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  1. I actually hvn't bought anything in Malaysia. Didn't see as big a dslr market there are Singapore or Thailand. IMHO, Thailand was cheaper, esp for Nikon's. But I guess you can haggle a bit, even in some department stores in all 3 countries.
  2. Instead of a further decrease, I've seen prices go up. If you check the HitAd for that C*E* place now, the D3000 is at 68k Several vendors in MC hv told my pal, who went shopping for a prosumer, that the prices dipped but went up by a small amount for all the models - no reason was given. I'm looking for a new 70-300 VR but none of the prices hv gone down. (70-300 G is now available for around 16k though). Warranty concerns aside, I'd still purchase from Thailand or Singapore for the price difference.
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