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  1. The new Vitara 1L seems to be another good option in terms of value. 

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    2. Hyaenidae


      It seems vehicles with <1L turbocharged engines are the future of Sri Lanka

    3. matroska


      ...until changes to the tax structure 😉

    4. Hyaenidae


      ...right! :D 

  2. TheFlyingFox

    Mini cooper

    When I got it long time ago it had only 2 entries in the book, Obviously a book from a older car but the car was alright minus the british niggles. A person who came down from UK bought it. I haven't seen it since
  3. TheFlyingFox

    Mini cooper

    I once had a classic Mini. 1275CC Single point injection EFI Automatic. It was supposed to be a 1994 model with a old CR as the vast majority of these cars. The engine and gearbox was reliable for its age however there are usual problems which most British cars had like constant oil leaks , bad electronics , water getting inside the cabin etc. the engine and gearbox are one unit and they share the same engine oil, meaning when yo do an oil change it’s for both the engine and gearbox. The best out of the bunch are the MPI ( Multy point fuel injection ) models or the carbs. SPI models are hard to maintain and parts for this perticular system are hard to find. Things to lookout ? Mainly the CR as most of these cars are brought down illegally and tied up with old CRs of Austin 1300s , Morris minors etc. if you want good market value make sure you get one with a original Mini book , example In the CR it should say Make : Austin , Model : Mini or Make : Morris , model : Mini minor etc. Try to get one with factory fitted air con as others tend to have problems like overheating due to the aux electric fan for the radiator not being present. SPI s and carbs find it difficult to start in the morning if it had rained the night proir. Also the alternator, I had to fix a Japanese alternator with some modification to run the car at night with the lights and AC. The stock one wasn’t enough to handle the load and charge the battery at the same time. Overall its its a really fun car to drive. The ride is bumpy but adds to the character. Try to find one of the later Rover models which came in the 90s. They came with MPI engines and some even came with airbags. However they tend to be really expensive, sometimes asking prices are close to an unregistered Wagon R. https://miaharun.wordpress.com/
  4. @matroska Yes but the look and feel can be different lol . Speaks a little bit of English
  5. Tovoli if you want to sacrifice resale value and fuel consumption in exchange for space, comfort and a little bit of ground clearance.
  6. Since you want the car to do 12-13 the only model I can think of is a Axio Hybrid. No other sedan except say the Grace will do that. Grace is a tad more expensive than your budget. Mazda 3 is also a nice option but won’t give you those fuel figures.
  7. Priyanka chopra would have been a nice analogy if he compared the Vitz to a Benz. But to a Kia , maybe Maradana whore and Hasini Samuel
  8. Can you please enlighten us on the difference between the latest “Japanese Crap “ and the Picanto ?
  9. Vitz: Resale value, more space inside , better build quality . Also less reliable since it’s old, most cars are hacked with fake mileages Kia: value for money , little bit of driving pleasure , compared to the old Vitz chances are that you will have up to a certain extent worry free ownership. Resale value is alright in my book but not as good as the Toyota’s , certainly depreciates faster than the Japanese.
  10. TheFlyingFox

    Complex Cash flow issue hybrid vs Vitz

    I once drove a Honda FIT GP4 and had to sell if off due to my wedding matters. After the GP4 I drove a old 2 door Alto for sometime 😊. Things happen in life , being able to adopt to any situation is maturity. To your question selling the 121 and buying the Vitz will only give you worry free ownership. Not so much fuel economy to even think about. I also don’t think you will appreciate the smaller cabin with less bells and whistles. You will lose out some comfort on long journeys. IMHO you are going to do a downgrade.
  11. TheFlyingFox

    Corolla121 or ES5/8 or Mazda 3 or GP1

    Yes Japanese, 1600CC Manual. Pickup was really good too !
  12. TheFlyingFox

    Corolla121 or ES5/8 or Mazda 3 or GP1

    We had a ford laser from new which is essentially a Mazda and much older than what OP is talking about. When we sold it after 7 years it had 217000 kms. Only things we did was regular maintenance (service and suspension components) . The engine was never touched and still ran like new when it was sold. It was also well put together , no noticeable rattles even in that mileage.
  13. TheFlyingFox

    Corolla121 or ES5/8 or Mazda 3 or GP1

    The Toyota will fulfill all your requirements. In terms of “more car for your money “ there are better alternatives like the newer Civics , Lancers etc. IMO the best value will be sometime like a GP1 but it will be difficult to find a good example with a decent battery for your budget.
  14. TheFlyingFox

    Real-life fuel economy of WagonR?

    I was using one for sometime Colombo it did 13 on average. Outstation around 18.
  15. TheFlyingFox

    Honda Vezel RS 2018 vs Toyota CHR 2018

    Agree with @iRage . The Vezel is more practical. Plus is much faster than the 1.2L T CHR. The DCT in the Vezel is much more engaging to drive than the CVT on the CHR. IMO I would put my money on the Vezel despite the CHR being newer and funkier. How they look is certainly personal preference 😊