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  1. Posting the relevant tax tables, if anyone's interested EDIT: well since the headers are missing, the taxes are General Duty, VAT, PAL, NBT and Cess in that order
  2. If you love quirky comedies, do give The Little Death a chance, it's an Aussie movie about sex and relationships with a great soundtrack. If you're a fan of Guy Ritchie movies like Snatch or Lock, Stock .. then Redirected might interest you. Not close to the Guy Ritchie originals, but at least it's got Vinnie Jones!
  3. This week’s unofficial aggregate test times from Jerez: 1. Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, 1m 20.841s, 200 laps 2. Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, 1m 20.984s, 149 laps 3. Felipe Nasr, Sauber, 1m 21.545s, 197 laps 4. Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, 1m 21.982s, 308 laps 5. Marcus Ericsson, Sauber, 1m 22.019s, 185 laps 6. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, 1m 22.172s, 208 laps 7. Felipe Massa, Williams, 1m 22.276s, 144 laps 8. Valtteri Bottas, Williams, 1m 22.319s, 134 laps 9. Max Verstappen, Toro Rosso, 1m 22.553s, 170 laps 10. Pastor Maldonado, Lotus, 1m 22.713s, 137 laps 11. Carlos Sainz Jr, Toro Rosso, 1m 23.187s, 183 laps 12. Daniel Ricciardo, R*D B*LL, 1m 23.338s, 84 laps 13. Romain Grosjean, Lotus, 1m 23.802s, 53 laps 14. Daniil Kvyat, R*D B*LL, 1m 23.975s, 82 laps 15. Jenson Button, McLaren, 1m 27.660s, 41 laps 16. Fernando Alonso, McLaren, 1m 35.553s, 38 laps Total distance run - by team (power unit, where different): 1. Mercedes, 516 laps - 2,284km 2. Sauber (Ferrari), 382 laps - 1,691km 3. Toro Rosso (Renault), 353 laps - 1,563km 4. Ferrari, 349 laps - 1,545km 5. Williams (Mercedes), 278 laps - 1,230km 6. Lotus (Mercedes), 190 laps - 841km 7. R*D B*LL (Renault), 166 laps - 735km 8. McLaren (Honda), 79 laps - 349km Total distance run - by power unit: 1. Mercedes, 984 laps - 4,357km (3 teams) 2. Ferrari, 731 laps - 3,236km (2 teams) 3. Renault, 519 laps - 2,298km (2 teams) 4. Honda, 79 laps - 349km (1 team) Jerez test comparison - Year on Year 2014 - 1,470 total laps (6,509 kilometres) completed in four days 2015 - 2,294 total laps (10,156 kilometres) completed in four days That's a 56 % increase 2014 fastest overall time - 1m 23.276s (Kevin Magnussen) 2015 fastest overall time - 1m20.841s (Kimi Raikkonen) That's 2.9 % faster [f1.com]
  4. As with drivers, so with forum members ;)

  5. If you're remotely worried about the "kia stigma" from 3rd parties/car salesmen; 1. you haven't done your homework (maybe you're here to get someone else to do it) 2. KIA is not for you If that (stigma) was a rhetorical question, then the sportage would fulfill most your requirements except for 4x4 on wildlife parks. It will take you out on a dirt track, but it will not off-road for you. It's a good vehicle with arguably better comfort/suspension that the bigger (and more capable) Sorento.
  6. If I'm not very much mistaken, Ferrari set the best time on day 01 at Jerez in 2014 and ran the most laps too. That got my blood racing but look where they ended up (even that mostly down to Fernando's efforts). Also RBR went through a horrid time in Jerez and ended up at podiums* in the first couple of races. There's not much you can read in to Jerez timings, but generally those who rack up laps will have more reliability from the start. Hopefully McLaren-Honda will clock 20+ laps today. One good thing seem to be that everyone has upped their game and a little closer to Merc. Merc arguably has the best looking car and not showing their full hand yet.
