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  1. SAB

    Hi @Davy

    I think you would not mind if I share an advert and expect your advice.

    I test drove this   https://######.lk/en/ad/mazda-demio-2010-for-sale-gampaha-17 . 

    Exterior Body and  Interior were ok according to my basic knowledge. But as per your instructions, I drove it on a rough road. I'm not confident enough regarding the rack sounds. I'm not sure  weather it's a minor repair or not. 

    Is it possible to check this in a normal garage? I hope to check this by a technician in kandy (which I usually do my repairs). As we come from Kandy, we hope to check this issue (by raising and checking underside )from a garage around kelaniya.

    what's your idea? Can we check this by Carmart or any specialised location around Kelaniya.

    Your advice is highly appreciated.

    1. Davy


      Sorry for the late response. Was away from the forum for a few days as I was attending to some personal matters. 

      The car looks good on paper. If you don't mind spending a couple of thousand bucks, take it to CarCheks and get a full inspection done. Their reports are pretty thorough and they even check for evidence of mileage tampering as well. 70K on a car of this age is a bit suspicious. 

  2. SAB

    Mazda Demio 2008

    Thanks a lot Davy. Your advises are very helpful and highly appreciated. I am thinking about buying a 2009 Demio vs 2016 Axia / 2016 Picanto. I prefer Demio than other two options although its a lil bit older. Gave up Axia because of its Indian build up quality. I like the Picanto, but when considering the 2nd hand market in Sri Lanka, I think demio still leads. So I made my mind to go for a Demio. Any suggestions?? Thanks.
  3. SAB

    Mazda Demio 2008

    Hi Guys, Looking for a Demio for my wife. While researching these days, I heard that there's a common problem in power steering rack in demios. Heard that it's bit expensive to replace it also. Is it true? Experts, please advice. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm using a 2010 made Honda Insight. It's given to me and maintained by my company. mileage exceeded 275 K. Recently I noticed, while I'm driving, odometer display indicate " Integrated Motor Assist". Then I stopped the engine and switched on after abt 2-3 minutes. Then the display was back to normal. This happened to me several times. Is this a warning message? What's the meaning of IMA? Please give an advise.
  5. Starlet Hybrid.......................
  6. Thanks tiv for the response. As I've described initially, coolant level in power control unit coolant reservoir has not dropped by even 1mm. Followings are the snaps of visible coolant leakages.
  7. Hi guys, Got repaired the leakage from a garage. He just applied a glue and fixed the rubber hose to the steel hose joint. Not succeeded. Still the leakge is there. Could you please let me know a reliable spot around Kandy to check the system and repair this. Thanks
  8. Thanks guys for valuable advises. Couldn't update cos being busy last few days. I checked for leakages in coolant containers and hoses. Finally found a leak from a hose connection. its an unreachable area so difficult to repair it my self. Could you please let me know a reliable spot around Kandy to repair this. I hope to do the periodical services and maintenance from a reliable place. So it's better if someone let me know such a place. Thank You.
  9. Thank you for your immediate replies. When I noticed it for the first time, it was below the LOW level. I top up it to just below the HIGH level. It gradually reduced during last one month. today morning I just filled it up before reaching to LOW level. Mileage when buying was 21K and now almost 24K. Couldn't notice any oil flows in the garage. I'll check for the leakages and let you know guys. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi guys, I think the seniors will not harsh on me cos it's a lil deviation of the topic. I think gayanath or any aqua user can give me an advice. I got an unregistered 2013 aqua abt 2 months before. after abt 2-3 days I noticed the coolant level in engine coolant reservoir is well below the "LOW" level indicator. So I refilled it with Wurth coolant without diluting it with water. (While purchasing it I couldn't check the coolant level). But the coolant level in power control unit coolant reservoir is ok. After driving car abt 4-5 days, I noticed the coolant level of engine coolant reservoir has dropped by a considerable amount. Before going to get checked it by a mechanic, I thought to get an advice from you. Could it be happened due to a leakage or any other reason ? Thank You.
  11. Hey, At last you've changed your mind to go for an allion eh...?? Can you remember what I said in your previous thread...? To go for an allion over Vios? Anyhow you've extended your budget ne? Anyway Good luck..........!!! I also faced that problem. Only thing I did was, removed the chinese crap and replaced a Kenwood player
  12. Hi guys, Could anyone please mention some TL service spots around KANDY for service of hybrid cars........
  13. Find some more Buks and go for a well maintained 240 buddy(as my one ). You'll definetely feel the difference...!! Vios owners, just dont get angry with me. Thats just my personal opinion.
  14. I used genuine parts on repairs and in perodical maintenance while I was using my one. And did the services on time. Therefore she didn't give me any major issue. Considering mechanical problems, Allion & Vios are same as per my experience. If you maintain it well, there's no major issue. Spare part prices of Allion, 121, Vios are almost same.
  15. I used an 2002 Allion 240 for past 3.5 years and sold it abt. 3 weeks back. Also I'd driven a 2004 vios earlier. My personal experience is Allion is well ahead than Vios although its older than vios.(considering comfortability, driving pleasure, appearence etc.). If you got a well maintained 240, I think it may be the best. I think fuel consumption is almost the same of Vios and Allion 240. However the available budget matters. 2002 Allion 240 is more expensive than 2004 Vios as everyone knows.
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