually not far from a regular place like auxx mixxxx. Only thing you need to be worried on Marques like this in SL is depreciation.
  13. TheFlyingFox

    Making an old morris minor convertible?

    I had a convertible and the CR states body type as convertible
  14. TheFlyingFox

    mini pajero or jimny

    My vote is for the Jimny. You see a lot more around in that era than the mini Pajero resulting in more parts and stuff. I think it’s also more capable off toad and more reliable.
  15. TheFlyingFox

    5.5 million car options?

    Compared to the axio what I have felt with the premio is the weight of the car. As you get in and drive it you feel is more planted and a nice heavy feeling of the car , a feeling which is a little close to getting in and driving a European car.
  16. TheFlyingFox

    Honda CRV vs Mithubishi Montero

    Not a fair comparison anyway since the Montero is diesel , it has a lot more torque to pull 2300KG.
  17. TheFlyingFox

    Using engine oil 10w-30 instead of 5w-30

    10w 30 is a heavier oil than 5w 30. 0w 20 and 5w 30 are what the manufacturer recommends for different climates. Cold climates 0w 20 will be sufficient and hot climates 5w 30. As @tiv said if it’s a turbo it’s definite 5w 30 as the engine is anyway getting hotter due to the turbo.
  18. TheFlyingFox

    Using engine oil 10w-30 instead of 5w-30

    New engines have tiny passages which the oil must flow, using a heavy oil may reduce the flow to certain areas. Always try to use what the manufacturer states, they know the car better than anyone. Out of the 0w 20 and 5w 30 I would choose 5w 30 since SL has a hot climate, higher viscosity oil can maintain its composure better at higher ambient temps.
  19. TheFlyingFox

    Daewoo laganza 1600cc model year 2000

    Anyone remember the Daewoo Racer add with the bull and the lady in pink as I recall.
  20. TheFlyingFox

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    See with the swift, if you take the RST which is available for that price range ,when going uphil the turbo is constantly pushed hard hence more fuel than a average NA engine (Vitz in this case) is used. I did a couple of trips to Nuwara Eliya and back. Uphill it was really thirsty ,after a full tank it used up more than 50% of the tank. Down hill (also after a full tank) believe it or not it used less than 20% of the tank, for some reason downhill it was more economical than a Daihatsu Copen which had a 660CC Turbo with CVT. If you really push the swift due to its Turbocharged nature it can get really bad economy , be gentle it can be as good as the Vitz. Overall driving conditions the Vitz will for sure be more economical. Long distance driving it depends , if the roads are super smooth then yes it’s quite comfortable, the seats are a little bit on the hard side compared to something like a aqua ,Vitz or Prius. Very nice to drive though compared to similar cars in its class If you opt for the hybrid version with CVT obviously those will be more economical but also costs considerably more.
  21. TheFlyingFox

    All around car/suv

    That is the fully loaded model with sunroof. You can find the basic model for ~2.5M.
  22. TheFlyingFox

    All around car/suv

    Since your doing a lot of long trips opposed to city traffic a sedan will be quite comfortable , something like a lancer or sunny. I’m not sure if they would do around 15 though. If you can compromise a little on economy I think you can get a relatively new Ford Focus (2011) for around 2.5M which is lot of car for the money. Everything Japanese for that price range is quite old. Economy and ground clearance the Suzuki Swift/Cruze which came before the “beetle” model would be the best pick. Simple and reliable too.
  23. TheFlyingFox

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    Well comfort wise the A1 is quite nice although it’s very cramped inside. It has the best quality interior out of the three. It has a fare amount of Audi’s basic tech although basic climate control is missing in the majority of the cars I have seen. The swift RS suspension is on the firm side so the ride can be a bit uncomfortable on broken Srilankan roads, not sure if the non RS variant suspension is softer. For the money you pay the swift offers the best features such as adaptive cruise. It also has the most space inside , The steering rack bushes can go out prematurely but it can be sorted at the agents. The Vitz is quite comfortable on our roads and is the most economical. Space inside , it sits in between the Audi and the Suzuki. Has basic features, it has held up well in SL conditions. Performance wise , Swift RS (1L turbo variant) is the fastest then the Audi and the Vitz is a lot slower. Comfort wise i would rate the Audi followed by the Vitz. The Swift’s firm suspension can be really annoying at times although it really shines on the highway ( it’s very smooth and you don’t feel the speed).
  24. TheFlyingFox

    Hyundai Gran i10 /Celerio / Kia Picanto

    I found the suspension to be a bit harsh in Colombo. Other than that its a fun little car with surprisingly good pickup and handling. Exhaust note is good too for an Alto. Comfort wise I would pick the standard variant or any type of wagon r/picanto/celerio etc over this. On topic, as others have mentioned Axia is also quite good in terms of space, reliability and economy.
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