  7. Whilst the OP's post here (as it is) addressed to the forum is confusing, I also really don't agree the insinuation that people should be forced in choice of vehicle due to fuel import bill. That should have been the case if govt subsidized the fuel to everyone, but the CPC is supposed to be a profit generating entity (we can laugh about how well that has gone but still that is the case) and it should generate additional income to government through the fuel price paid by the consumers. The consumers with a larger fuel requirement will have to meet that via either working harder or better (generating more income) or by generating more income via entrepreneurial activity - both of which leads to an expansion in economy. The question about emissions is next and hybrids would have an advantage over conventional vehicles in this case. Butt as iRage too pointed out, there are much greener options available if this was a priority. And while it is somewhat important to Sri Lanka, it certainly is not a priority in the context. If you take the overall cost of ownership, assuming the average cost of fuel is 130LKR/liter and fuel efficiencies of 10kmpl and 17kmpl respectively, the hybrids might offer a 5.35LKR/km advantage over conventional. This translates to about a 400k LKR saving over 5 years which is offset by the current battery powered hybrid requirement of replacing the battery around that time. In 5 years then the average total cost of ownership is about the same then for conventional and the typical hybrid - in the present context. This would definitely change in the future when the battery and motor technology becomes better and more portable. In future, I assume all cars would be hybrids of some sort - then the disparity of taxes would be a moot point. But until such time there's no definitive advantage to a country like Sri Lanka (which should be on an accelerated growth curve, ideally) by incentivizing hybrids over conventional cars. More important to the government would be how to manage the road/service infrastructure and urban area planning to accommodate the amount of vehicles using those facilities OR otherwise how to regulate the numbers. Hybrid tax is making a lot of noise, apparently through a limited number of people, who in any definition of statistics does not matter much to the short-term ambitions of this particular government.
  8. Like it or not, we are an import/export economy for most part (be it goods or services). Cash outflow isn't evil, it's a a necessity that has to be managed through trade balances. If you're really worried about fuel expenditure, import less cars and increase mass transit. Afaics, there's nothing in this budget that contributes to increasing national fuel import.
  9. While there are a lot of long term policy regarding vehicles that need to be thought out, for a short term objective this budget is not bad. Of course, there are conspiracy theories but I've seen them originate mainly from the people affected - i.e. independent importers. It's very hard to attach credibility to this, we'll just have to wait and see. As per any loss of revenue, we must not forget that there is a certain amount of price in-elasticity with regard to many categories of vehicles. If the government did assume that there will be only a 30% drop in vehicle imports due to tax increases (that only in hybrids), they would still see >10% increment in tax revenues. You can do the calculation using the chart that was posted earlier. Plus they would have additional gains from under 1000cc category. So it's very hard to see how this policy is a loss to the government as some mentioned. Furthermore, if there is a 30% drop in demand at auctions, surely that will introduce a price benefit to the 70% who actually do import. I would have been much happier if tax policy resulted in regulating the absolute number of vehicle inflow per year and also directly channeled that money to improving road and service infrastructure as well as city planning. We all understand that our roads (especially in Colombo) are inadequate to handle the amount of vehicles utilizing them.
  10. Preferential rate structure applicable to Hybrid cars to be removed.(Excise (Special provisions) Duty on Hybrid vehicles increased to 150% from the current 50% [with effect from midnight 29/01/2015]) [source PwC]
  11. Yeah, that point is not clear. But what's clear is that an 'importer/salesman' importing 5 cars will be charged 1.5M as is a one importing 500. So it's obvious how it will affect the smaller importers. A couple of proposals regarding vehicles are beneficial towards the agents and large scale vehicle importers. Not so for others.
  12. I have seen a few 2004-2009 Axela compatible HU's (with extended frequency) at a car audio place in Kohuwala Dutugemunu road (Pamankada side), near where the Indra road joins. Can't recall the name of the place and this was in 2013. I have a load of friends with Axelas but haven't seen anyone successfully 'extend' the range in the original HU. If you're actually replacing the HU with a second hand OEM unit, ebay is the best best as Don also suggested. If you're going for a compatible HU with an LCD screen etc, buying it locally makes sense given the online prices. Plus you will want to ensure that your steering wheel controls work. Actually interested in knowing your model year as most of Axela's I've seen post 2009 do have aux and usb connection. If it was pre-2009, well it was rare to get usb on any HU of that era, unless it's an euro.
  13. New economic policy simplified is; more direct tax, less indirect tax. If I were trying to please the masses, I would definitely increase vehicle duty and reduce public transport fares.
