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  1. hashanfernando

    Wanted: Ek3 Gauge Cluster Lens/glass

    check ebay
  2. hashanfernando

    Cleaning Faded Headlight Covers

    just apply signal(toothpaste)on headlight covers n rub with a cloth.just try n see the difference.
  3. hashanfernando

    Happy Birthday Ripper!!!!

    Happy Birthday Ripper!!
  4. hashanfernando

    How To Clean Yellow Oxidized Head Lights?

    check youtube.itl show how to clean that with toothpase. apply signal(toothpaste) on headlights & rub with a piece of cloth.just try.
  5. hashanfernando

    What To Buy For 1.8 M ??

  6. hashanfernando

    Black Market

    hak hak
  7. hashanfernando

    Car Jerks When Taking Off

    no,theres nothing like that asanka424.what happens is Rpm is very low and theres a vibration when the car is idle.
  8. hashanfernando

    Car Jerks When Taking Off

    what if the car vibrates & rpm drop below 450 when the Ac is on?i have this problem in my Ek3. thanks
  9. hashanfernando

    Eg8 Interior Dash Board Spare Parts

    check ebay
  10. hashanfernando

    Need To Buy A Suv For Less That 2.1M

    How a 97/98 SUBARU FORESTER?
  11. hashanfernando

    Ek3 Engine Rpm Reduced

    Rpm should be around 900.wts the Rpm with A/c?
  12. hashanfernando

    Need Advice – What To Buy Between 2.2M – 2.4M

    Civic ES8
  13. hashanfernando

    Wrx Or Evo Or Rx8 Etc