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  1. macroxx

    Speedometer Not Working

    Hi Keeran, You will have to use a speedometer face replacement if that's possible with the cluster. But still your ODO meter will show the figures in miles. You can just dial. But my suggestion is not to change it and get used to the miles reading.
  2. macroxx

    Speakers For Ek3

    Pettah is the best place to buy stuff. People hesitate to go there because of the crowd and the hazard, but if you know where to go then you will find best deals there. You name it they have it Too bad they don'tr have car parts LOL.
  3. macroxx

    Ek3 A/c Compressor

    If you replace the compressor, it's better to replace the condenser too if it is old. Otherwise the metal particles inside the condenser condenser will damage the compressor. Just a word
  4. macroxx

    Need Info On Pressure Washers

    Guys.. Sorry for replying to an old post. But can any of you tel me if it is worth go for a 70bar one. I thought it's ok though but not an expert in this.
  5. macroxx

    Search Is Not Working

    Yes mates. I had to use the same way. But it's annoying.. I hope AL will look into this ASAP.
  6. macroxx

    Search Is Not Working

    Any of you guys eperience the search feature of the forum is not working as it used to be??? Or is it just for me? I searched the keyword "ES8" and it didn't give me any result.
  7. macroxx

    Project R

    Well machan, I changed my mind. not the owner... I checked the car at Horaha machan. He said he is from Maharagama. Even today the car passed me by at 120 road near Boralesgamuwa.
  8. macroxx

    Project R

    Common.... man... do you have sixth sense or something? Can't wait till I get the loan finalize. I hope the owner won't change his mind
  9. I've never being to this part of this forum. Never thought it is interesting as my usual Honda side. This is good guys. I should look around the other sides once in a while.
  10. macroxx

    Project R

    Secret guys I am still waiting to get my hands on it. Financial difficulties anybody care to lend some money? What to do machan. wait till next week
  11. macroxx

    Project R

    I am back bit*hes.... You miss me Komi? Nice to see everything again. Hope to take ur ride for a spin again soon machan.
  12. macroxx

    1968 Datsun 510 Sedan (Project Datto)

    Ohh yeah... Giva is doing the same for me machan. :D
  13. macroxx

    Project R

    Those coils are sweet machan.. sweet... U got it down so quick man.. cool.
  14. macroxx

    Project R

  15. macroxx

    Honda Ek3 96' Expert?

    Take it to project performance machan. Don't even think about taking it to upul or staff. Anyway, since its not a major thing you can rely on a good garage guy machan. Zaki will do only engine tune ups so I don't think taking it to him will help you. Give him a call and see anyway. To be honest, i've never been to any of the garages mentioned here other than zaki. I go for someone who I can rely on. It's up to u macahn.