  14. [OT, but following the trend] I try not to use the horn, it's very antithetical to me. But OTOH, I tend to drive reasonably (or unreasonably, as many here would see it) fast and I'm constantly surprising the drivers who are either going to do something illegal or careless on the roads. So unfortunately because of the those who can't keep their focus or follow the motoring basics, including pedestrians - you either have to use the horn or face an accident. The iffy question is should you be using the horn to get your way - i.e. when someone is hogging an otherwise clear right lane, do you use the horn or do you just take the risk and overtake on the left (lane)?
  15. Yeah, these 'narrow' painted medians are a relatively new thing - essentially a measure to introduce some element of safety on roads where relatively high speed traffic moves in opposite directions. It's an intermediate step between a painted single or double line and a raised rib median. Having read through some implementations on different countries, they can replace a single line as well as a double line - hence the ambiguity. Anyhow while driving you're not supposed to enter it unless avoiding an accident. It's anyway not wide enough to be moved to as a temporary placement to be used when turning right, or just after you've turned right (from a by road) before merging. Would be nice to know the definitive Sri Lankan law on these. BTW, I've seen countless drivers getting copped on marine drive for even driving one wheel over the left line of this painted median.
  16. Well, could it be possible that the traffic islands are older and the markings new and where there was a possibility of a U turn earlier, the road authority wanted to stop it (prevent the U-turn) but without building a new island extension?
  17. That makes sense, backing up a hill can be a PIA and possibly dangerous. But in normal circumstances, where no backing up is involved, the vehicle going uphill has the priority.
  18. Happened to someone I know, the Insurance company (UA in this case) had a witness or multiple witnesses who cited the actual driver was different and was drunk. The owner tried some semi-legal wrangling but UA did not budge. If you're in the right though, fight by all means - you can go up the chain in the insurer, go to ombudsman, send a letter through lawyer that obligates a response with reasons.
  19. I'm also not an expert, but I did a bit of browsing in both NA and APAC Sorento forums when I bought mine (a petrol) and the general consensus is that with the DPF fitted the diesel engine is not recommended for very short trips (<20mins/15km) in city. The issue stems from the engine and DPF not reaching optimal operational temperature. You wont see anything immediately but the DPF will get clogged eventually and long term engine maintenance would be high. But I'm not sure if the older (before 2014) Sorentos sold in SL had DPF's. Price wise, KIA motors recently sold a bunch of 2012 B/N Sorento's which had been held at customs for 18 months; the petrol fully loaded was at 5.3M (attracts semi-luxury tax) and the diesel fully loaded was 6.7M. The petrol does about 6kmpl in city and 9 outstation, while the diesel does 10 on average. They don't import petrols anymore and the 2015 2.2 CRDi is priced at 8.2M.
  20. As I noted above, I hv used contact cleaner to clean the MAF sensor on two vehicles. Had no issues.
  21. vishkid

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Congrats on all counts JB! Rock on ...
  22. Yep, soon as the torrent came out a couple of days back - the hype with the hack and all made me curious. If you like satire and liked stuff like the Pineapple Express, you'll enjoy it. It's funny enough anyways but no where close to the uproar caused by the hack and threats to the cinemas. Sony would be really thankful to the hackers and their threats I guess ...
  23. Also (and this is something that should be obvious), there are multiple variants within the same brand that offer different performance, slight variation on mpg etc. When you say Maxxis or Nexen it does not make real sense as Maxxis MA-P is vastly different to MA-Z and Nexen RO-5*1 is different to RU-5 etc. Just cited those examples as those are what I have used and experienced. So within the same brand, you have products that may compare differently across brands. In my experience a Sorento with Nexen RU-5's drive much better, with lesser noise and maybe even lesser wear than Kumho 781 radials and at a slightly lesser or similar price point.
  24. Would hv been sorrier if Button was let go, personally ... McLaren would need to nurture someone young and talented for 2016 or 17 though. So the grid is almost complete with Caterham drivers to be confirmed. Marussia (or Manor) will not be there in 2015. Time for any more switches?
  25. Now I'm just unhappy that no one calls me an [censored]. Nah, I just pitched in to second TBT's (haven't seen you in a while dude) suggestion of Tapatalk.
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